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FREE READ ä Resurrection Þ [Reading] ➿ Resurrection Author John French – Book 1 in the Horusian Wars seriesSummoned to an inuisitorial conclave Inuisitor Covenant believes he has uncovered an agent of Chaos and prepares to denounce the heretic Talicto before his fellowsREA Book in the Horusian Wars seriesSummoned toBook in the Horusian Wars seriesSummoned to an inuisitorial conclave Inuisitor Covenant believes he has uncovered an agent of Chaos and prepares to denounce the heretic Talicto before his fellowsREAD IT BECAUSEJohn French shines a spotlight on the Inuisition in his own inimitable style delving into the grim darkness of the far future as never beforeTHE STORYWar rages in the Caradryad Sector Worlds are fall. Resurrection is a novel set during the Horusian Wars not to be mixed up with Horus' Rebellion which is millennia in the pastIt was an interesting story in that it highlighted some parts of the Imperium I am not that familar with The basis is that a huge conclave of Inuistors is supposed to meet on Ero This is a rather important event as Inuistors tend to operate individually The basis for the meeting there is a traitor inside the InuisitionBeyond that I won't say any to not spoil anything But the basis of the conflict is that there are two divergent or heretical depending on your beliefs systems of belief that have sprung up One of the heretical Inuistors wants to use the Warp to fight chaos A rather Nietzschean view The other heretical group the Horusians want the same thing except they think the best way is to try to resurrect Horus and use him as a Dark Messiah As you can see both modalities are very different than the standard Inuisition beliefsAs interesting as the story was and I did enjoy many of the Inuisitors as they were described and their specialized servants the overall pacing was a little slow The entire arc of the story can get confusing The story seemed almost compressed to fit into one volumeWhile this is not to the level of other Warhammer 40K books it was still a fun and entertaining read That's really all I expect from these kind of books So 3 stars A fan of the Warhammer 40K world may rate it higher but most people will probably agree it is a 3 star book Thus good not great


Ing to madness and rebellion and the great war machine of the Imperium is moving to counter the threat Amongst its agents is Inuisitor Covenant Puritan psyker expert swordsman he reserves an especial hatred for those of his order who would seek to harness the power of Ruin as a weapon Summoned to an inuisitorial conclave Covenant believes he has uncovered such a misguided agent and prepares to denounce the. Resurrection is a novel that truly defines what the Inuisition is in 40k While Eisenhorn cast its hero as the sector's greatest detective Resurrection is the Inuisitor as Batman beyond the law and obeying no code but their own As a novel and an examination Eisenhorn was concerned with authority Resurrection is concerned with power and visionKey to this is the novel's examination of the Inuisition as being bound by the obsession with humanity's survival but divided on the methodologies of how to do it The double edged sword of the Thorians and the Horusians weaves in subtle politics throughout the novel Rebirth is the thematic marrow of the book; for the Imperium for mankind for their enemiesFrench shows that he still has his flair for worldbuilding which has defined his 40k RPG and Forge World work Under his pen the sector comes alive with a dark vibrancy a febrile infectious energy that threatens to subsume allThe characters are rich interesting and well written As the narrative progresses you see how they fit into orbit around Covenant and complement him There is genuine trust between them insofar as the Inuisition is capableWhen the narrative turns to action it is often swift and brutal or drawn out and cinematic The opening and closing set pieces of the novel are sensational blistering and awe inspiringI highly recommend Resurrection for any fan of Inuisitorial fiction The groundwork laid in this book bodes very well for the future of the series

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ResurrectionHeretic Talicto before his fellows But when the gathering is attacked and many left dead in its wake Covenant vows to hunt down Talicto and discover the truth behind the mysterious cult apparently at the heart of the massacre the Unseen In the murky plot into which he is drawn Covenant knows only one thing for certain trust no oneWritten by John FrenchAudiobook running time hours minutesNarrated by John Ban. The books that came before this one by my favorite author Dan Abnett are among my most cherished 40K reads Inuisitor Eisenhorn and Ravenor are amazing characters and the writing is superb What Mr French has done here rivals those books and adds a new Inuisitor to the mix Inuisitor Covenant is an absolutely wonderful character He is closed mouthed and stern and yet is as dedicated to his role in the Ordos Malleus as the others mentioned before Covenant is a seeker and slayer of Daemons and Daemonkind He roots out the greatest heresy of all; the embrace of the WarpCovenant has a group of acolytes serving him including a Rogue Trader named Cleander a drill abbot named Josef an ex Sister of Battle named Severita and others He leads this crew on deadly missions to seek and destroy daemonic incursions and those who truck with such thingsWhat happens if the incursions come from those within the InuisitionMenace and subterfuge lies and truths all are exercised here and the writing and depths of plot and character supports this fully I won't get into spoilers but this book has got to be followed up because the ending is an end and yet uestions and possibilities as revealed so it is not an endThe writing here is superb and the acolytes and Covenant are begging to be further fleshed out They simply must be because we learn a lot about them but not much of their background and that would be some stories worth reading This book was a wonderful entry into this kind of 40K book of which there are some entries but nowhere near enough to keep a fan like me who runs Dark Heresy the roleplaying game satisfied I can't wait to read some in this series and I hope there are many Danny