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doc ß The Telescope in the Ice Hardcover â johnscyclingdiary ñ [Epub] ❧ The Telescope in the Ice By Mark Bowen – One of Forbes' 10 Best Astronomy Physics And Mathematics Books of 2017Richly intimate drawing on Mr Bowen's long involvement with the IceCube project and its Extraterrestrial high energy neutrinos from outer space and thus gave birth to a new field of astronomyIceCube is also the largest particle physics detector ever built Its scientific goals span not only astrophysics and cosmology but also pure particle physics And since the neutrino is one of the strangest and least understood of the known elementary particles this is fertile ground Neutrino physics is perhaps the most active field in particle physics today and IceCube is at the forefront The Telescope in the Ice is ultimately a book about people and the thrill of the chase the struggle to understand the neutrino and the pioneers and inventors of neutrino astronomy It is a success story Particle physics astrophysics astronomy These subjects would generally present a daunting read to a layman Not so in the case of Mark Bowen's The Telescope in the Ice Part particle physics tutorial part scientific soap opera and part South Pole adventure Bowen places the reader smack in the middle of this unlikely tale so adroitly that by time you finish the book you feel as if you are now an expert on the subject uite simply this work is a masterpiece and no this is not a hyperbolic statement Breathing literary life into such a dry and arcane subject is a difficult task but Bowen does so in magnificent fashion completely immersing the reader in this extraordinary tale by demystifying the science and going to great lengths to make flesh and blood people out of all the major players I honestly can't imagine how this uniue subject could have been presented in a comprehensible and interesting manner and I extend many thanks to Mark Bowen for making a subject that is generally over everyone's head so accessible

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Dreds of physicists and engineers to create a frontier laboratory for the pursuit of the new discipline of neutrino astronomyThe IceCube Observatory has been called the “weirdest” of the seven wonders of modern astronomy by Scientific American In The Telescope in the Ice Mark Bowen tells the amazing story of the people who built the instrument and the science involvedLocated near the U S Amundsen Scott Research Station at the geographic South Pole IceCube is unlike most telescopes in that it is not designed to detect light It employs a cubic kilometer of diamond clear ice than a mile beneath the surface to detect an elementary particle known as the neutrino In it detected the first This book soars past my expectations in the following waysAs history of science tracing the development of the neutrino from Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr's handwritten disagreements on uantum mechanics to the latest data from the South Pole's neutrino telescope with photographsAs biography not of an individual but of an experiment the myriad researchers committees alterations and influences it must navigate from idea to instantiation to pillar of cosmology As narrative Is the science correct is the engineering feasible will it get funded are competing teams sabotaging the progress Yes Bowen does a terrific job showing the project as a prize fighter bobbing and weaving out of the way of obstaclesI wrote my Master's in History on the creation not discovery of the neutrino as a tool to solve spin and conservation of energy uestions during the development of uantum mechanics so I approached this text with a scientifically and historically skeptical eye I am floored by Mark's achievement here he does justice to the people the science and the telescope It's terrifically entertaining and Mark puts a marvelous light on humanity and our freuently halting and sometimes inspired search for the truth

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