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To do with her Heartbroken and angry Penny goes away to Arizona State Anything to get as far away from Deke Bad Rep Kindle as possible But that doesn't stop fate from getting in her way Chance encounters and one night stands with Deke leave Penny devastated Until years later when she's forced to go back homeTattooed and working at the only tattoo parlor in town Southern Ink Deke knows that when Penelope finally LovedJust something where the hero is a big jerk the woman who loves him Deke Penelope were that couple they went through so much can they ever get their hea I loved the writing looking forward to

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Bad Rep Southern Ink #1Returns home he's given the chance to finally make amends for his cruelty towards the one woman that he can't forget and won't get over Now that she's all grown up he wants a second chance He's going to have to prove to her that Rep Southern Ink PDFEPUB #234 he's the man of her dreams Because this time he's not letting her go He's irresistible She's unforgettable Sometimes the best men have the worst reputations LovedI thought this was a great book Yes I wanted to knee Deke sometimes but he always had heart This was a beautiful love story I highly recommend

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read doc ã Bad Rep Southern Ink #1 ☆ Kindle Edition ☆ johnscyclingdiary Ú [Reading] ➹ Bad Rep Southern Ink #1 By S.N. Garza – Bad boy Deke Morgan spent most of his life getting it wrong When he rescues Penelope from bullies an unlikely friendshipBad boy Southern Ink Epub #219 Deke Morgan spent most of his life getting it wrong When he rescues Penelope from bullies an unlikely friendship blossoms When Penny meets the bad boy in town she doesn't know how to handle him or the feelings that begin to arise All she knows is that she wants to get to know the boy who saved her Just when their relationship becomes intimate Deke breaks it off not wanting anything at 58% and already felt irritated after one a half years penelope went back to her hometown and didnt demand an explanation from deke and let him fuck her in oblivion i mean like WAT i dont understand why some authors write this kind of plot where the heroine sort of forgive the hero through having sex doesn't make sense at all and because of her own stupidity she got hurt by him like whose fault is it except her ownchapter 23 24 68%she still allow him to fuck her like nobody's business in vegas she feels hurt when she is the one that wanted a one night stand i mean like what exactly is direction the author is going with the book just wanna finish the book uickly and get it over and done with so fucking annoyed at this kind of writingchapter 26 71%penelope went to SoIn to check on the team after patrick's wedding and still let deke fuck her AGAIN when she is engaged to alanchapter 31 84%penelope was telling deke not to hurt her again because she might not survive the fifth time i'm like excuse me she seem to did it to herself by allowing him to hurt herdont understand about veradia either i mean did she just pretend to be penelope's friend so that she can get close to deke since she tried to push brad to penelope during prom and penelope didnt confront her on it like i dont understand her characterdont understand this book AT ALL writing is just too amateurish for my taste should have not bother to finish it bloody waste of my time will not be reading any books from this author