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Beat America resolutely of the moment the style though looks back to the singing free verse of Walt Whitman and Frank O'HaraDickman's work sings with all the crazy vereve of the West Los Angeles TimesToughness with a smileDickman breathes the air of Whitman Kerouac O'Hara and Koch each of whom pushed against the grain of what poetry and writing was supposed to be in their times New Haven Review All American Poem plumbs the ecstatic nature of our daily lives In these unhermetic poems pop culture and the sacred go hand in hand As Matthew Dickman said in an interview he wants the “people from the community that I come from” a blue collar neighborhood in Portland Oregon to get his poems “Also I decided t. If I could give this book no stars I would I expand on this opinion at the following link

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All American PoemO include anything I wanted in my poems Pepsi McDonald’s the word ‘ass’” There is no one to save usbecause there is no need to be savedI’ve hurt you I’ve loved you I’ve mowedthe front yard When the stranger wearing a sheer white dresscovered in a million beadsslinks toward me like an over sexed chandelier suddenly come to lifeI take her hand in mine I spin her outand bring her in This is the almond grovein the dark slow danceIt is what we should be doing right now Scrapingfor joy Matthew Dickman is the winner of the May Sarton Award from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences a poetry editor of Tin House and the coauthor with brother Michael Dickman of American Plays He lives in Portland Orego. A solid collection of flowing narrative poems Dickman's book reminded me of Bob Hicok's work or Matthew Lippman's two of my favorite writers On whole I didn't connect to the book as much as I'd hoped but it was well worth reading

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All American Poem characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❴EPUB❵ ✹ All American Poem Author Matthew Dickman – Winner of the American Poetry ReviewHonickman First Book Award“Matthew Dickman’s all American poems are the epitome of the pleasure principle; as clever asWinner of the American Poetry ReviewHonickman First Book Award“Matthew Dickman’s all American poems are the epitome of the pleasure principle as clever as they are they refuse to have ulterior intellectual pretensions really I think they are spiritual in character free and easy and unself conscious lusty full of sensuous aspiration We turn loose such poets into our culture so that they can provoke the rest of us into saying everything on our minds” Tony Hoagland APRHonickman First Book Prize judgeDickman crystallizes and celebrates human contact reminding usthat our best memories those most worth holding All American Epubon to those that might save us will be memories of loveThe background then is a down. Note I am not a poet I can tell you nothing about this book's rhythm or structure or lines However I am a reader and I can write candidly on how Matthew Dickman's poetry made me feel Reading this book has been like riding in my convertible with a dear friend sharing profoundly emotional moments that leave us at times solemn and at other times laughing with joy We talk about an uncle serving in Vietnam who would scratch his wife's name over and over into the tough leather of his bootsAlice Alice like an antidote for death Then just a few minutes later I am laughing because You can go from one state to another and still not know how to act It's too trueMatthew Dickman speaks with a certainty and clarity that makes you trust every image and with a childlike hopefulness that glows with the belief that there is wonder in the world and he is all too happy to share it with us Because of this clarity and positive energy I especially took to heart every time the poet used the word love It seems to me he never uses this word lightly in fact I felt like he was snapping his fingers in my face every time I read the word as if he were saying Look Love is here It is real Attention must be paid I liked that feeling as though I could trust him with his emotions and perhaps mine as wellFavorites from the collection The title piece All American Poem Slow Dance Love Byron Loves Me Snow Chick Corea is Alive and Well and The World is Too Huge to Grasp In truth though I didn't find one wrong note in the whole book It was refreshing to read poetry that is smart funny fearlessly emotional and conscious of all the little loving details that make up our lives