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Finding Claire Collins Surviving Adam Meade #2Eighteen year old Claire Collins Surviving PDF #8608 Collin's senior year of high school changed her life Adam Meade was the first guy she ever loved the only guy she'd ever let in and she learned a lesson about. I could not stand this book I hated that all Claire did was whine and make things about her Adam had SO much going on with him at that time and he couldn't take all of the stuff in at the same time I know he screwed up but she never let him explain anything and when he tried she wouldn't even let him because it's all about her Ugh I hate this She was over dramatic the whole time and it got annoying DO NOT RECOMMEND

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Finding Claire Collins Surviving Adam Meade #2 Summary ´ 2 Å [Ebook] ➮ Finding Claire Collins Surviving Adam Meade #2 ➭ Liveandlove10 – Eighteen year old Claire Collin's senior year of high school changed her life Adam Meade was the first guy she ever loved the only guy she'd eLove the hard wayWrapped in a world of problems and reeling with the complications of his decisions eighteen year old Adam is searching for the one thing he never should've let go Claire With emotions tattered an. WOW Adam you really did redeem yourself If guys were like that there would be fewer unhappy women out there But unfortunately they're few and far between I consider myself being among the lucky onesLoved the story Loved how it flowed and absolutely loved the characters

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D torn and family problems looming everywhere moving on is easier said than doneCollege was Finding Claire ePUB #9734 supposed to be a fresh start but no one saw this comingBook of the SURVIVING ADAM MEADE series. I'd like to start off by saying that this series has really hit my heart If you don't like getting emotional over books I wouldn't recommend this one or the first one from the series Surviving Adam Meade In the first book I cried because Adam had lied which led to the most heartbreaking breakups in history In the second one I cried because Wanda died and intense detail the author uses just makes you get all emotional I also cried not much because of Austin when he started explaining his family problems to Claire because Austin is a fun happy guy who never seems to be down and sad but he was and nobody was there for him I really wished I could jump into the book and give him a big hugI feel like the endings of these books always shock me no matter what There's always some huge plot twist I never saw coming First book Adam was using Claire the whole time for a football scholarship and their whole relationship was based off a huge lie Second book Claire stays at Auburn but Adam can't stand that his mother who had abandoned him before was there so he decided to transfer to Clemson SAY WHAT I thought Claire and Adam were FINALLY going to have their happily ever after but the author just had to rip my heart out a little and make them do the whole long distance thingSpeaking of which I HATE RENEE ACKLEY I feel sorry for poor Austin since she's his step mom but that woman is awful She abandoned Adam when he was THREE right after his FATHER AND SISTER DIED in a brutal car accident What kind of mother abandons their three year old son right after the death of his father and sister Then she thinks she can just waltz back into his life when he's doing big things and everything will be fine She even had the decency to say Adam 'needs' her Um newsflash but Adam has been doing fine without you in his life What made me even angry was that she hadn't even told her new husband or step child that she had another family She lies just to get herself ahead and it's just awful Then if it's even possible to get angry with her she decides to blame Wanda for her leaving After Adam went to her house for explanations on her abandonment she gave excuse after excuse none of which helped her case at all Then all of a sudden she says Wanda Adam's grandmother who took care of him since his mother left him and he couldn't fend for himself was at fault Keep in mind the woman is dead and Adam is still grieving over her death Not to mention SHE TOOK CARE OF HER SON SINCE SHE DECIDED TO LEAVE HER THREE YEAR OLD SON ALONE AND SHE DECIDES TO THROW HER UNDER THE BUS She's lucky Wanda was there to take care of her son because he would've had to go to an orphanage or who knows what Renee drove me crazy and I honestly wish she would've actually given a good reason for her leaving because maybe that'd make me hate her a little lessThe biggest shocker though had to be CASE MAYBE GETTING HALEY STEVENS PREGNANT Ok so I've always hated Haley from the first book when she bullied Claire and made fun of her for Adam having broken up with her but this is just TOO FAR Case was being irrational and completely irresponsible He's not ready for a child He hadn't even told his parents there's a chance either so I don't know what he's thinking Out of all people it had to be Haley Stevens Personally I think he has horrible taste in women Why would he chose the one girl that bullied and tormented his sister Then when Claire freaks out he gets mad He has no right to get mad at Claire for freaking out She should be mad at Case for sleeping with someone who tried their absolute hardest