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Doc Ø The Trump Survival Guide ✓ 208 pages Download Í Gene stone ´ [Read] ➮ The Trump Survival Guide By Gene Stone – Don’t despair Don’t retreat Fight backThe stunning election of Donald J Trump rocked an already divided America and left scores ofDon’t despair Don’t retreat Fight backThe stunning election of Donald J Trump rocked an already divided America and left scores of citizens including the nearly sixty five million voters who supported Hillary Clinton feeling bereft and powerless Now Gene Stone author of The Bush Survival Bible offers invaluable guidance and concrete solutions they can use to make a difference in this serious call to arms showing them how to move from anger and de This was an impulse buy at my beloved indie Fountain Bookstore The title amused me I thought the book would be funny It was not It was interesting informative I'm glad to have it

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Spair to activism as the Trump presidency is in full swing and he signs one executive order after another  Before we can successfully engage we need to be The Trump PDF or clear about the battles ahead Stone outlines political and social concepts including such issues as Civil Rights Women’s Rights the Environment Obamacare International relations and LGBT Rights providing a brief history of each a refresher on Obama's policies and an analysis of Abismal uality of the book Join this do that go there Why on earth would anyone need such a guide no matter what their political preferences are What the US popuation got banned from Google now This book is such a sad testament to how the US turned out to be not ready to experience democracy The same one the US has been popularizing aroung the world Why should the average population even need for the tandem of Bush Clinton Bush Obama to be followed by a yet another Clinton And such histerical reactions to legitimate elections held in the home country of the US It's a disgrace really Politics shouldn't be about dirty tricks It should be about who wins the vote according to the rules of the country holding itThe vote itself shouldn't be about women or minorities getting elected You shouldn't be willing to vote for a woman just because she's a woman Women and men meet in bedroom not during the elections where they all are citizens It should be about who you want to elect who you admire who can get things done who can produce results The democracy is about anyone just about anyone being able to follow their dreams and achieve what they want including being elected to be a president Not just the inside cliue of professional polititians with inordinate amounts of 'guanxi' and total lack of common sense Grrr It's sad to see the once mighty US diminished to thisAnd while I do realize that journalists need to make money including selling their efforts to the highest bidders still it makes me sad to see that the same people who did not write any books on how the Yugoslavian citizens should survive the air raids of 1999 write books now on how to 'survive' a patently legitimate elected president of their own country and a rather business oriented one at that A proved businessman not a war monger old boys BillGeorgeBarack not a paranoiak see HilaryBarack This mass histeria makes no sense

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The Trump Survival GuideWhat Trump’s administration might do Stone then provides an invaluable guide for fighting back referring to organizations people sites and countless other resources that support positive and possible goalsWhile marches and social media are important forms of protest concrete actions achieve real change Positive and reinforcing The Trump Survival Guide presents the essential information we need to effectively make our voices heard and our power felt It is such a good idea to have the background of the issue what President Obama did on the issue and then the action that Trump might take It really helped make things clear I was listening to the book on Audible and I ordered it as a Kindle book to SEE the information on what to do