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review Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Freya Barker When his son becomes a stranger slipping deeper into transgression Concern has him call on the one person he fears will see his own failures all too clearly A woman he’s kept his distance from for his own protectionWhat appeared to be an incompatible pairing turns out the unyielding bond needed to heal them all. Freya Barker has done it again She has woven a rich tapestry of words that draws the reader into the world she has created in her Portland ME series She wraps up the reader in a cocoon of well written tightly plotted words and emotions Still Air is the last book in this series and she appears to have saved the enigmas for last Both Pam and Dino have been supporting and supportive characters in the first three books but their story is both heart wrenching and surprising Pam has always held her cards close to her vest She has always been there for the women of Portland supporting and protecting them when she herself was never given those things Her backstory is rich in heritage and heartache The loss she has suffered is life altering and touches the reader to their very soul She is a strong woman but while she's been caring for everyone else she's not let anyone take care of her Dino on the other hand has had his hands full with his wife her addiction and her ultimate desertion while trying to keep his children's lives on an even keel After his wife leaves Dino finds out all of the damage that she and her addiction has done mostly to their son Jonas Dino struggles with being a single parent and is blindsided by the actions of his son Keeping his eye on Jonas allows his young daughter to begin to slip away also Pam and Dino have had an apparent lovehate relationship in the previous books When Pam finds Jonas in the midst of a gang related crime she realizes she must tell the boy's father Ultimately the couple realizes that their previous animosity toward each other was simply a case of chemistry that they both denied Their journey together is full of loss pain passion and love Lucky for them they have an amazing group of friends that are truly like family to support themWhile Pam struggles with a tremendous loss Dino seeks to find a balance between his children and the woman who holds his heart These characters may be the most passionate couple in the Portland ME series They may be older and wiser but the fire they spark in each other all consuming They are loving sensual and sizzling Ms Barker writes her characters from the heart Her books are character driven and full emotion and love While I'm sad that this is the last book in this series I'm sure there are great stories to come from Ms Barker in the future

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Still Air Portland ME #4 Read ☆ 104 Á ❰Reading❯ ➿ Still Air Portland ME #4 Author Freya Barker – Deprival haunted herRegret troubled her Silence left her detached A life in the service of others is both penance and a blessing She soothes her personal hell by pulling victims from theirs helpi Deprival haunted herRegret troubled her Silence left her Portland ME Kindle #212 detached A life in the service of others is both penance and a blessing She soothes her personal hell Still Air MOBI #233 by pulling victims from theirs helping them on their path to survival never finding her ownWhen a crippling blow. I remember the first book of Freya Barker's that I read I went in to it wondering if I'd like it hoping that I would and worrying that gods forbid I didn't how could I tell her someone that I knew and really liked that I just couldn't take to it well the worst never happened the story was excellent and that concern turned out to be so far from an issue that I'd actually completely forgotten my worry until I was recently looking over some of my reviews of Ms Barker's previous books Ok I'll stop digressing and actually move on to what I want to say Still Air was an absobloodylutely fantastic read let's face it that's pretty much a given when it comes to this series The one thing you can always be sure of with Freya's writing is that it will pull on ALL of your emotions; it's expressive meaningful sarcastic so very true to life real hard hitting and heartbreaking at times and as is the case with this series especially the story is at points raw painful and occasionally fugly BUT is is also sweet hopeful uplifting humorous and heart warming her characters shows the true beauty and importance of friends and family of choice and not just of blood hell at times often in spite of blood and that now and again we have to wade our way through the seemingly never ending crap continually thrown our way to get to the HEA that in our darker moments seems just that little bit or possibly too far out of reach I FLOVED Still Air just in case you didn't get that vibe already What a way to end the series We saw a very different side to Pam than we had previously where before she was the strong resilient confident woman this time in her own story we found that Pam had so many layers had dealt and was still dealing with so much heartache and she suffered from as many if not feelings and insecurities than the people that she took care of and supported Afraid to open herself to anyone because she didn't feel deserving of love care and a happy future she kept everyone at arms length especially Dino until things happen and she can no longer avoid himThroughout the other books in the series Dino has been the voice of reason the strong one who could see and read about people than they were comfortable with but lately he hasn't had the easiest of times himself between his wife and all of her issues his responsibilities to his kids and his feelings of having let his kids down and everything that happens in this book it doesn't seem like he has time or should be looking for anything for himself until he gets close to Pam and they find out that they hit it off than either of them expected If you haven't checked out the Portland ME series or for that matter any of Freya's other books you are sorely missing out I rate this fabulous read 5 but if I could I'd mark it way way higher as five stars don't truly tell how good this book is

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Still Air Portland ME #4Finally evaporates her last hope the temptation to give Air Portland ME PDFEPUB #228 up is strong Still she can’t find it in her to turn her back on those who need her the innocent whose rescue is her perpetual goal He was blind but now he sees how his family has sifted through his fingers The reality hits hard. This is the fourth and final book in the Portland ME series All books can be read as standalones but I have to ask WHY Why the hell would you not want to read them all Each book in the series is fairly heavy in storyline but each one has everything else you would expect from a Freya Barker book too If you've yet to read any of her books then you have really been missing out Freya writes about real people whether it be flaws weakness or illness just like the majority of us She adds a good healthy panty melting dose of alpha in there tooEvery book she has written so far has had the ability to grip me from the start Still Air was no different infact it was an amazingly bloody brilliant way in which to finish the series Still Air is Pam and Dino's story Throughtout the previous Portland ME books they have both been secondary characters and I for one have been freaking well dying to read their storiesPam is the owner of Florence House a women's refuge She had dedicated her life to helping others Her dedication and protectiveness has been unwavering and inspiring while underneath she has been hiding her own private hell a past that is shatteringly sad She's always been the one to help others keeping herself closed off but now life is finally becoming too much for her During Still Air she comes to realise that she doesn't have to face her demons by herself that her group of friends have infact become her family and they want to be there for her like she has been for them over the yearsDino always having been a private person has been dealing with huge family problems but somehow without noticing has become detached from his kids It isn't until his son Jonas almost hits rock bottom that he realises that now is the time to seek help Pam and Dino have spoken but have maintained distance just tolerating each other up until this point but Pam is the one who helps Jonas During this time they both gradually come to realise that maybe what seemed to be dislike was actaully masking something else I'm not going to give any other hints or spoilers as it really deserves and needs to be read first hand I loved the fact that this didn't follow the 'normal' storyline process like the majority of booksThere was plenty of agnst infact be sure you have a tissue supply at the ready lots of heartwarmingheartmelting moments and stomach dropping parts but there is also laughter love and some pretty hot sex I read ALOT but there are very few authors that have the ability to be able to completely draw me in to every single one of their books The emotions being written about become part of you you feel those emotions with each and every character That can only happen when the author is truly talented and can pour herself into each book