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Grave RansomGrave witch Alex Craft is no stranger to the dead talking She raises shades works with ghosts and is dating Death himself But the dead walking That’s not supposed to happen And ye Oddly this felt like a standalone All the usual characters were there but all of their roles were fairly insignificant except for Alex Alex worked on an interesting case with Briar the bitch Man I hated her The case was the focal point of the entire book Only one remotely significant thing happened in relation to the overarching plot It was weird All of the drama with faerie and the soul collectors was largely forgotten It was mentioned but didn't go anywhere I liked the book but was expecting to get out of it The love triangle drama pissed me off Actually there was next to no drama That was part of the problem Things are clearly going badly with Alex and Death Why is Alex so blase about it He's supposed to be her oldest friend one of her best confidants They've put their lives on the line for each other several times I know Alex is afraid of commitment but this is ridiculous Couldn't there at least be a valid reason for their ambivalence towards each other Death is probably doing it as a reaction to Alex's behavior Alex hates it that Death can't tell her certain things although she knows he has rules he must follow The situation with Falin is no different He's beholden to the fae ueen Both of the men in her life are someone else's puppet Why doesn't she just pick one instead of picking one then doing nothing but focusing on petty bullshit The whole situation is frustrating It was handled poorly in this installment The romance was barely there which was fine but when it was I felt nothing but detached I wanted from this The world is fascinating but there wasn't any growth or progress Honestly I'm not looking forward to the next one I will read it but I'm not excited at all

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kindle ✓ Grave Ransom á 384 pages Download ✓ Kalayna Price ¿ ❰Epub❯ ➝ Grave Ransom Author Kalayna Price – Grave witch Alex Craft is no stranger to the dead talking She raises shades works with ghosts and is dating Death himself But the deaBureau gets involved Alex finds herself with an unexpected ally of sorts But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living can Alex get to the soul of the matter in tim I always enjoy a book about Alex and the world she lives in but admit it's often hard waiting a year in between each instalment So I cracked this baby open with glee ready to find out what new cases Tongues for the Dead would be tackling Right from the offset Alex is dragged into an unusual situation with a soul inside a dead body that clearly doesn't belong to it As if that wasn't spooky enough soon other animated corpses show up hell bent on theft and pretty soon Alex crosses paths with the reapers whose job it is to claim those souls You just know it's all going to go pear shaped but still Alex has to make a stand even if that means she's on the wrong side of 'Death' her lover I love this series and yet this time it lacked a little something for me The action and mystery was fabulous because crazy necromancers always have a lot up their sleeves and this time it's both heinous and than a little poignant My problem is I wanted of 'Death' Alex's protector and boyfriend He has sacrificed so much for her previously that I'd really hoped they would actually get a happy ending but as this book ends I'm definitely not a happy readerStill I do enjoy the crazy family that Alex has created and this time the gangs all here Plus Alex is learning about her own heritage and powers which are truly tested here The fact that her ex lover Falin is constantly around acting as a spy for his ueen just adds to the tension and the word frenemy has never been appropriate as Alex treads a wary path between freedom and the Fae court Plus in this book we get a lot of total bad ass Briar and trust me that's one scary lady Lots of twists to keep me turning the pages but that end whilst not totally unexpected leaves me wondering just what will happen nextThis voluntary take is of a copy I reuested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are my honest and I believe fair opinion

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T reanimated corpses are committing crimes across Nekros CityAlex’s investigation leads her deep into a web of sinister magic When Briar Darue of the Magical Crimes Investigation 255 starsThis was an okay book I was interested in the plot and investigation as in every book here Alex Craft series is always so consistent Which is both a plus in the way that if you enjoyed book one you'll enjoy the rest of the series as well but it's also a bad thing in a way that there's very little to no actual character development with both the MC and the love interests The love triangle is ever stratched shouldn't the romance thing be resolved by now or at least made clear who Alex prefers instead of this jumping around and everything kind of lacks depth by now for me The fact that my prefered ship sank was the last dig to the grave and I'm salty about it now view spoilerThough I still irrationally hope Death will be the endgame in the last book since even the brake up was kind of open in a way And I just don't like Falin all that much honestly not in this book but in the previous one where he was highly unreliable and I just didn't trust him when it came to Alex I really hope Death isn't just out of Alex's life like that That's so fucking depressing since I genuinely thought they'll be together in the end I'm so sad and salty now hide spoiler