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Read & download ´ Lost Lion Second Chance Mates #1 É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free º [BOOKS] ⚦ Lost Lion Second Chance Mates #1 By Haylee Wolf – Dominant lion shifter Max hides a monster inside of him After his mate died his fearsKnows Max’s the one But how can they start anything if he’s too chicken to reveal his real self to Max Can he chase away Max’s old ghosts and win his lost lion’s heart Note The book is approximately words has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Very fast paced and there is no conflict to really keep it entertaining I'm afraidTabby interacts with Max is taken home with him and decides to shift to human while there Max pushes him away Dylan leaves but 'fights back' and they do the deed There really isn't a lot to it than that

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Dominant lion shifter Second Chance ePUB #9734 Max hides a monster inside of him After his mate died his fearsome beast is close to turning feral Max promised his dead mate he’ll give love another try Too bad Max’s going crazy He’s having park dates with a normal tabby but a stray cat can’t be his mate His m. 35 Stars The PromiseWhile LOST LION turned out to only have 648 locations with the Bonus story Voracious Virgin taking up the remaining locations in the book it still is a complete tale involving overcoming profound grief Everyday for the past two years has been a struggle for this big powerful Lion shifter Maximillion Lionheart Losing his mate Patrick nearly drove him to an early grave also if it weren't for the promise Pat got Max to agree to That Max would allow love into his life againMax did not believe it would happen but since he'd given his word to his dying mate he could not voluntarily end his own existence But the pain of loss was so overwhelming especially the first several months the promise was literally the only thing that kept Max alive His job and having a purpose other than the morass of grief that threatened to pull him under were the only reasons he got out of bed in the morning Two years later Max seemed no closer even though he put on a brave face for the outside world He'd learned to do that in his former pride with an abusive father who punished Max for his mother dying during childbirthDylan was a shy naive young man who'd been changed into a Tabby cat shifter after he'd been attacked by a Feral cat He figured life would be better in a city as a shifter since his smaller community wasn't as accepting What he actually found was loneliness and a great friend Rock who also happened to be Tabby cat shifter Unfortunately Tabbies did not have the best reputation and a lot of erroneous assumptions were made about Dylan because he happened to be a Tabby Ever hopeful Dylan began spending time with a huge but sad Lion shifter He thought the man was his mate but scaredy cat Dylan is too afraid to find outHow is Max is going to fulfil his promise when they closest he's gotten to being social was hanging with a stray cat at the park A ritual he finds soothing enough to repeat most Saturdays Usually uiet Max is in a louacious mood and Dylan learned than he expected It explained a lot but the confession made the Lion even attractive to Dylan Now if he could just find enough courage to let Max know he's much than a stray park buddyBut is Max ready to let someone into his life despite his promise He feels an attachment to the cat but as an animal companion He has no idea what surprises are in store for him After all shifters only get one mate rightI enjoyed this story enough to purchase the next in the series I was a nice little shifter short story I was a little disappointed when I got to the end of the Lost Lion story so uickly and found another story because I wanted to read about Max and Dylan On the other hand I like Matchmaking Services stories which is what the Bonus story is about

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Lost Lion Second Chance Mates #1Ind is playing tricks on him until he discovers there’s to his tabby than he initially thought Dylan has a problem Weretabbies are supposed to outgoing and promiscuous He’s awkward shy and he’s saving his v card Lost Lion ePUB #9734 for his one and only When a scarred and terrifying werelion comes along Dylan. A good novella with fated mates Has a few grammatical errors which doesn't really bother me much but some people go crazy over them Good for when you are in the mood for a uick read that doesn't go too deep Cute shifters with a virgin werecat I liked that he does have some sass