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City coursing through his bodyThis short story was written for the BDSM Kink In Ink event and is available there for free It will be released on in Decembe. This is my second experience with this author This wasn't as naughty as last year's plant porn but still pretty titillating AndThe tags look kind of scary but it's actually pretty sweetTheo is looking for a trained slave at an auction and spots #279 279 calls to him and his loins but before bidding can begin the ualra Knights interrupt The slaves all get released from their cages and Theo is lucky enough to find 279 in the meleeTheir start is rocky and 279 aka Leon is no sweet slaveboy He's scrappy and not opposed to clocking Theo AND he's got a seeeekritTheo's got a secret weapon though and as luck would have it Leon is very responsive to said secret weaponTheo is possessive and likes his slave to be nekkid I ain't mad at that They actually make a pretty good team and in only 12Kish words I was invested in the story and this world Also I was pretty well sold on their HEAThanks to Deumont for participating in the Kink in Ink event

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Electric SingularityTheo Brancher needs a well trained slave what he gets is Leon Risch pilot and a ualra Knight commander hot on his heels Theo's grey area work was bound to. This didn't work for me Theo the master and the ship owner was too dull too slow for a successful smuggler and unnecessary brutal And horny Like all the time Leon did all the work getting Theo out of trouble and turned from I hate you to can't live without you in a span of an hour tho based on what I am not sure Maybe his brain got fried too muchI am that one spoilsport sorry but I can't give the story than 15 stars I am not sure yet if I want to round it up or down Gonna sleep on it

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Electric Singularity characters Å 107 ´ ❴Reading❵ ➾ Electric Singularity Author Debrah Deumont – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Theo Brancher needs a well trained slave what he gets is Leon Risch pilot and a ualra Knight commander hot on his heels Theo's grey area work was bound to get him into trouble sooner or later butGet him into trouble sooner or later but these Knights are persistent and Theo grows suspicious His new slave better start talking or it'll be than electri. 325 Little Catfish StarsI'm Not a big Sci Fi fan but really enjoyed that story It was well written so that even someone who doesn't normally read this genre could understand it You little catfish There's no way I'm letting you get out I owned you the moment your cage passed me by I care because you're my new pilot and I like to know who works for me I'm not working for you Theo slid close pressing his erection up against Leon's Pet everything you are works for meThe MM action was hot I loved the Electricity bit That was totally original for me I also really liked that Theo could real Leon's thoughts