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Code Blue review Å 103 ☆ ➹ [Download] ➵ Code Blue By Zvika Amit ➼ – Could Israel become a theocratic military dictatorship A novel that could be tomorrow's news They really had nothing in common Rinat was divorcée atheist and liberal woman Gavroche was a married and Could Israel become a theocratic miliCould Israel become a theocratic military dictatorship A novel that could be tomorrow's news They really had nothing in common Rinat was divorcée atheist and liberal woman Gavroche was a married and religious man Fate put them on two ends of a divided society They fell in love and found themselves at the opposite poles of a military coup The surprising and com. First I would like to address an inaccuracy in the GR description The coup wasn't violent It was virtually bloodless due to the network of key supporters in the Israeli militaryGavrush the main protagonist illustrates the dangers of West Bank settlement expansion He is a relatively moderate West Bank settler compared to the coalition of extremist zealots that he assembles to bring about the coup Gavrush is a well developed character whose flaws are very credible Gavrush believes that he is acting in the best interests of Israel but his primary motivation is a selfish one I also think that he has a myopic perspective since he didn't foresee the conseuences of his actions This makes him typical of political leaders The unnamed Prime Minister whose overthrow Gavrush plots has far stature because he comes to understand that the West Bank settlements aren't viable in the long term On the other hand he doesn't foresee the short term conseuences of his policy proposals Gavrush's mistress Rinat is also an important viewpoint character I thought that Rinat was intelligent courageous and principled It may very well be the Rinats of Israel that will pull the country back from the precipice Those who say that Code Blue is about the ineffectiveness of those who share Rinat's views should re read the book from beginning to end They should also consider the success of Gandhi Non violent resistance isn't always ineffective Although I recommend Code Blue this edition wasn't exactly perfect The English translation of Code Blue was occasionally awkward probably due to lax editing standards I found one error very noticeable Apparently an editor decided to initiate a global change of every incidence of I am and you are to I'm and you're This wasn't always appropriate There were numerous emphatic uses of I am and you are that should never have been modified Over the course of my reading I began to find these infelicitous contractions annoying This problem could have been ameliorated by a thorough review of the manuscript by a native English speaker before publicationFor my complete review see

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He uestion that everyone should ask himself can this happen here Zvika Amit describes the process of transforming Israel from a democracy into a theocratic fascist state As written this is a reasonable credible and convincing scenario Frightening for anyone living in any democratic society Bestseller that aroused vigor public debate Grab your copy of Code Blue n. I managed to read the entire book I suspect but do not know if this book was translated from a Hebrew version If it was it was not properly edited afterwards and if it wasn't shame on whomever should have edited the book Plus there were so many Hebrew words that I didn't know I would stop and have my kindle give me the meaning Sure did interrupt the flow of the book

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Code BluePlicated plot describe a small but determined minority succeeded in changing the character of the entire country The story takes place in contemporary Israel which is deeply divided by the Israeli Palestinian conflict Along with it no country is really immune against the domination of extremist elements The resemblance to the United States today is frightening T. A political thriller usually comes with a promise of conspiracies and action that can keep a reader engaged through outCode Blue is set in Israel where there is a conspiracy to bring down the current government When the cabal takes control our protagonists are in the dang middle of it all On one hand we have Gavrush a West Bank settler who brings together a group of people for the coup On the other hand we have Rinat Gavrush’s lover who initially has no idea how big a hand Gavrush has in the coup Will Gavrush be able to control the country’s future And what will Rinat do once she fully comprehends what Gavrush’s plans areThe characters are well developed for most parts Gavrush’s character is especially flawed and that is what makes him human His biggest problem is that he doesn’t see the big picture There was something missing from the narrative style that made me re read certain parts to ensure I was on the same page with the author It did take away a bit from the overall reading experience But I did like the plot which had enough action drama and romance to keep me going