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EPUB ´ MOBI Himself by Jess Kidd · 9783832198367 FREE Å JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ↠ ❮Read❯ ➵ Himself Author Jess Kidd – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Der charmante Gelegenheitsdieb und Hippie Mahony glaubte immer seine Mutter habe ihn aus Desinteresse 1950 in einem WaiseDer charmante Gelegenheitsdieb und Hippie Mahony glaubte immer seine Mutter habe ihn aus Desinteresse in einem Waisenhaus in Dublin abgegeben Sechsundzwanzig Jahre später erhält er einen Brief der ein ganz anderes ein brutales Licht auf die Geschichte seiner Mutter wirft Mahony reist daraufhin in seinen Geburtsort um herauszufinden was damals wirklich geschah Sein geradezu unheimlich vertraute This is a beguiling dark atmospheric and wondrous literary read interwoven with the supernatural and the fantastical It is a stunning debut from Jess Kidd that draws the reader into what is a spellbinding read A dark fairytale brimming with folklore humour and flawless comic touches For me it called to mind the talented Kevin Barry and other Irish writers past and present The past gives us Orla's story and the present in the 1970s focuses on Mahony her son It begins with the murder of teenage single mum Orla and when the murderer looks to kill her baby plants and nature have grown to magically protect the childNow in his twenties Mahony rides into Mulderrig County Mayo armed with a letter and a photograph he has just received to find out what happened to his mammy Mahony is scruffy has a devil may care smile that floors every woman he encounters and oozes charm Everywhere he goes the ghosts of the dead human and animal tumble out all around him on occasion to help him Despite resistance from a village that harbours lies secrets and a murderer he is implacable in his determination to discover what happened to his mother He finds himself allied to and protected by a trio of Irish women you would not want to mess with Mrs Cauley a strong yet frail and elderly actress with a magical library who insists on investigating Orla's death has no ualms about shaking things in the village to see what falls out and is not afraid of the danger that lurks Shaunna is Mahony's landlady who falls in love with Mahony and will let harm befall him only over her dead body Bridget was a friend of Orla's and uses her knowledge and gifts to help Mahony Mrs Cauley directs J M Synge's The Playboy of the Western World with Mahony as the lead to conduct the investigation which sends the village into uproar With poisoned scones letter bombs a hypocritical cunning and loathsome priest the judgemental evil Widow Farrelly further murders Mahony and his cohorts find themselves in danger We find out Orla was a wayward poverty stricken promiscuous girl who also had the gift of seeing ghosts who passed on secrets that horrified the villagers This made her a reviled figure the truth was an evil not to be countenanced To top it all she had a child out of wedlock The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming We have a supernatural storm that brings out rats bats spiders and badgers as an aid to the search for Orla's body The truth finally emerges Mahony who sees every ghost in town finds that the ghost of his mother eludes him until the end when he does see herThis is a beautifully imagined novel The writing is poetic lyrical artistic and sublime The characters are rich diverse uixotic eccentric and undeniably Irish The story is seamless complex endearing and funny What could I ask for An exceptional and talented writer A literary triumph Thanks to Canongate for an ARC

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Von überzeugt dass Mahonys Mutter ermordet wurde Das ungleiche Paar heckt einen raffinierten Plan aus um die Dorfbewohner zum Reden zu bringen Auch wenn einige alles daran setzen dass Mahony die Wahrheit nicht herausfindet trifft er in dem Ort auf die eine oder andere exzentrische Person die ihm hilft Dass es sich dabei manchmal auch um einen Toten handelt scheint Mahony nicht weiter zu stören Himself started off with a bang and kept me engaged until the very endAbandoned in a Dublin orphanage as a baby Mahony now aged twenty six receives a letter left for him long ago that hints he might not have been abandoned after all Returning to the remote coastal town of Mulderrig in search of the raw truth about his mother a profoundly complicated past rises and the local ghosts come out to greet him giving the story an otherworldly spin Jess Kidd’s rollicking debut is chock full of magical realism Irish folklore and devilish humor with a bit of romance adding the cherry on top The characters are well thought out and Kidd’s writing is intriguing I found myself cheering on Mahony and his band of lovely ladies as they unwind the layers of lies and deceit surrounding the mystery of his and his mother’s disappearance from MulderrigI thoroughly enjoyed Himself with its many twists and turns and recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great mystery allied with supernatural elements

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Himself by Jess KiS Gesicht beunruhigt die Bewohner von Anfang an Mahony schürt Aufregung bei den Frauen Neugierde bei den Männern und Misstrauen bei den Frommen Bei der Aufklärung des mysteriösen Verschwindens seiner Mutter hilft ihm die alte Mrs Cauley eine ehemalige Schauspielerin Furchtlos wie sie ist macht die Alte nichts lieber als in den Heimlichkeiten und Wunden anderer herumzustochern Sie ist fest da This book is going straight onto my shelf of favourite reads I think I will put it next to Lincoln in the Bardo because the ghosts inside their pages have so much in common and because both books just struck a chord in me and made for such great readingIn Himself we meet Mahoney 26 years old charismatic very good looking and able to charm even ghosts with just a wink What he does to the female population of Mulderrig a small town in County Mayo Ireland is amazing I am pretty sure he has charmed many of the readers of this book including meJess Kidd writes good characters altogether Mrs Cauley is just wonderful and practically drives the whole book The ghosts are good too Johnnie with his unfortunate antics Ida the small girl who tries to help Miss Mulhearne who gets Mahoney to read her poetry and many othersThis is certainly a book of many genres It is described on the cover as a magic realist murder mystery set in rural Ireland I think that just about covers it although it should be mentioned that it is freuently very funny I loved every magical beautifully written word of it