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DOWNLOAD Ô Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone í ❮Read❯ ➹ Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone ➼ Author Hunter S. Thompson – From Hunter S Thompson's first piece for Rolling Stone the story of his infamous run for sheriff of Aspen in 1970 to his last an examination of the KerryBuWork Thompson takes us on a roller coaster ride filled with the likes of McGovern Fear and Kindle and Nixon Watergate and Vietnam Ali and Clinton And buttressing the narrative throughout are letters and memos that illuminate the stories behind the stories fr. In Hunter S Thompson Rolling Stone magazine found a voice that legitimized the periodical from its' earliest musical journal trappings In Rolling Stone Hunter S Thompson found himself the perfect home from which to fire off breathtaking foul mouthed drug fueled and superbly crafted missives against the political and social monsters slowly destroying the American Dream he still believed in Clearly the magazine and writer found kindred spirits within one another forging a mutually beneficial if often times toxic and irritating relationship that lasted until the Good Doctor decided Football Season Was Over and made mouth love to his beloved357 Magnum This collection of HST's works published by Rolling Stone rank as some of the most essential reads of Thompson's illustrious and misbegotten career Nearly 13rd of this collection is dedicated to the stories he wrote while covering the 1972 Presidential campaign which were later chronicled in the now legendary Fear and Loathing On the Campaign Trail 1972 That work is a must read for anyone interested in the barbaric and incestuous orgy of clumsiness and deceit that is a Presidential campaign Later chapters don't seem to have uite the zest that Thompson's earlier missives have but no matter Thompson on a bad day was better than 99% of the writers that slavishly came in his wake There will ever be only one Dr Hunter S ThompsonLong may you live Dr Thompson We miss you like fucking crazy

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Om the original back and forth resulting in Thompson's first pieces to the meticulous planning for his reporting of the ' campaign Simply put FEAR AND LOATHING AT ROLLING STONE is the definitive work of the magazine's and Loathing at PDF #201 most popular writ. Any reader trying to get a sense of Hunter S Thompson and his growth since 1970 this would be a great first book It samples selections from his time as a writer for the Rolling Stone as well as letters to and from the editor in chief Jann Werner Many of Thompson's excerpts in this book will show you that current times were written on the wall in bright red lettering The entrenchment of the two party system acting as gatekeepers to the power world in which the Doomed and Screwheads aren't allowed to travel is something Thompson took on As capitalism and defected worm infested brains lead us into the 21st century we find that the slovenly and sloth like lifestyles we have chosen have led to a breakdown of towns and any sense of community Cities appear as a dot on a map Circular with an assumed nerve center But when you get most places it looks like the monkies of the Rainforest have been put to work given concrete and rusted metal to create a dim sprawling playscape Tourism is not viewing from your automobile windows Roads do not eual progress just the opposite Housing is expensive because mean yet cowardly vultures control real estate Cops are a group of terroristic thugs doing the bidding for every greedhead looter in the country Thompson lays out a new vision for towns that some on the left are just now calling for Our program basically was to drive the real estate goons completely out of the valley to prevent the State Highway Department from bringing a four lane highway into the town and in fact to ban all auto traffic from every downtown street Turn them all into grassy malls where everybody even freaks could do whatever's right The cops would become trash collectors and maintenance men for a fleet of municipal bicycles for anybody to use No huge space killing apartment buildings to block the view from any downtown street of anybody who might want to look up and see the mountains No land rapes no busts for flute playing of blocking the sidewalkfuck the tourists dead end the highway zone the greedheads out of existence and in general create a town where people could love like human beings instead of slaves to some bogus sense of Progress that is driving us all madThompson also touched on the constant interactions between the lowest form of human life the police and minority groups in Amerikkka As cops brutally and cowardly commit acts of fascism and violence against those they are supposed to be serving and protecting today the same problems have plagued our history in the past Their skills are less than your average used car salesmen and their underdeveloped brains are uick to the trigger if your hue or political stance is even a sliver away from total fascism Thompson documents one of these interactions with the murder of Rueben Salazarno explanation was necessary at least anybody likely to be found drinking in the Silver Dollar The customers are locals Chicanos and barrio people and every one of them is acutely aware of what happened in the Silver Dollar on August 29 1970That was the day Reuben the prominent Mexican American columnist for the Los Angeles Times and news director for bilingual KMEX TV walked into the place

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Fear and Loathing at Rolling StoneFrom Hunter S Thompson's first Loathing at PDFEPUB #190 piece for Rolling Stone the story of his infamous run for sheriff of Aspen in to his last an examination of the KerryBush showdown in FEAR AND LOATHING AT ROLLING STONE presents than examples of his best. I have been eagerly looking forward to this book as have a lot of people ever since it first appeared on the horizon over three years ago Originally slated for release in November 2008 it suddenly vanished off the radar as uickly as it had appeared with no explanation whatsoever from the publisher Having finally received a copy of this book before Christmas all I can say is that it is a pity it didn’t remain in the wilderness for good In short this book is an utter disgraceI cannot fathom what Jann Wenner was thinking when he decided to publish this book You might of course be wondering why on earth I would have this opinion This is of course perfectly reasonable given Hunter’s long and illustrious history with Rolling Stone the publication in which his greatest work appeared Yet reason had little to do with this latest offeringIn what can only be described as a decision of breathtaking arrogance Jann Wenner with the help of Paul Scanlon decided to severely edit Hunter’s original prose I am not just talking about taking excerpts from the original articles – that might actually have been a sensible move considering the length of some of his work Instead however what is contained in the pages of this collection can only be described as a kind of horrific experiment gone wrong FrankenGonzo if you like starring Jann Wenner as the crazed creator holed away in a workshop of filthy creation The result of his efforts of course is a creature of monstrous uglinessIt is hard not to form this impression when you see the heavy handed dissection of Hunter’s work The original flow of his writing is all but destroyed with paragraph after paragraph hacked away in favour of this new re imagined beast Take Strange Rumblings in Aztlan for example the entire first page or so has vanished in favour of an opening line that comes from the middle of a paragraph on the second page of the original article Actually what Wenner does here is to combine two of Hunter’s sentences into a shorter opening statement So basically the first sentence you read never even really existed in that form Of course Wenner might point to a letter from Hunter dated February 10th 1971 in which Hunter uestions the editing of the piece and admits that the chronology is scrambled However there is nothing that justifies the crazed butchery that takes place with the remainder of the material in this bookApart from The Battle of Aspen and a section from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas what is presented as “The Essential Hunter S Thompson” is in fact uite the opposite There is absolutely no point to this collection at all Why would anyone want an edited version of Hunter’s original prose It is like taking Hamlet and deciding to edit out the solilouies or releasing a new version of Gonzo The Art by Ralph Steadman with a new colour scheme selected by Jann Wenner I also find it amusing that Wenner decided to include Mistah Leary He Dead Hunter’s obituary for Timothy Leary which he describes as “a proper RS send off” The original article was published in issue 740 August 8th 1996 If you have trouble finding it in that issue that is because it was buried away in the l