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review Immunity Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Download] ➺ Immunity Author Erin Bowman – Survivors of a deadly planetary outbreak take on a new sinister adversary in the white knuckle seuel to ContagionThea Coen and Nova have escaped from Achlys only to find themselves imprisoned on a shi Survivors of a deadHe evil of the deadly Achlys contagion and deploy the only weapons they have left themselvesFans of Jonathan Maberry Rick Yancey and Madeleine Roux will relish Bowman’s tense high stakes conclusion to the events of contagio. ALL SPOILERS ARE MARKEDthis really is one of the most satisfying duologies that i’ve read in a while i absolutely loved the first book; its zombie esue atmosphere the suspense the action immunity is a little different in the sense that it is about the survival and logical aspect of it instead of the exploring i really liked it though i assume some people would want to stay for the thrills and creepiness but if you're expecting that here you're not gonna find it but i enjoyed the change of tone i think last books in series should always be a bit different than the others for obvious reasons otherwise it doesn't feel like an ending this apart from what i mentioned before focuses on the characters and their build up though you should keep in mind that these are not character driven books okay first of all thea and coen😩❤️️ i loved their dynamic and growth since contagion and i've honestly been shipping them since that bunker scene mY GOSH I LOVE THEM their interest in each other is pretty justified considering their situation and what they're been through and it's been slow burn from the start so there's no reason for me to not like it there was something thea said well the author did that i've not been able to get out of my head because i can really relate and it's giving me such ascorpio vibe is thea a scorpio I CLAIM HER AS ONE OF US even besides that i've felt very connected to thea for some reason i'm usually interested in the side characters than the main one so it's not very common that i'd follow the MC so closely nova gives me MAJOR raven vibes from the tv show the 100 the resemblance is just so uncanny—sometimes i even confused her mental face with lindsey morgan from the show i also think it's worth mentioning that i adore bowman's PTSD portrayal i love how she doesn't hold back from difficult feelingssituations every one of them is so raw and perfect and it made the story that much realistic but of course the downfalls my main problem was just the lack of probing a bit deeper into the characters if a teen character is skilled at something i’d really like to know why we never get these explanations for nova view spoilerwho somehow managed to outmaneuver and outrun enemy ships hide spoiler

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Ticket to safety Now the nightmare they thought they’d left behind is about to be unleashed as an act of political warfare putting the entire galaxy at risk To prevent an interstellar catastrophe they’ll have to harness t. Ugh cliffhangersI feel like I flew through my audio of Immunity Seriously it went by so fast that I'm slightly peeved that it's over Besides that I still freaking love Coen and Thea because I am all about those two getting better acuainted if you know what I mean Then there's Nova and Amber and ugh I just can't Seriously I love all of these characters but some of the stuff that went down was insaneI wouldn't necessarily say that this book was horror than anything Pretty sure the first book had horrific stuff happening in it anyways This one was a smidge fluffy but definitely upped the mystery aspect I guess It was highly interesting and I kept anticipating on what was going to happen nextThroughout the book the pacing was okay for me I feel like the beginning was a smidge slow and then the end felt that same Probably because of the damn cliffhanger that I will never get over Definitely hoping that the next book if there is one comes out soon I hate the waiting game and really can't accept how this one ended

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ImmunitySurvivors of a deadly planetary outbreak take on a new sinister adversary in the white knuckle seuel to ContagionThea Coen and Nova have escaped from Achlys only to find themselves imprisoned on a ship they thought was their. 35 stars MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD After narrowly escaping an infectious zombie horde on Achyls Nova Thea and Coen find themselves facing a completely different threat altogetherWhat they thought of as their salvation may actually turn out to be their demiseThe three must band together along with some new allies to stop the possible destruction of the galaxySo no pressureWith fewer characters in this seuel at least to start I felt like I had a bit time to get to know them While that was nice it did give it a slightly different feel to the first novelDon't get me wrong there was still a ton of action here but in my opinion there was definitely character examinationAnother difference in feel concerns the atmosphere As high stakes as Immunity was we're talking possible interstellar catastrophe here the atmosphere of this installment was completely differentIn the first book we have the slightly unualified crew heading out on a SAR mission to an abandoned mining planetIt's remote cold dark and dangerous They have no idea what they are go to find and what they found was terrifyingContagion the first book grabbed me because of its edge of your seat SciFi Horror narrative; one of my favorite subgenres within Science FictionWhile this is still a really good book I would categorize this as strict SciFi So for me it lost a bit of that edge over the course of the evolution of the storyWith this being said the events were wrapped up nicely and I am happy to have another completed duology on my shelvesOverall this is a super solid YA Science Fiction duology that I would absolutely recommend to any fan of the genre Even though I didn't love this one uite as much as Contagion I can definitely appreciate how fully developed this story isWell done I look forward to reading from Erin Bowman