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The Worlds Most Dangerous GeekTorious collective Anonymous a lonely Floridian who hacked the emails of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and two artificial intelligence researchers who were both found dead in the same mysterious wayYou will come away from these stories with an appreciation for the awesome power of the Internet both to make fortunes and erase them to build lives and destroy the. The reason I didn't give this a higher rating was because the foul language was almost unbearable It's a shame since most of the stories are very interesting and informative; some are disturbing and gruesome; but some articles don't belong in the book because they had nothing to do with hacking

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At makes them tick Are they our allies or our enemiesFor the past years author David Kushner has been exploring these uestions interviewing key players and providing much needed answers The World’s Most Dangerous Geek is a Worlds Most Dangerous PDF #199 riveting collection of his exclusive reports from the online underworld We meet a fugitive hacktivist from the no. This is kind of a tough book to ratereview It's a collection of reports of hacker cases in the recent few years Some I'd heard of some I hadn't The reports themselves are usually pretty well formulated and are interesting to hear but of course being real life they don't really wrap up or anything Some of the hacks are just kind of dumb Some are terrifying to consider being on the receiving end of I'm a tech guy but this really reinforces how pieced together our modern tech world is and how fragile and unprotected the underlying framework is Like most innovations the first thought is Can we do it and then Can we protect the people using it And as such the protection is usually kind of tacked on after the fact If you like being terrified of real world hacks and want to feel depressed that there's all these intelligent people out there making really poor decisions in their youth this is definitely the book for you

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The Worlds Most Dangerous Geek Free download ✓ 100 ✓ [Reading] ➾ The Worlds Most Dangerous Geek Author David Kushner – Every day it seems we hear stories about hackers Hackers breaking into the computers of banks governments and corporations Some are criminals coding to exploit and destEvery day it seems Most Dangerous PDFEPUB #188 we hear stories about hackers Hackers breaking into the computers of banks governments and corporations Some are criminals coding to exploit and destroy Others are activists using their tools to challenge institutions and fight for freedom But often these characters The Worlds PDFEPUBlinger in the shadows Who are they Wh. This audiobook is basically McNamara reading a bunch of Kushner's early 2004 15 magazine articles about tech bros criminals and victims They are arranged chronologicallyKushner's journalistic instincts are finely honed I found several of these pieces fascinating see below The rest are at least somewhat interesting but some are covered with hype that hasn't aged well and at times I felt the effect was to humanize some rather despicable people Nevertheless I still enjoy his writingThe audio production values are terrible however Some pronunciations are off attempts to redub other pronunciation corrections are sloppy some articles are truncated divisions in the text get no narrative separation I recommend just reading the articles which have all been scraped onto Kushner's website but are better read at their original publication site to avoid OCR and formatting errors and for accompanying graphicsphotographsArticles with an asterisk were better than the rest The double asterisk was the best of the bunchChapter 1 On Justin Frankel creator of WinAmp then popular MP3 player Gnutella the Napster killer and Waste local file sharing 2004 Rolling StoneChapter 2 On Eric Bauman creator of eBaum's World the 1998 viral video humor site that actually made money on stolen work 2006 Wired Chapter 3 Fascinating account of a cyber stalker at Sandia National Labs whose target was Chester Charlie Bennington frontman of Linkin Park 2007 Wired Mispronounced Sandia Chapter 4 The striking parallel stories of two controversial rival AI researchers who ended up dead Chris McKinstry MindPixel and Push Singh Open Mind 2008 Wired Chapter 5 The amazing inspiring story of cancer and id theft survivor Eric Drew 2008 DiscoverChapter 6 Anonymous vs Scientology 2008 Maxim Chapter 7 The sad tale of Matthew Weigman blind uber phreaker with superhuman hearing 2009 Rolling StoneChapter 8 The great TJMaxx customer identity theft 2010 Boston MagazineChapter 9 On pre Snowden WikiLeaks and Julian Assange 2010 Mother JonesChapter 10 On Gary Solo McKinnon the Scottish hacker of US government websites in 2000 and UFO conspiracy theorist whose Asperger's diagnosis became his legal defense 2011 IEEE Spectrum Followup In 2012 McKinnon's extradition to the USA was blocked for humanitarian reasons and plans for a UK trial were dropped on evidential scarcity Chapter 11 TW On the horrific rape and murder of Kim Proctor in a small Canadian town by two monstrous high school classmates who were convicted by their considerable online trails 2011 Vanity FairChapter 12 On Luis Mijangos convicted creepy wheelchair bound webcam hackerstalkerextortionist who had a vendetta against happy people This is why you tape over your webcam 2012 GChapter 13 On Chris Chaney the Man Who Hacked Hollywood Like the previous article Kushner presents Chaney as a pitiable loner who gets in over his head with hacking but cannot stop 2012 GChapter 14 On George geohot Hotz 17 year old uber hacker who was first to jailbreak the iPhone and PS3 got sued by Sony and was defended by Anonymous 2012 New YorkerChapter 15 On the government's race to employ white hat hackers 2013 Rolling Stone fancy animationChapter 16 TW Anonymous v Steubenville How Deric Lostutter incited fellow Anonymous hackers to expose the coverup of the rape of a 16 year old girl by two high school football players and in the process opened up a Pandora's box that called attention to a gross disparity of justice 2013 Rolling StoneChapter 17 On the betrayal of Julian Assange by his young Wikileaks protégé and confidant Siggi Thordarson 2014 Rolling Stone Chapter 18 Portrait of Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts notorious founder of Silk Road 2014 Rolling StoneChapter 19 On Andrew “weev” Auernheimer self styled shit talker Another unnecessary profile normalizing an odious human 2014 Matter The audio jumps off the rails at the overdub of the presumably correct pronunciation of Völundarkvitha followed by a stanza of the Norse poem with nary an aural clue to the transition from reporting to poetry Chapter 20 On Christopher Commander X Doyon the brazen homeless amateur hacker who led the People's Liberation Front a faction of Anonymous 2014 The New Yorker Mispronounced Adama from Battlestar Galactica Jarring redub of pronunciation of Gödel Escher Bach An Eternal Golden Braid Narration totally mis grokked the go button label for Low Orbit Ion Cannon IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER sighChapter 21 On James McGibney abused foster kid ex marine and creator of BullyVille a barely legal social network where one can harass one's harassers publicly and anonymously 2014 Al Jazeera America Chapter 22 On Cicada a real life version of Ready Player One's gunter contest Also an interesting short history of corporate recruitment puzzles 2015 Rolling Stone Ugh narration plows thru inline summary blurbs from the article like they are part of the text Vigenère redubbed still incorrectly pronounced Chapter 23 On John Willis aka Bac Guai John the homeless kid who eventually became kingpin of Boston's Chinatown 2015 Rolling StoneChapter 24 On Matt DeHart Anonymous hacktivist who was possibly framed by the FBI 2015 BuzzFeed