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Tarnished CityIr grip on a turbulent Britain brother and sister face a fight greater than their own New alliances and old feuds will remake the nation leaving Abi and Luke uestioning everything – and everyone – I burn not shineActual rating 45 starsIn my review of the first book of this series I stated it had an uniue magic system a compelling narrative structure enthralling writing and an unguessable plot After such highly heaped praise I was hesitant to see how this would follow in its predecessor's strong footsteps It has also been a full year since I read the original and with such a complex plot worried I would be overwhelmed when returning to this world Within just a few pages I realised I need not have fearedThis provided the reader with a subtle refresher to world without the need of a dreaded info dump and continued to be as action orientated yet as intense in plot line as the initial book in this series This also followed on from the multitude of narratives of the former book with its large cast of characters and perspectives and introducing which furthered the reader's understanding of the rules governing this alternate realityWhilst still centrally focusing on just two families this gave a wider knowledge of the world at large and brought up interesting discussions of hierarchical class power and privilege These debates proved timeless and further fused the reader's interest to it Whilst still an interesting and uniuely created world this brought a degree of empathy to those suffering in it and also some subtle links to our own worldThis added density furthered my adoration for this series The depth of topic broached and the exciting direction the plot was taken leads me to expect even greater things from the next instalmentI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Vic James and the publisher Pan Macmillan for this opportunity

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Tarnished City kindle ô eBook À johnscyclingdiary ☆ [KINDLE] ❄ Tarnished City Author Vic James – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A corrupted city A dark dream of powerLuke is a prisoner condemned for a murder he didn’t commit Abi is a fugitive desperate to free him before magic breaks his mind But as the JarThey know And as Silyen Jardine hungers for the forgotten Skill of the legendary Wonder King the country’s darkest hour approaches Freedom and knowledge both come at a cost So who will pay the pric These people Their power The good they could do with it and the evil they chose instead This book is dark Not simply beautifully poetically dark no it is the sort of unpleasant darkness people want to turn away from This book shines a light on some of the worst aspects of human nature The things we all know exists but so many people refuse to see And for that it is amazing When it comes to YA fiction people seem to throw around the word dark whenever there is death or betrayal involved Well I will say to those people this book takes it to another level Be warned this is not your typical YA Fantasy The Cast Abi has always tried to do what right but also what was expected of her Previously she never thought to challenge the status uo But with her brother condemned for a crime he did not commit her parents shipped off to Millmoor and her little sister beyond her reach at Kyneston Abi steps up to the plate to right the wrongs the Euals have inflicted on her family and so many others Luke goes from an uncover rebel to a condemned criminal But no matter what horrors he is forced to face Luke refuses to let it break him He fights as hard as he can to ensure he never gives into the basest aspects of human nature to make sure he never become the monster Crovan his torturer says he will ultimately become Silyen continues to be the mysterious ambitious powerful young man whose actions constantly have to you uestioning where his loyalties lie if he has any at all Gavar goes from the spoiled heir complicit in his families actions to a young man who starts to uestion the very society to which he belongs He starts to think of how things could be better for his daughter for everyone if only Euals were willing to change Bouda is a girl who continues to do whatever and whoever it takes to claw her way to top She is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Euals society The Relationships All discussion will be put in the spoiler tag because I do not trust myself to talk about them without spoiling anything view spoiler Abi Jenner That shit got thrown out the window and I will not miss it I was indifferent to them in book one but I could tell pretty early in book Jenner was too weak a character to be able to resist the shine of power He was not better than his family because he was a better person He was a previously a better person because he was not yet embraced by his family Jenner is the sort of person who wants people to like him Now that his family has seemed to accept him he thinks he is on top of the world Abi Luke Poor siblings barely got to be reunited for one chapter before they were torn apart again But fear not with each of them now with a Jardine it's only a matter of time before they reunite Luke Coira I wanted these two together so bad I still think it is going to happen but now that's Luke escaped and Coira stayed behind to the others it is going to be a long road back for them Silyen Luke What is going on here Like seriously what is the weird bond they have going on How are they linked What is the weird King nonsense I do not understand Bouda Faiers I kind of hate Bouda I like a girl with ambition but she the way she treats people commons is ghastly and I hope she gets what is coming to her As for Faiers I do not trust this man at all He seems so shady They only thing they have going for them is that they're kind of hot together So maybe we can enjoy a little of that before they get their heads chopped off Gavar Daisy She remains the only one besides his daughter with whom he is entirely comfortable And for a young child she is incredibly perceptive She understands what he is thinking without him having to say Little Daisy sees the good in him before anyone else does If it weren't for the fact that she is 10 and he is 25 I would think that meant something romantic but given the age gap let's hope this is not the case Gavar Abi She always thought him an entitled boor but with that twist at the end him saving her life and presumably taking her to see Daisy I think their dynamic is about to change for the better I am interested to see where this unlikely relationship is going to go Allies Friends Something Who knows hide spoiler

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A corrupted city A dark dream of powerLuke is a prisoner condemned for a murder he didn’t commit Abi is a fugitive desperate to free him before magic breaks his mind But as the Jardines tighten the On sale now 45 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Tarnished City the second book in Vic James’s DARK GIFTS YA fantasy series is a hard hitting novel that picks right up where Gilded Cage left off without any infodumping to remind the reader what happened in the first book In this alternate version of our world England is controlled by a minority group the ironically named Euals who have magical powers and brutally use them to enforce their rule on everyone who isn’t magically skilled The heaviest burden is the slavedays a ten year period that each ordinary person is reuired to spend serving at the whim of the Euals In Gilded Cage here’s your warning of some spoilers for that book the Hadley family decided to serve their slavedays together hoping to work them out on the Jardine estate in relative comfort But the experience has turned disastrous in only a few months Their teenage son Luke is now a prisoner of the sadistic Lord Crovan accused of murdering a prominent Eual Older daughter Abigail is a fugitive on the run and the Hadley parents have been sent to the industrial slavetown Millmoor conveniently removing them from the action The youngest daughter Daisy remains with the Jardines as a babysitter for the baby daughter of their eldest son Gavar Jardine Tarnished City like Gilded Cage shifts between the viewpoints of several characters Its primary focus is on the teenage siblings Luke and Abi Luke now wearing Lord Crovan’s magical golden slave collar is helicoptered to a remote estate in Scotland where the worst political prisoners are given over to Crovan’s sadistic control Luke is terrified of the mental and physical torture for which Crovan is infamous but what actually happens at the inescapable Eilean Dòchais is something he had never imagined Abi heads to the south of England to find the revolutionaries ― including some sympathetic Euals ― that her brother Luke had previously been working with Her hope and goal is to rescue Luke with their assistance But Tarnished City also follows the viewpoints of a few key Euals the oldest son and Jardine heir Gavar a playboy who is beginning to take life seriously and is finding himself at odds with his father’s plans to control England; Javar’s fiancée Bouda an ambitious young woman who will do almost anything to increase her own power; and the youngest Jardine brother Silyan an immensely gifted Eual who is following his own mysterious agendaLife is chaotic and holds unforeseen twists for all of these characters and others The odds against the commoners and their few Eual allies are nearly overwhelming in the face of the immense magical powers of the Euals Vic James uses this setting to examine the ills of slavery and humanity’s tendency to abuse powerThe truth was everyone in Britain wore a collar they couldn’t see Millions of people unuestioningly obeying the Euals Slaving for ten years in appalling conditions Subject to rulers they couldn’t choose or criticize Confined to a country they couldn’t leave until their days were done And accepting it all as normal Better to wear a collar you could see That way you never forgot Tarnished City is a darker YA Fantasy focusing on a culture of modern slavery that leads to foreseeable results including murder and public executions torture both physical and psychological profound betrayal and hinted at sexual assaultJames’s characters are complex and do unexpected things After two books I still haven’t figured out the end game for some key characters and whether they’re trustworthy or not which adds a great element of suspense and intrigue Two characters in particular undergo shocking shifts in their behavior and outlook heading in opposite directions from where they started In both cases it improves the plot tremendously although the shift in characterization is so profound it left me with the sneaking suspicion that James had a change of heart and plans after writing Gilded Cage possibly in response to some criticism of one particular plotline view spoilerthe romance between Jenner Jardine and Abi which was inherently uneual hide spoiler