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FREE PDF ¹ BOOK Mastered by the Mechanic Ò ASH HARLOW â ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ Mastered by the Mechanic Author Ash Harlow – He packs meat than a butcher For one year I’ve lusted myself breathless for Flint Hard muscle tattoos a beard for my pleasure he’s everything my paOut of town my new car’s about to break down and Flint’s the only mechanic I'm going to callI’ve got a special gift for Flint and I don’t intend to return home with it unopenedKnow what I meanIt's my first time Wish me luck She’s driving this mechanic crazy From the day I met Tiffany she's driven me out of my mind but she's too pure and innocent for someone like me Blue collar ten years older I'm hardly boyfriend material So I do my best to avoid her which is damn near impossible in a small townThen she engineers a meeting Her car's broken down on a back This book is very hard for me to rate I think this author is super talented but in this case I HATED Tiffany's character and because of that I didn't enjoy the first half of the book Tiff was 19 going on 16 and not a mature 16 year old But a childish desperate for attention any way she can get it 16 yr old I had a hard time reconciling her behavior plans and even the way she spoke with a girl that was already making income building apps Tiffany He's so virile his sperm could swim for an Olympic medal Multiple attacks to my eggs from all sides Not just one valiant swimmer making it to the finish but a mega school of them I'll probably have triplets to be honest Well I think that's how it works Thankfully Tiffany seemed to grow up a bit once Flint entered her life I still didn't love her but she became bearable But Flint oh I really liked Flint enough that it covered up my dislike for Tiff She needed a mature influence and Flint provided that It was sweet the way he wanted to watch after her and take care of her It came down to this the first half was a little under 3 stars for me and the second half was a 4 So I went with a 3 From a smut standpoint I'd give it a 5 It's also clever and funny I love this author's uick wit If you want a uick smutty sexy escape and a little immature behavior from the heroine won't bother you I think you'll really enjoy this

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He packs meat than a butcher For one year I’ve lusted myself breathless for Flint Hard muscle tattoos a beard for my pleasure he’s everything my parents want me to stay right away fromThere’s this fullness in Mastered by ePUB #9734 his jeans that attracts your eye as if the denim can barely contain him And believe me there’s nothing junkie about his package One look and you know what’s going to happen if that thing breaks free babies all over town with jet black hair and wild gray eyesUntil yesterday he was out of my reachToday I have a plan My parents are SECOND TRIED AND FAILED TODAYI'm not having any luck today but I just can't stand the heroine in this book Here are her thoughts or a moment in this heroine's head They stare They get hard They want to fuck me The power is heady I know what they’re thinking Is that pussy virgin Does she shave or wax What about that pretty little rosebud of an asshole has anyone touched her there They want to be first All of them It’s in the wolfish looks they give me Some of them smile and say sweet things hoping that might be the way into my pants Others look angry because they know they’ll never have the opportunity to have a go at something as pure and unfucked as meYeah I understand she is only 19 but seriouslyEVERYONE WANTS TO FCK HER Really Are you for realimage error

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Mastered by the MechanicRoad and I'm the only mechanic she callsI've got thisTow her car send the account to her father and send Tiffany on her wayBut Tiffany offers her own tempting form of payment and if I accept it I risk losing my business my home everything I've worked forEven worse if I turn her down I risk losing TiffanyMastered by the Mechanic is a complete standalone novella filled with instalove a dirty talking virgin and the blue collar worker who intends to teach her a lesson Contains filthy language and a high ratio of sexy loving with an HEA no cheating and no other woman dra I like this cute short story The two main characters has been eager for each for a year and now Tiffany is 19 years old and she wants her mechanicFlint is 29 years old a has been in town for one year He had wanted to get Tiffany for that year and now she gives herself to him But will they lastI love the chemistry between the pair They really now that they want each other but the uestion is if they dare to take that step Tiffanys father is a bit shot in the town and he owns the building and ground where Flints garage is Can he make such a big damage that Flint has to moveA very well written and could be real life storyWorth reading