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READ & DOWNLOAD » Carry On ê [Reading] ➸ Carry On By Rainbow Rowell – Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who's ever been chosenThat's what his roommate Baz says And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git but he's probably rightHalf the time Simon can't even Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who's ever Ing on fire His mentor's avoiding him his girlfriend broke up with him and there's a magic eating monster running around wearing Simon's face Baz would be having a field day with all this if he were here it's their last year at the Watford School of Mag. 45 I feel like if I give it thought it'll be a full on 5 stars I just felt like the beginning portion of the book dragged a bit While this book definitely had elements that we're similar to other fantasy stories it had it's own refreshing style The characters we're brilliant as most of Rainbow's characters are and the story itself was fun mysterious and exciting


Icks and Simon's infuriating nemesis didn't even bother to show up Carry On The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow is a ghost story a love story and a mystery It has just as much kissing and talking as you'd expect from a Rainbow Rowell story but far far monster. 45 Really really enjoyed it


Carry OnSimon Snow is the worst Chosen One who's ever been chosenThat's what his roommate Baz says And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git but he's probably rightHalf the time Simon can't even make his wand work and the other half he starts someth. Hello 911 yes I just finished Carry On and I’d like to surgically remove my feelingsHonestly my heart is such a soft and sensitive mess right now This book was soft love that feels a lot like when you're standing in the sunlight and you don’t really want to leave and it somehow gives you the sensation of lazily melting into what’s around you as you take it all in I need to do to deserve the love I'm feeling right now because I think I'm seriously about to get done for tax evasion This review is going to be a spoilery mess so if you haven't read the book DO NOT SCROLL DOWN Just know that it's basically Harry Potter but gayer A LOT GAYER THE GAYER THE MERRIER Also Drarry is canon Mostly know that this is the kind of book that will make you so giddy you will have to stop reading for a minute and grin or press your face into a pillow and sueal If you ever see someone reading it and appearing calm and emotionless on the outside trust mein reality they're actually on the brink of fucking death “You were the sun and I was crashing into you I’d wake up every morning and think ‘This will end in flames” x✨ I'm basically 95% harry potter and 5% bad decisions and reading this book is such a great representative of that✨ however the version of myself who kept putting off reading it for so long is not the version I want physically representing mebecause this was such a good book why did I make the concious decision to deprive myself of it✨ me looking back at my decision to not read this sooner well that um really sucks for her✨ anyway I am so grateful for fictional characters and otps for filling the void in me where love should exist as an actual thing and not just an abstract concept tbh I don't know where I would have been as a person and in society without the option of listening to music and staring at a window while my mind slips away into an alternate reality and I could make up different scenarios involving my favorite ships ✨ yeah let’s just move on before I sound any weirder SIMON SNOW ✨ I can't walk up the stairs without wheezing but I would very literally fistfight the fucking moon for Simon Snow✨ actually if I loved him any I’d be Baz Pitch✨ listen I have an extreme weakness for characters who are such trashboy dorks their guardian angel probably facepalms himself a lot✨ but I also relate to Simon because I too am irresponsible and aggressively bisexual and I will always assume that you hate me unless you explicitly tell me you love me and then periodically remind me ✨ here's a little 💖 bandaid for his little heart I hope he's doing his best even though we're all doomed✨ most of all I hope he knows that he wasn't a fraud magician That his parents were two of the most powerful mages the world of magic has ever known That he was loved and that his father's awful misdeeds are a reflection of himself and what he values out of relationships They were never a reflection of Simon or of his worth as a person✨ anyway I love Simon and I hope the people around him match his capacity to love and also get him lots of cherry scones god knows he earned that✨ even though he drinks butter like it's a fucking smoothie jesus fucking christ BAZ PITCH ✨ gently rests my hand on his cheek I love you but you’re kind of an ass✨ listen Baz is basically me 1 emotionally I too identify as the sunglasses emoji the only reason I wear my shades is to hide the tears 2 I too expect people to like me for who I am without actually giving them anything to like while also having about a 2% tolerance for all of humanity 3 I'm kind of an asshole too but I’m also very kind hearted and I like making people happy and if I love you I will love you with all my heart and all my soul but don't be confused I’m also such a fucking asshole Oh and I also consider salt and vinegar crips a good substitute for actual food✨ so Baz Pitch is a vampire both literally and figuratively Figuratively as in he likes to suck the joy from any situation and also continues to age and wither on all levels except physically✨ look if you want me to bring out the official adoption papers just give me a character who comes off as rude and unapproachable until it’s revealed that the reason for this is because they’re fumbling dorks who just don't understand how they're socially supposed to act✨ Baz is actually pretty cool You just have to give him like 10 tries before he gets it right you feel✨ I mean he would drag you through the fucking dirt while holding a fucking capri sun in one hand and graham crackers in the other but still✨ my only christmas wish would be his health and safety✨ and that he never gets kidnapped by fucking nupties✨ also Fiona let the child take the front seat he’s been through enough SNOWBAZ ✨ ok so my uestion now is how in the FUCK am I supposed to live without this ship✨ I know at some point in the future I'm gonna have to get over it but today is not that day tomorrow wouldn't be either In fact come back in sixty years and you would probably still be disappointed✨ listen shipping the ง︡’ ‘︠ง one with the ◡‿◡✿ one is the reason I was put on this earth✨ no trope fucks me up than having the obnoxiously smug one of my otp be the one who is actually expertly incapacitated by their crush✨ the universe was assembled from nothingness so I could witness the stoic and cool person of my otp baz get so flustered when their lover just like looks in their general direction and just overall be so in love with them that they could cast an incredibly difficult spell that reuires true love to work✨ also let's make it clear that the whole hearted good natured and angst ridden pining filled with lovesick gazing and chest aching and fluttering touches is my literal endgame✨ if you ever briefly consider that I will grow bored of the unreuited love trope the answer is no ✨ with that being said can we just fucking appreciate the fact that we didn’t get a slow realization on both sides instead we literally got Baz Pitch straight up telling us on his first day back at school that he was hopelessly in love with Simon Snow✨ I honest to god read that passage ten times just to make sure my eyes weren't actually betraying me✨ also remember when Baz couldn't believe that agatha and simon broke up because he literally couldn't fathom how anyone would VOLUNTARILY broke up with simon he even went out of his way to explain to simon that there was nothing between him and agatha and never has been all just because he wanted him to be happy even if it physically hurt him to do so✨ I think of that a fucking lot✨ but with all seriousness what the fuck Basilton✨ I mean Baz and Simon were roomates foR EIGHT YEARS how does that even work how do you get the universe to align in your favour like that✨ if I were Baz I wouldn't waste time playing hard to get like I can talk to a girl for five minutes and already picture our domestic life together let’s get this love train going✨ it's funny because canonically Baz was the first one to fall hard and fast but never forget that Simon never shuts the hell up about Baz that Penelope literally forbid him from talking about him unless he “ presents a clear and present danger” and should not take “ than ten percent of their total conversation”✨ he spends ninety percent of his productive time thinking about baz passionately describing Baz's eyes obsessing over his eating and sleeping habits like simon sweetie you’re doing a terrible job of pretending to not care about him✨ also can we talk about the fact that Baz was actually about to set himself on fire and didn’t mind it at all because at least his path intertwined with simon long enough for him to have something to miss but then the love of his life walked into a burning forest and kissed him and he finally had a reason to live✨ the only romantic gesture✨ for real though I'm just really grateful to Snow for walking into that burning forest and being there for baz since I couldn’t do that myself ✨ and not to be dramatic but whatever chill I still had by that point left my body when Baz called Simon love✨ was that really necessary I nearly fucking breathed my kidneys jesus ✨ anyway I hope they're happy and married and living on a mountainside somewhere near the sea and with honeysuckle blossoms blooming almost all year round I love them PENNY ✨ oh you mean my baby cinnamon apple cloud muffin sugar plum princess peach angel face doll fairy my world my sun my moon my stars✨ I love Penny and I strive to be as vibrant as full of love and good vibes that people absorb like warmth from the sun as her✨ I hope she's always treated very gently and smells like vanilla and wears only matte dusty rose lipstick✨ also her friendship with Simon is the kind of good friendships that are the most healing and light things in the entire world and I love it AGATHA ✨ hmm✨ I don’t really like Agatha but we share the same unenthusiasm for any physical activity and I too am always really exhausted for someone who only ever does the bare minimum reuirements of getting by so I put up with her I guess✨ I don’t even blame her for running like she did homegirl just wanted to hang out with her Normal friends she didn’t sign up for no crazed magicians and deaths Come on THE BLOODY MAGE 💀 any ideas how to rewrite this book so that he dies in chapter one💀 let it be known that I fucking hate him with a casanovian passion and that I hope he's on a rollercoaster that only goes straight down to hell where he belongs💀 what kind of douche kills an entire nursery of babies kills a woman to get her job KILLS EBB WHO’S A LITERAL BUN OF JOY AND EVERYTHING PURE sacrifices his own son 💀 he's lucky he's only fictional otherwise he would've gotten a taste of my KNUCKLES sandwitch💀 Eleven's voice mouth breather✨ wishlist ✨ blog ✨ twitter ✨ tumblr ✨