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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Pink Ribbons Inc Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Pink Ribbons Inc Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy Author Samantha King – In 2005 than one million people participated in the Susan G KomIn Inc Breast Cancer and PDFEPUB orthan one million people participated Inc Breast ePUB #9734 in the Susan G Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure the largest network of K runs in the world Consumers thoughtfully choose products ranging from yogurt to cars responding to the promise that these purchases will contribute to a cure for the disease And hundreds of companies and organizations support Pink Ribbons ePUB #9734 Breast Cancer Awareness Month founded by a pharmaceutical company in and now recognized annually by the president of the United States What could be wrong Ribbons Inc Breast Cancer and Kindle with thatIn Pink Ribbons Inc Samantha King traces how breast cancer has been transformed from a stigmatized disease and individual tragedy to a market dri. Samantha King’s Pink Ribbons Inc has been on my “to read” list for a while now I first became interested when I read a review of it that seemed to mimic my own thoughts and feelings towards the pink ribbon phenomenonDon’t get me wrong of course I am against breast cancer how can one be for cancer But for some reason I have always felt strange about the tons of pink ribbon products and campaigns out there There was something about all of it that made me uneasy but I couldn’t uite put the feeling into wordsUntil now King has essentially summed up my hesitation for me albeit in a far academic and well researched way She discusses in much detail how breast cancer has become commercialized and how survivorship has been turned into a marketable experience in itself She examines issues of philanthropy cause related marketing and how fundraising money rarely goes to help pay for treatment of under served women of colorI think what strikes me most about this issue is that it touches so many of us I’m just as guilty as the next person for buying something I didn’t need simply because it was bedecked in pink ribbons We all want our money spent to mean something But at the same time it’s important to be an informed consumer and know exactly where and how much of your money is going to the cause And also be aware of the companies themselves Some of the companies that use breast cancer related marketing are guilty themselves of leaking toxic chemicals into the environment How does that make any senseIf you’re looking for an in depth critical study of breast cancer corporations philanthropy and the complex issues that go with all of that then definitely read this book

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Ven industry of survivorship In an unprecedented outpouring Ribbons Inc Breast PDFEPUB #195 of philanthropy corporations turn their formidable promotion machines on the curing of the disease while dwarfing public health prevention efforts and stifling the calls for investigation into why and how breast cancer affects such a vast number of people Here for the first time King uestions the effectiveness and legitimacy of privately funded efforts to stop the epidemic Ribbons Inc Breast Cancer and Kindle among American women Pink Ribbons Inc grapples with issues of gender and race in breast cancer campaigns of businesses such as the National Football League recounts the legislative history behind the breast cancer awareness postage stamp the first stamp in America. King's book reads like what it is a scholarly treatment of a women's health issue She researched a wide variety of interdisciplinary sources and the book shows off her insights well I do agree with some of the reviewers that her sentences are sometimes clunky but her brilliance shows through just the same She argues her points well with ample substantive evidence The issue of the cancer industrial complex as it has exploded along with neoliberalism corporate powerand consumer oriented activism is timely compelling infuriating and under researched King makes a notable effort to do something about this problem and I argue that she is successful I have always been uncomfortable with the pink ribbon campaign even before I survived one of the unsexy cancers that doesn't get any attention The pink ribbon campaign's seeming sunshiny optimism hides a cynical view of the American consumer as a rube who can be fooled by clever marketing campaigns into believing corporations really care about women's health and that by buying pink ribbon bedecked products they are doing something about breast cancer This ploy has worked well for uite some time but people are starting to wise up to it at long last As King points out repeatedly and effectively in Pink Ribbons Inc we have to get at the root causes and not let the clamor for awareness isn't everyone aware by now and early detection which just feeds the cancer industrial complexsilence the voices asking WHY

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Pink Ribbons Inc Breast Cancer and the Politics of PhilanthropyN history to raise funds for use outside the US Postal Service and reveals the cultural impact of activity based fund raising such as the Race for the Cure Throughout King probes the profound implications of consumer oriented philanthropy on how patients experience breast cancer the research of the biomedical community and the political and medical institutions that the breast cancer movement seeks to change Highly revelatory at times shocking Pink Ribbons Inc challenges the commercialization of the breast cancer movement its place in US culture and its influence on ideas of good citizenship responsible consumption and generositySamantha King is associate professor of physical and health education and women’s studies at ueen’s University in Kingston Ontario. This is good for anyone who livesworks in the non profit world A non biased expose on cause related marketing through breast cancer pink ribbonism This made me re think what it means to support a cause and most importantly what my own job meansA little heavy on the statistics but some good anecdotal ualities