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Marrying the Rebellious Miss Free download Ø 100 Þ ❮KINDLE❯ ❆ Marrying the Rebellious Miss Author Bronwyn Scott – One mistake ruined her One man can redeem her When an ill fated affair left Beatrice Penrose with than just memories she fled to Scotland to raise her son away from soPDF or a forbidden and unexpected desire spark between them And when Beatrice's and her baby's lives are threatened he makes her an offer of protection she can't refuseas his wi. What a great story to end the series Wallflowers to Wives Beatrice Penrose is the last of the Wallflowers still unmarried Beatrice as a single mother moved to Scotland from Sussex to raise her son away from society's snooty ways Mr and Mrs Penrose send a long time family friend Preston Worth to Scotland to bring their daughter and grandson home Things are tense betgween two strong people as the long journey home begins Bea and Preston soon realize they have much in common and he is bonding with Matthew her son Malvern kAlton the boy's father has been running up large bills since being cut off from his family's fortune To get his inheritance he must marry and thonks Beatrice will take him back so her son will have his father The lives of her family and friends take several turns before the exciting climaxMs Scott saved the best story for last

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Yes But the past catches up with herand Preston Worth is impossible to deny when he's sent to bring her homePreston has known Bea since childhood but only now does Marrying the. Even though this is book 4 in the Wallflowers to Wives series it can easily be read as a standalone although I am intrigued as to how all of this group of friends found their happy endingsI liked the fact that Beatrice and Preston were lifelong friends as I think their connection seems so much realistic and believable They have a strong chemistry that is both romantic and sizzling at times Beatrice is strong and is a great mother always putting her son first so she is a completely likeable character just for that alone Preston makes a great leading man who is determined to protect his friend Then throw in feelings that get complicated and you get an entertaining story that drew me in You also have the all important villain who is pretty despicable and you really can't help but hateThe story moves along at a pretty good pace one of the best things about the story is that it isn't a typical historical romance Mainly due to the heroine having a child out of marriage which at that time was completely unacceptable I liked how Bronwyn Scott got around this issue as I wasn't sure how it was all going to play out Friendship love and desireWith thanks to Mills and Boon Netgalley for my copy This is my honest and unbiased opinion

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Marrying the Rebellious MissOne mistake ruined her One man can redeem her When an ill fated affair left Beatrice Penrose with than just memories she fled to Scotland to raise her son away from society's e. The last in the “Wallflowers​ to Wives” Series doesn’t disappoint for the last three books it has been building up to this beautiful and thrilling finishBeatrice and Preston area match made in heaven once you get past the animosity between them both Stubborn highly opinionated and both think that what they say is right and everyone else is wrong Both highly loyal and protectiveBeatrice is a lioness like any mother protecting their young she will fight to the death to protect her cub and everyone especially Preston better watch their backs I really like Bea she is strong and resilient young womenPreston has held a candle for Bea since childhood and on seeing her again as a mother he has fallen head over heels for her He is amazed at what magnificent woman she has become and he vows that no one is going to harm this womanHe is a complex man after being wounded while on a missions he has turned into a sort of loner or recluse He prefers to be alone but he also knows that he has to do his aristocratic duty by marrying and producing an Heir but he is very reluctant to do either until he sets eyes on Bea When that is actually his first thought at how amazing it would be to live this life with herOne of the things I really like about this is how Scott put Bea’s situation in as the main plot this highlights just how dismally unmarried single mothers were treated in the era How just because they didn’t have a husband that they were threatened of having their children taken away and manipulated into marriage just so that the family looks good I think Scott has got Bea’s predicament spot on as well as her fiery personality Scott has shown just how much of a struggle these incredible women had to go through just to live day to day I have so much respect for Beatrice she faces the stigma of being classed as a fallen women with grace and aplomb she is a feisty heroine and one I really likehttpschicksroguesandscandalswordp