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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK The Highlander Ù [Epub] ❦ The Highlander By Heather Grothaus – From Heather Grothaus comes a tale of desire and deception in Scotland AD 1076 and of the couple whose love could bring two clans together—or rip them apartWhen Evelyn Godewin departs from her nativ From Heather Grothaus comes In Determined to make the best of her surroundings Evelyn seeks shelter in an abandoned cottage in the woods But when Conall MacKerrick a highland chief bursts into the cottage and accuses her of trespassing Evelyn tells him a lie she knows she will regret one day Much to her surprise she finds herself falling in love with the highlanderConall MacKerrick believes his clan When Evelyn Godewin turned down marriage to Nicholas FitzTodd to enter the church She didn't know that she was not long for the church and that she would be leaving her home England as well She was seeking out a new beginning Yet fate has other plans in store for her when she is left stranded all alone in an unforgiving highland forest To be hunted by wolves as winter is stating to set in Seeking shelter in a abandoned cottage in the woods Evelyn is thinking that she is alone until Conall MacKerrick Highland Chief bursts into the cottage and accuses her of trespassing Evelyn tells him a lie that she knows she will regrets one day Much to Evelyn surprise she finds herself falling in love with the highlander Conall believes that his clan is under a curse The he meets Evelyn thinking she is the key to breaking the curse on his clan They begin to trust each other however will the lies that they have told each other destroy their newfound love

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From Heather Grothaus comes a tale of desire and deception in Scotland AD and of the couple whose love could bring two clans together or rip them apartWhen Evelyn Godewin departs from her native England she's looking for a new beginning Yet fate has other plans in store for her when she's left stranded alone in an unforgiving highland forest hunted by wolves as winter sets I am not sure how I finished the book because it was a really silly story The writing was not so great with repeated usage of the same phrases over and over again The hero and heroine crying out of nowhere m abrupt actions of the characters make the book almost funny But I read on It was not a chore to continue like most 2 stars books for me Conrall and Eve both lied to each other Their relationship started in a hut where they were isolated for a long time Cone all decided to marry Eve because of a curse yeah you heard me right And he believed that it would lift the curse for his clan who cares about the woman and her wishes Let me beget a son by her He was supposed to be an alpha male I suppose Aren't all highlanders supposed to be But he wasn't He was superstitious and kind of weak in mind I thought wow that's some caveman thinking Eve was a weird heroine too She had a weird character sometimes strong sometimes uite a ninny She had her outbursts but she wasn't crazy mad which saved her in my eyes But her fears about birthing seemed really childish the way it was portrayed Her reactions to certain situations were TSTL Overall not a great heroine The whole who is the Buchanan child from Minerva thing was not well done The old clam feud resulted from a forbidden love didn't really work for me I lost track and interests in whatever the mystery was supposed to be resolved Somehow Conrall and Eve could be together that was the end

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The HighlanderIs cursed and when he meets Evelyn he thinks he has found the key to lifting that curse He must marry her or at the least get her with child Seducing the striking beauty is the only way to save his people and his pride Even as he begins to trust that she will heal not only his people's troubles but his own heart he discovers the secret that could destroy their newfound lo Weak hero awful plot SPOILERSThis book was horrible This is the first book by this author that I’ve read and I don’t think I’ll read another Let’s list all the things wrong with this book it might be a bit of a rant so prepare for spoilersview spoilerHero was a weak and spineless jerk There’s supposedly a curse on his clan MacKerrick that says until a Buchanan a rival clan and the clan where the “witch” was from child is born to lead the hero’s clan they’ll suffer Hero is supposedly the clan chief but what does he do to try to solve the devastation that this curse brought to his people He runs away yep our “hero” decides to jet off on his own and leave the others to their fate Wow what a swell guyThen by pure chance he finds a woman staying in a hunting cabin on MacKerrick lands that claims to be a Buchanan What luck right So he decides to con her into getting pregnant by him Some weird twist actually has the woman proposing marriage to him maybe that was supposed to make the reader feel better that the hero is basically trying to use a woman and her future child Who knows Another twist this woman is scared of giving birth because she’s seen many births not go so well for the either the child mother or both and she also had her mother die in childbirth What does this guy do He manhandles her and explains to her in a vague way what he wants to do so that she’ll agree but not know the full conseuences When I say manhandles here is what I mean in one paragraph he is shoving her around towards the bed and using a “bruising grip” Exsueeze me He needs a swift karate chop to the throat and a knee to the groin for those actions I’ll stop there in how utterly horrid I found the situationThen she’s suddenly pregnant and he’s revealing about the curse and she’s revealing that she’s not actually a Buchanan At which point he flies into a fury and states that he renounces both her and the child EXCUSE ME Is he shooting for worst human of the year So first you trick the woman into getting pregnant and then you find out she doesn’t factor into your nefarious plans so you literally renounce and then abandon her at about 7 months pregnant in a hut At that advanced stage of pregnancy she wouldn’t have been able to travel very far to get help for the childbirth she wouldn’t have been able to hunt very well to keep herself and her many animals fed and if she were to die in childbirth but the child lived there would be no one to keep that child alive He brushes it off as he was doing it for her sake so she could escape the curse Puhlease don’t feed me that idiot line His whiny butt should have been left to rot in the woods The hero must have learned his horribleness from his mother as after hearing what she did even I wanted to curse herIn addition to all that mess the emotions between the characters were nonexistent I felt no love or emotion or even desire between the two MCs Even the emotions between other characters was terrible It seemed the author didn’t really know how an actually human being would react in situations so she just threw in an emotion and hoped for the bestAlso why was the heroine’s “gift” never explained She seemed to be able to hear animals thoughts Why Could they understand her It wasn’t ever explained to the reader or the characters in the book Just made to seem like it was completely normal when no one else is able to do it In addition at the end her wolf all of a sudden reverts back to being a wild animal What How does that make sense Not only that but goes in and out of wildness when she’s saying goodbye to the heroine Not at all realistic hide spoiler