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The Puritan PirateN to England and his family Fearful of discovering Perry’s desire for respectability The Puritan PDF is stronger than his love uinn leaves him behind in Port RoyalBut in his darkest hour uinn discovers that Perry will risk his life for them to be togeth. A ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords Review This review can also be found here375 Stars out of 5Lieutenant Thomas Peregrine finds himself in a rather unusual position He is serving as a naval liaison on the pirate ship Audacious He keeps to himself but he is unable to control his attraction to Gabriel uinn the sailing master of the Defiant But one drunken night reveals one too many secrets and Gabe Thomas find themselves on the way to a deeper connection But when the Defiant finds itself in mighty trouble what will Gabe’s fate be and will Thomas be able to survive itI liked this book uite a lot It is an interesting read with well fleshed out characters and a daring plotThis book uses a lot of words which are no longer in popular use and there are lots of phrases in different languages So yeah sometimes I used to get stuck on certain words and phrases because I had no idea what they meant Also this book is based in the West Indies and the book makes ample use of the tumultuous political scenario the countries of the Indies were facing in the late 17th century Since I truly have no idea about the history of the Indies somethings definitely went over my head but I felt like the book definitely makes use of history to consolidate its plot Alas I have no idea about this history or how accurately it is depicted in this bookWhat I loved about this book was the plot and our main charactersThe plot of the book is uite well written and it was interesting to read about naval warfare For one it is very different than land warfare and has its own appeal I loved the story of this book and its intricacies The plot is simple but very well executed and the book is well paced so you don’t lose interestMy favourite part of this book was Gabriel and Thomas I like the personalities of both characters wherein Thomas is a guy firmly in control and Gabriel is just a happy go lucky kind of guy who can’t wait to break Thomas’ facade But these two together were simply hot I mean the sex scenes between these two characters are some of the best I have ever read I loved how the author wrote about the domination and submission between these two characters and I appreciated the fluidity of itOverall this book is a hot and interesting readCover Art by Valerie Tibbs I liked the cover it complements the story

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Download The Puritan Pirate ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ The Puritan Pirate By Jules Radcliffe ➥ – The Caribbean 1664An uptight naval lieutenant A free living buccaneer Enemies from the firstIt all changes the night uinn reluctantly rescues Lieutenant Peregrine The Caribbean An uptight naval lieutenant A free living buccaneer Enemies from the firstIt all changes the night uinn reluctantly rescues Lieutenant Peregrine from the conseuences of his folly Their tentative truce leads to a wild tryst and the thrilling. FIVE HEARTS It's like it was written for me Will you punish me Do you need to be punished I have such wicked thoughts of you Dear God I hope you do

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Discovery that their unconventional desires are perfectly matchedPerry is the most delightfully submissive lover uinn has ever had and he wants Perry by his side for good But such an affair would not only end Perry’s career he may never be able to retur. This was a fun read it reminded me of an Errol Flynn type swash buckler where the pirate turns out to be a disgraced nobleman mixed with an opposites attract romance with submissive undertonesuinn Irish poetic and uite literally the Master AND a pirate Perry English puritan fiesty with a need to be dominated perfect for each other These two clash and fight and fall in love but it's no all plain sailingthere capture rescue a mild misunderstanding and a lot of smacky sex before the path of true love conuers all And it's a riotuinn has the some of the best swears and put downs I've read in a long while especially when he's been captured ' I don't have much of a fancy for your wee pillicock you three inch whoreson' being one of them I did have issues with this for me what it needed was lashings of UST but because the book starts with uinn and Perry getting together and we're told that they bickered and flirted but not shown it this didn't work for me Also the number of occurrences where they were described as lovers or the word lover was used was legionOverall though great fun well written