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Daxx and Jetta Hot Alpha Alien Husbands #1 summary ↠ 108 à ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Daxx and Jetta Hot Alpha Alien Husbands #1 By Scarlett Starkleigh ✩ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk I got tricked and now I'm on another planet We're here to be matched with alien males who haven't had access to women in years Ting as Scarlett and Jetta Hot eBook #9734 Starkleigh They look like us but better Taller nicer skin muscles They live a lot like us but better They’ve got a lot of the and Jetta Hot Alpha Alien MOBI #233 technology that we have butyep you guessed it theirs is better Their planet is reportedly beautiful clean unpolluted and extraordinarily colorful Medically they’re superior too Except that they were powerless to stop a super bug that uickly all but wiped out their female population and over % of their women were suddenly poof gone Their men are and Jetta Hot Alpha Alien MOBI #233 lonely and restless They’re inherently alpha protective a family driven species and they’re carnally deprived so that’s having an impact on the otherwise peaceful planet They have gone without women for years and. Thank s was a sexy funny sweet alien romance that was on the fluffy side I enjoyed it uite a bit 😁

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So they’re chomping at the bit and it means fighting threat of war general unease unrest and threats to pillage other planets for women if something wasn't done to get these men what they needed Tests were run and since we’re biologically compatible deals were made I was tricked onto the space ship I was also tricked into getting married without my knowledge I'm fighting my emotions but Daxx is doing all sorts of things to try to break down my defenses the scheming insatiable hot bossy swoony alpha Dirty talking steamy panty melting scenes over the top alpha male insta love A fun light read in the sci fi romance genre with only a little bit of world building but a whole lot of steamy insta love fun a happily ever after Future books will follow but this is a complete story with an HEA no cheatin. BOOK 2 NOW LIVE Grab it bitlyzaneandtanya🚀 New Release 🚀The long awaited Hot Alpha Alien Husbands Zane and Tanya’s Story Book 2Book 1 Fate brought you to my feet and now I'll spend my life at yoursOh DaxxThese aliens say the most romantic thingsI hope you enjoy this book I had so much fun writing it for nanowrimo 2016It's released at99 for a limited time is also available on KUNo cliffhanger More romance than sci fiFuture books about other couples in this series to come

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Daxx and Jetta Hot Alpha Alien Husbands #1I got tricked and now Jetta Hot Kindle #215 I'm on another planet We're here to be matched with alien males who haven't had access to women in years They are aching for wives desperate to have children I got tricked and then the government wouldn't let me opt out They say I need to sleep with one of the aliens within hours in order to get life saving antibodies otherwise I'll die So I slept with a hot foot tall alien after Daxx and Kindle he and other hotties battled for the right to marry me I told him I'd sleep with him no strings to break his dry spell and save me from death But now the alien considers me to be his WIFE He's hot alpha bossy but sweet and I might be in love with him Even if I don't want to admit it HOT ALPHA ALIEN HUSBANDS This is book one in a new series by author DD Prince wri. ★★★ To read my full review visit my blog ★★★ Rating 35 love punch stars ‘You just looked at me like I took all your choices away and you want them back What do you want right now than anything in the universe’ We have DD Prince author of ‘Detour’ and ‘Alphahole’ writing as Scarlett Starkleigh in this unusually diverting sci fi novel of a planet bursting with male encumbrance and a horde of terrified Earth women subjected to the volition of Phallyx’s deprived men ‘But when I saw the sky I knew I wasn’t in Kansas any’ Four years ago a blight wiped out a colossal amount of Phallyx’s female population leaving their men restive needy and bereaved Phallyxian men have shelter and command embedded in their make up and as well as the loss they’ve experienced they have no way to exercise their inherent predisposition Women are an imperative part of their lives and the absence of their feminal counterparts has taken it’s toll on their livelihoods as well as the current climate A restless tension has been building since because these larger than life aliens are restless determined and hungry for what was taken from them Lucky for them there’s an otherworldly shipment coming in one that’s guaranteed to placate what’s left of their race and hopefully ignite some harmony to their planet because Earth just happens to be plentiful in the feminine variety ‘Phallyxians wanted for nothing until they found themselves without women’‘I’m a bit like a mail order bride But space mail’ A trade consensus was made by both Phallyx’s and Earth’s leaders Earth would provide Phallyx with women to encourage the continuation of their species and Phallyx would offer them advanced resources in return Regrettably for her Jetta Mercedes Michaels is one of those women tricked and traded without knowledge or her consent to take part in this highly covert operation and after being fed a bowlful of lies she’s stuck amid the lush idyllic surrounding of Phallyx’s paradisiacal plush planet of thriving foliage and brilliant pigmentation A fertile planet awaiting fertile womenthis is Jetta’s absolute nightmare because she’s not a commodity to be bred and she definitely won’t be served on an otherworldly dish for Phyllax’s men to feast on “You set eyes on me for half a second and decide that’s it You wanna make babies with me”“Yeah sure I’ll make babies with you” he offered As soon as her feet hit Phallyx’s rich but star crossed earth it’s time to fight or fly Jetta is the kind of optimist that sees the bad but does her best to look at what’s in her arsenal rather than stew over resentment Give her cherries I’m sure she’ll find a way to make lemonade because it could always be much worse Simply looking to take her future potential on Earth on a serious chase and here she ends up being chased attempting to outrun these apparently wild men with competition and conuest on their mindsbecause she is now a part of Phallyx’s adaptation of fantasy’s The Wild Hunt “Once I understood your words I was even in your thrall I wasn’t coming down here today I didn’t even know when you’d arrive this week didn’t allow myself to know but then fate brought you to my feet and now I’ll spend my life at yours” Jetta is comfortable enough to disturb the balance and as unsettled as she is she corrects her fear with expression and clamorous fight Just as Jetta doesn’t hesitate to uestion Daxx Blackstar has the status to disturb some rules himself because he’d do a lot to make Jetta a Blackstar Mayhem this is because deprived men means starving men starving for company starving for happiness for liaison and starving for intimacy And so this is a story of salacious claim indecision and red herrings for Daxx and Jetta she is fastened into a relationship she didn’t ask for and one that he has no promise of letting go ofAs Starkleigh’s first try at a sci fi fantasy this surely comes across as the playful story it was intended to be Starkleigh admittedly isn’t a sci fi connoisseur as this story isn’t meant to follow the specific laws of space and the logistics that come with it but this story focuses so much on the characters and the story itself that the accuracies are almost irrelevant I could tell that Starkleigh had a lot of fun writing ‘Hot Alpha Alien Husbands’ and as her first jump into sci fi territory I think she did a great job with this book’s design As a reader it’s enjoyable to know that an author had fun writing and when that can be traced it’s as much as I can ask for “Can it make pizza”“Pete zah”“Oh God Please tell me you know what pizza is”“Explain” ‘Hot Alpha Alien Husbands’ admittedly got me thinking and If you’re a deep thinker I’m sure it’d get you thinking too What would society actually be like without the presence of women on Earth In this story women are a necessity for men not just a luxury and love is a boon but an even bigger one Choice but choice is also a right and Jetta’s along with many other women’s was robbed from her The current climate is a parlous one on Phallyx and the spaceball is most definitely not in Jetta’s court That saying ‘Men are from Mars women are from Venus’ Well these races are planets apart languages apart and still we all have similarities at the kernel Daxx hopes that women can restore a balance that has long since been lost taking contentment with them Perhaps than just re populating the planet this devilish alien gentleman can find his happiness at Venus’s door ‘He wanted time with just her first time to nurture the tiny seedling of feelings she had so that he could grow that into something indestructible’ As my tribute to sci fi fantasy week I hope this story of Inter planetary affairs knocks your otherworldly socks of Easily a tempting narrative written for the purpose of fun fantasy and saucy sci fi ‘She had a life force about her it affected him like he had never been affected before She was pure energy and light’ Twitter I Blog I Instagram