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Passport Free download Õ 106 è ✵ [BOOKS] ⚦ Passport By Christopher Blunt ✿ – Passport winner of the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards bronze medal for Best Religious Fiction is a coming of age story about a young man's discovery of self sacrificial love It is told through Passport winner of the Passport winner of the Independent Publisher Book Awards bronze medal for Best Religious Fiction is a coming of age story about a young man's discovery of self sacrificial love It is told through the eyes of Stan Eigenbauer who is living a generally upright but comfortable and self sa. Christopher Blunt describes his debut novel as a coming of age story about a young Catholic man's discovery of self sacrificial love In this day and age where self centeredness casual sex and friends with benefits are becoming the norm Passport offers an important and timely message that only in dying to ourselves can we truly love others and find meaningful happinessThe book's protagonist Stan is a likable fellow but one who lacks direction and drive in his life He is an average guy who is trying to live out his Catholic faith but who has not yet found a lifetime mate After a lapse in judgment Stan finds himself in the difficult and agonizing position of being torn between two women one he cannot marry but who needs him and one who would be the ideal Catholic wife Throughout the rest of the novel we journey with Stan as he struggles to make selfless albeit difficult and painful choicesPassport shows the growth of a man who strives to do the right thing and shows that the struggle to live chastity does not end with marriage; it is simply lived out in a different wayI most strongly recommend this book to Catholics in their twenties and thirties although all people would find the story compelling There are some romantic elements in the book but this is decidedly not a romance novel in any traditional sense As a woman I enjoyed reading a story from a man's perspective especially the inner workings of a man's mind regarding chastity and natural family planning The author does an excellent job of incorporating teachings on both the indissolubility of marriage and natural family planning without being preachy Blunt's portrayal of family life is especially real down to earth and believable as he describes attachment parenting self sufficient farming and home schoolingPassport is an extraordinarily fine book and I highly recommend it It is easy to read engaging well written and the characters are rich and well developed It was a joy to read such an uplifting story

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Tisfied bachelor's life When he meets a lovely young woman he thinks he's found the one thing that was missing a passport to heaven on earth But then a serious lapse in judgment changes everything and Stan faces a decision with no good options He ends up making an unconventional choic. I read about this book on Catholic Fire and who knows how I surfed onto that and decided to order it I mean if a Catholic reader like me won't buy this kind of book why should anyone write it right I really wish I could write a gushingly great review of it but I can'tFirst the good It is a really good story that kept me engaged throughout the bookNow the bad The author can't seem to decide if he is writing a novel or teaching a religion class He makes sure that every cliche' of conserative Catholicism made it into the book at one place or another The main character prefers the old church with classical lines to modern ones His spiritual director is a young cassock wearing Opus Dei priest Most of the main characters met at Catholic Youth Day in Denver NFP is discussed There is a family with uite a few young kids with a homeschooling SAHM Of course they say the rosary as a family nightly Moms all breastfeed and attachment parenting and slings are big In several spots in the book the characters are discussing religion but IMO it comes off as phonyWhat is the story It is told through the eyes of a non Cafeteria Catholic young man It is mainly the story of his relationship with the mother of his child It is also the story of his relationship with his best friend from college who is now an organic farmer married with lots of kids The friend's wife is the SAHM of course Another main character is another college buddy who is your basic typical guy of that age who is living with his girlfriend and not really growing up It is the story of an overaged adolescent who had to grow up in a hurry and did It is a story of self sacrificing loveIn a lot of ways I'm disappointed because this could have been a much better book with better editing It almost seemed like the author had a list of points of doctrine or Catholic moral teachings that he wanted to include in the book and after he outlined the story he plugged them in Some of the Catholic stuff seemed to be there just for the sake of putting it there like when it mentioned that he always prayed for his parents as he passed the cemetery That's nice but so what It really had nothing to do with the story and there were plenty of other keys to his Catholic identityTo compare this book to other books I've reviewed it was a lot like those Lori Wick books I've read recently than like the Francine Rivers books Like Lori's Wick's characters I found most of these to be too good to be true I found many of the faith elements of the book to be preachy and not well integrated into the storyHowever as mentioned earlier it was a good story and I recommend that Catholic readers give it a shot

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PassportE that appears both heroic and suicidal As the story progresses and Stan struggles with the conseuences of his unconventional choice he grows faithful to his commitments and committed to his faith And he discovers a depth of joy and happiness far beyond what he or we could have expect. Chris Blunt my longtime personal friend and fellow Catholic has written an excellent first novel highly readable and engrossing If it weren't for concerns about plagiarism or lack of originality Chris could've easily chosen The Agony and the Ecstasy as the title of this book because that's exactly what Mr Stan Eigenbauer the first person protagonist of the novel experiencesfrom the agony of paying the price of One Night of Sin to uote the title of the alternate version of the Elvis song One Night With You with an unwanted pregnancy and parting ways with the apparent woman of his dreamsto the ecstasy of being a loving father to a wonderful baby boy in combination with the agony of being a celibate husband towell I won't spoil the ending for y'all except to say that I'm somewhat reminded of the Old Testament story of Job though it's certainly not a perfect analogy here ie a protagonist who endures much suffering primarily physical and financial in Job's case mainly emotional and spiritual in Stan's case but is ultimatelyWhile the book comes with a novel's typical disclaimer about all names characters etc being either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously I can see a few parallels between Mr Blunt and his fictitious protagonist; not just the Catholic faith but the love for The Simpsons and classic cars particularly Fiats However unlike Chris Stan is a University of Illinois gradbut the Unveristy of Northwestern campus Chris's real life alma mater still features prominently in the novel And if you've ever lived in or near Chicago or at least spent a substantial amount of time visitnig there you'll be able to relate well to the various locations in the novelI highly recommend Passport to all of my Catholic friends as wel as my non Catholic friends who are even remotely considering the possibility of a conversion as it is an inspiring story of spiritual journey Dominus vobiscum