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Jordan Belfort immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio the Wolf PDF #204 in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street reveals the Way of Kindle step by step sales and persuasion system proven to turn anyone into a sales closing money earning rock of the Wolf MOBI #242 star For the first time ever Jordan Belfort opens his playbook and gives readers access to his exclusive of the Wolf Become a E. A thorough description of the art of sales in descriptive hands on terms good for any level of salesperson

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Way of the Wolf Become a Master Closer with Straight Line SellingPubstep by step system the same system he used to create massive wealth for himself his clients and his sales teams Until now this revolutionary program was only available through Jordan s online training Now in The Way of the Wolf Belfort is ready to unleash the power of persuasion to a whole new generation of readers revealing how anyone can bounce back from devastating setbacks mast. Written by the Wolf of Wall Street himself this book gives you an overview of the Sales Training System called the Straight Line Method which simplifies every sales conversation into a simple to follow framework There are some elements of the book that I just thought were overly specific to his personality eg he linked moving into a “flow state” what he calls a state of complete certainty by using a specific smell in a tube that he carried with him While definitely worth experimenting with I think very specific tactics like this will vary person to person With that said the framework of sales as I’ll describe below made perfect sense to me the first time I read it and I’m excited to begin testing it to see how it might workTHE FRAMEWORKA sale only happens when you’ve accomplished 5 things with your buyer1 Certainty with your product or service2 Certainty and trust with the sales person3 Certainty and trust with the company selling the service4 A low pain threshold relative to the ability that your product has to remove the pain5 An action threshold that is surpassed based on the level of certainty of 123If you don’t have a sufficient level certainty across all 3 that surpasses a prospects action threshold a sale will never happenIf someone has a low action threshold they only need to be an 810 on #1 #2 or #3 to buy Someone who is very hard to sell to is one that has a very high action threshold and would need to be at a 95 10 for a sale to happenTo ensure the sale closes the pain the buyer is feeling must be above their current threshold to deal with that pain If they aren’t suffering from sufficient pain there isn’t a real benefit for them to change their state and buy your product to solve itYou can lower their action threshold by 1 increasing the pain of what they are suffering from in some way or 2 showing how the decision is reversible or won’t have a life changing impact if wrong and therefore reducing the cost of making a bad decision in the buyers mindOn 123 you must ensure you get the prospect to a level of certainty on both a logical and emotional level HANDLING OBJECTIONSWhen an objection presents itself Belfort highlights that regardless of what the buyer is saying it can be boiled down to them not having a sufficient level of certainty on #1 #2 or #3Either they don’t trust that your product will solve their need they don’t trust you or they don’t trust your companyAnytime there’s an objection instead of addressing it head on you instead need to deflect it using a turn of phrase like “I understand what you’re saying But let me ask you a uestion does the idea make sense Do you like the idea” then go back into another few sentences of your presentation he calls these segments of a presentation loops with the objective of increasing the buyers level of certaintyYou must ensure you have certainty on #1 #2 then #3 in order So you will continue loops until you feel like the prospect is at a 8 on product certainty logically first then emotionally second before moving on to sales loops on #2 then #3 ON SCRIPTSAs someone who’s very against scripting this concept really stood out to me Whenever you watch a movie that motivates you inspires you — elicits an emotional reaction of some sort — those moments were created for you as the viewer with carefully crafted and rehearsed scripts As a sales person if you want to generate the same results in your buyers you need to perfect a script that you repeat every timeIf a script makes you feel “wooden or stiff” it just means you wrote a shitty script It should be written as if you’re speaking not using perfect english The script should also focus on the tonality that you use The same words said with different tonality will come of

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READ & DOWNLOAD Û Way of the Wolf Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Way of the Wolf Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling Author Jordan Belfort – Jordan Belfort immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Er the art of persuasion and build wealth Every techniue every strategy and every tip has been tested and proven to work in real life situations Written in his own inimitable voice The Way of the Wolf cracks the code on how to persuade anyone to do anything and coaches readers regardless of age education or skill level to be a master sales person negotiator closer entrepreneur or speak. Fantastic you don't even have to be in selling Great food for thought