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characters Christmas with My Cowboy ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Christmas with My Cowboy ❤ Diana Palmer – From the snowy wind whipped prairie to the remote Australian Outback a cowboy's loving kiss makes this Christmas merry and bright The Snow Man by DiOf love will surprise them both Kassie's Cowboy by Lindsay McKenna A brutal blue norther is battering Wyoming just in time Christmas with Epubfor Christmas when solitary former Marine Travis Grant finds his childhood sweetheart Kassie Murphy injured in her car just beyond the ranch where he works For Travis and Kassie this snowy silent night will be one last chance to put the painf. I was a First Read Winner of this book and I really wanted to like it but it just did not do it for me The Snow Man by Diana Palmer the main male character was so unlikeable for me that I never really cared about him he said such awful things to Meadow that I just could not find it plausible that she would still be in love with him There were moments of humor but few and far between and Meadow was a very weak female lead and I would have preferred her to be a bit fierceKassie's Cowboy by Lindsay McKenna had likable characters and it dealt with a serious issue of PTSD but the storyline was so slow moving that I found myself skipping ahead which is never a good signHer Outback Husband by Margaret West had such weird dialog between the 2 main characters that I never really cared for them and I ended up skipping aheadThe anthology had everything that I like cowboys wintertime romance and happy endingsso I was very disappointed when I just could not make a connection with the book

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From the snowy wind whipped prairie to the remote Australian Outback a cowboy's loving kiss makes this Christmas merry and bright The Snow Man by Diana Palmer Meadow Dawson needs Santa to deliver a solution to her management of the Colorado ranch she's inherited Cattleman Dal Blake just wants his pretty neighbor's dog to uit digging under his fence This Christmas the unexpected gift. I liked the 1st 2 stories The 3rd was just ok

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Christmas with My CowboyUl past behind them and treat the wounds only love can heal Her Outback Husband by Margaret Way Scott and Darcey MacArthur were the perfect couple devoted to their life together on the family cattle ranch With one blistering rumor it ended in heartbreak but Scott's mother has a scheme that will reunite them in the Outback for a holiday that will prove it's the season for forgiveness. I wish there was an easier way to rate and review books in an anthology so what I plan to do is rate each novel in this anthology individually as I finish reading it so this part of my review only pertains to the first novel in the anthology The Snow Man by Diana Palmer and although I've read every novel she's ever written under all of her pen names to say that this one was disappointing is putting it mildly In all honesty I can't give it than a one star rating The ratings for the second and third books in this anthology will followWith very few exceptions like her novel Lacy Diana Palmer sticks to her usual formula a young insecure virgin Meadow Dawson an older man Dal Blake whom she falls for when she's still in her teens and who treats her to freuent verbal abuse cruel comments about her looks and attire and in this novel he even refers to her than once as dressing like a prostitute and then he publicly humiliates her This leads to his all to late realization that he's done all this because he's been secretly in love with her and behaved this way because wanted to keep her at a distance because of the difference in their ages No matter how badly he treats her Meadow still loves him and when he finally acts on his attraction she can't say yes to his proposal fast enough Of course she puts up with all this because he's dishy As if that wasn't enough she's somehow managed to land a job with the FBI failed at it and then got a job working as an police investigator locally The large ranch she inherited is being run by the cowboys on it and she doesn't do much than watch videos about ranching rather than asking her staff to teach her what she needs to know Considering how inept she is at her job as an investigator I'm wondering how she managed to get into the FBI to begin with and here's the spoiler by novel's end she's now an assistant district attorney but when did she go to law school and where How any woman can still love a man who mistreats her in such a fashion is utterly beyond my comprehension and all is forgotten and forgiven because her dog was injured in a robbery Oh yes and Meadow is a klutz falling while standing still falling during her FBI training falling into a coal bin and a punch bowl and interviewing a violent sexual offender in prison who seemed so nice to her that not only does she interview him alone she asks that his cuffs be removed Are we supposed to be surprised when he attacks her Were there no prison guards available As for her clumsiness we eventually learn it's the result of a childhood fall and a mild concussion but no tests were ever performed Are we to believe that everyone in this town is that inept at their jobs including the local doctor As if that weren't enough Meadow begins dating her boss the police chief Jeff almost as soon as she starts working there In what world is that okay Dal tells her that the sheriff likes strong perfume and is a staunch liberal and after all the crap he's put her through she believes him After Jeff can barely breathe in the car because her perfume is too strong at dinner Meadow lies about her conservative views and pretends to be a liberal which obviously turns Jeff off Why on earth would she take dating advice from Dal who also happens to appear everywhere she and her boss go with a lovely woman on his arm one who Jeff is really attracted to just to rub it in All in all this book was beyond unbelievable and it was so far behind the times when it comes to how modern women behave women who aren't to be blamed for being raped because of the clothing they choose to wear who don't have to put up with verbal abuse from anyone who somehow manage to actually be competent at their jobs and who after realizing they have serious issues with balance resulting in numerous falls have enough good sense to see a doctor about itI don't know why I keep on reading this author and I believe it's because I am an optimist and keep hoping that she'll again write a novel as moving as Lacy and realize that it's 21st century but I'm beginning to give up hopeI voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel The opinions expressed are my ownKassie's Cowboy by Lindsay McKenna the second title in this anthology is a spinoff from the author's Wind River series and is a sweet sappy third chance at love story and I give it 3 stars Kassie Murphy the heroine was abandoned as an infant adopted by loving parents and fell in love with Travis Grant from early childhood At age 18 Travis joined the Marines with Kassie waiting patiently for his return but he didn't return at least not the Travis she once knew and not immediately after his stint was up Instead he entered black ops was deployed many times to Afghanistan and finally came home with a severe case of PTSD When Kassie comes to see him at his job at the Wind River Ranch where he's now working he tells her he doesn't love her any and that they have no future breaking her heart yet again but she never really gives up hope As the owner of Kassie's Cafe she hires female vets with PTSD and long after hours talks with them give her some understanding of all they've been throughWhen Travis sees an SUV go out of control on the icy highway outside his retreat and fine furniture workshop he comes to the rescue and is shocked that the unconscious person inside is Kassie In the middle of the blue norther with no way to get her to a hospital he brings her inside tends to her wounds and they get a chance to become reacuainted with one another during the 5 days in which they're snowed in While Travis is still fearful that getting too close to Kassie will put her in danger due to his PTSD and the nightmares and flashbacks which with he's been dealing all alone we really see no evidence of it in this short novel Is this third chance at love at Christmastime the charm While there's not a lot of drama it's a touching story and worth the price of admissionI voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this short novel The opinions expressed are my own