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Egomaniac Epub Þ 322 pages Download î [Epub] ❥ Egomaniac Author Vi Keeland – The night I met Drew Jagger he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office I dialed 9 1 1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills  He uickly restrained me then chuckled The night I met Drew JaggerScammer got away with leasing me office space that wasn’t really available for rent I was swindled out of ten grand  The next day after hours at the police station Drew took pity on me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse In exchange for answering his phones while his secretary was out he’d let me stay until I found a new place I probably should have acted grateful and kept my mouth shut when I overheard the advice he was spewing to his clients Bu 45 StarsIf you haven’t read this author before then you should definitely rectify that ASAP Because trust me you don’t want to miss the awesomeness of Vi Keeland I’ve read several books by this author and I enjoyed every single one of them but 'Egomaniac' might be her best book to date I loved the fck out of this book It was definitely my kind of romcom and I hope Mrs Keeland never stops writing them “I have moves I swear I’m just all sorts of off tonight because of everything that happened”“If we’re showing off moves I’d be happy to demonstrate some of mine too” Drew’s office space had been getting a renovation for the last two weeks while he was out of town on vacation When one night when he comes back he finds in his office a redhead beauty who tells him the office space it’s hers he’s than astonished and amused Since he’s the rightful occupant then the strange woman is an intruder a gorgeous intruder who seems to have some “interesting” Krav Maga skills Apparently she’s not really an intruder since someone a scammer leased her Drew’s office space for a large amount of moneyEmerie feels like crap Not only she feels like an intruder but she also was scammed out of her life savings She feels stupid and embarrassed but also desperate since she doesn’t have an office any Drew takes pity on her so he makes her an offer she can’t refuse in exchange for answering his phones while his secretary is away for a while he will let her stay until she finds a new placeAs days pass by Drew and Emerie realize that they are complete opposites – in every single way While one is a pessimist the other is an optimist while one is angry and bitter the other is happy and friendly while one “destroys relationships” divorce lawyer the other help people save their marriages marriage counselor Needless to say they don’t have anything in commonexcept the strong attraction that gets harder to deny by the day “I think your body likes me and your head is fighting it The two should fight it out like adults—naked in the bedroom with me” Once again Vi Keeland managed to perfectly blend all the romantic elements I love reading about in a romcom 'Egomaniac' was sweet sexy with just a little drama delightful interactions witty banter and two main characters I loved from the very beginning This book held me at the edge of my seat from the beginning until the end It made me smile grin and laugh and even swoon a little and I honestly had a blast reading Drew and Emerie’s journey to happinessI loved Drew and Emerie – individually and together They were such endearing relatable well portrayed characters Emerie was kind of naïve but sweet thoughtful and patient and such a firecracker at times I loved her feistiness but also her positivity Overall she was an adorable relatable character I really enjoyed reading about “I might not like to eat at fancy restaurants but you’ll always be fed and I’ll eat you until you’re the one screaming obscenities” I loved Drew He might be the best hero this author had ever written so far So I have to admit here he charmed me from the moment he was introduced I liked the fact that he wasn’t really an ahole his cockiness and I absolutely loved his sarcasm This man was something elsein a very good way of course If at times Drew was angry and bitter other times he was so so sweet and thoughtful Needless to say he melted my heart but I have to say that he also left me hot and bothered with his sexy dirty mouth I absolutely loved his dirty mouthAs I said I loved these two together I loved how they get to know each other their meals together and most of all their banter and playful interactions Their back and forth was entertaining as hell and I loved their palpable chemistry I enjoyed the pace of the story the dual POV the engaging story line and the ending which wasOMG so damn sweet and perfectIf you are looking for a sweet sexy li

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T I couldn’t help giving him a piece of my mind I never expected my body to react every time we argued Especially when that was all we seemed to be able to do  The two of us were complete opposites Drew was a bitter angry gorgeous as all hell destroyer of relationships And my job was to help people save their marriages The only thing the two of us had in common was the space we were sharing And an attraction that was getting harder to deny by the day  ➦Fuk it 5 big ones Because you know what? When you read so many books stuff starts blurring together And this book stood out I was completely and utterly satisfied by the end of it Vi Keeland has a purrfect balance of fun banter sexual chemistry and angst ➦Drew is a lawyer and he owns his own practice He goes on vacation and has his work space renovated Comes back Finds a woman in a storage room of his office re arranging some shit Because check this she thinks it's her office ➦Yeah that's what I'M saying So they have a bit of a stand off in the storage room➦But then of course Drew uses his charm to clear up the situation Turns out the woman aka Emerie did in fact rent out the office in uestion From a scammer ➦Then whole bunch of other shit happens Long story short people Drew takes pity on her and lets her run her practice from his office in exchange for her answering his business calls Jackpot ➦So what happens when Drew who handles divorces for a living and Emerie who helps people salvage marriages through counseling become friends? ➦You guessed it And guess what else?➦Fine Just know that I loved the sexy times here There are a lot of other things in this book that contributed to the character development and made me drool all over the kindle feel completely engaged with the story I was never bored and the angsty ending was spectacular I was legit teary eyed all the way through the epilogue happy tears people 3

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EgomaniacThe night I met Drew Jagger he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office I dialed 9 1 1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills  He uickly restrained me then chuckled finding my attempted assault amusing    Of course my intruder had to be arrogant Only turned out he wasn’t an intruder at all    Drew was the rightful occupant of my new office He’d been on vacation while his posh space was renovated Which was how a I don’t share things that are mine” melts all over the placeOkay Okay Okayyyyyyyyy Consider me smitten charmed seduced and utterly romanced by this story by these characters Hands down one of the sweetest most enjoyable most heartfelt and well crafted reads I've read The novel is laid out in such a way that you are drawn in from the first chapter to the last I swear there's no way that you won't like this book NO FREAKING WAY I'M DEAD SERIOUS I CANNOT imagine a single person not falling head over heels in love with Emerie and Drew They are down right lovable so real and funny And SO charming SOOOOOO SO CHARMING Really Egomaniac hit my suare in the gut with feels And right now I'm in that head in the clouds hearts in my eyes honeymoon love stage I really think this novel has cemented my love of Vi Keeland as one of my FAVORITE authors I mean I haven't read all of her books but I definitely adored THE BALLER almost had a mental meltdown over the perfection that was STUCK UP SUIT she co authors that with Penelope Ward and really enjoyed BOSSMAN And now there's this? ANOTHER WINNER Another story that's not just sex but actual story with pure heart and full bodied characters that are such a delight to read they make you want to skip around in joy It's the freaking best ALSO I need to say I have a MAJOR freaking crush on Vi's writing I'm so enad with it It's crisp and clean not weighed down with a thousand bullshit details you don't give a fudge about She doesn't over do it on character mannerisms She lets the dialogue set the tone and allows the reader to set the scene with their imagination She's an author who conveys exactly what she needs to at exactly the right time to get the story right Man I'm smitten Smitten by all of it The writing The sweetness of Emerie The Perfection of Drew Separately these characters are fantastic Heart stopping But together they're CATACLYSMIC Their chemistry owns the pages and their strangers to friends to lovers story takes your breath away From their first meeting you fall hard for Drew and for Emerie They have an instant rapport that sets you at ease and the start of the first chapters are so captivating and wholly uniue In all the time I've been reading I don't think I've ever read a book that starts as well as that I can't say enough good things I just loved the dynamic between these characters the way their attraction and friendship bloomed From the moment Drew finds Emerie in his office he as smitten with her as I am with them It's sweet There are so many unbelievably endearing moments moments where I literally felt my heart staggering where my cheeks hurt from smiling and my chest filled with so much warmth and happiness So good Just so very good Egomaniac is lighter on the angst heavy on the romance and absolutely loaded with a hardy dose of pure heart you will love I certainly think that Vi Keeland has out done herself And I know it's early but I'm 99% sure that this book will be in my TOP 10 at the end of 2017 I'm so in love And I plan to scream this to anyone who will listen A MUST READ10 STARS 10 BEST OF THE BEST stars Oh and PS I didn't go into the outline of the book in this review because most of the first bit of this novel is in the blurb You really DO NOT need to know than what's in the blurb Go into this book and enjoy it It's fantastic The characters are wonderful Also here are just a couple of my status updates while reading LOL 1 5% and I HAVE TINGLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS That was one of the best opening scenes Gah #swoons2 Okay I'm in motherfreaking love Wow Omg I'm just loving this story I feel freaking giddy right now This ROCKS3 OH MYGODThat's the sweetest thing I've ever read I'm seriously melting all over my kindle What the fuck This man just stole my soul and panties at the same time Holy swoon4 My kids are finally in bed Thank goodness Back to readingAlso I don’t share things that are mine” YEAH He's the ULTIMATE man Mother of