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The Warrior's Apprentice Read & Download Í 100 ¸ ➣ The Warrior's Apprentice Ebook ➩ Author Lois McMaster Bujold – El aprendiz de guerrero es una de las aventuras de Miles Vorkosigan un genio de la estrategia dotado de gran inteligencia pero encerrado en un cuerpo defectuoso Un personaje enEl aprendiz de guerrero es una de las aventuras de Miles Vorkosigan un genio de la estrategia dotado de gran inteligencia pero encerrado en un cuerpo defectuoso Un personaje entrañable e inolvidable protagonista de la serie de mayor éxito de The. 444 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria because we need some FORWARD MOMENTUM in our livesI have a new favorite Sci fi series and this is it I have been remiss in not picking it up sooner and I am repenting By reading it a book a week with my friends ☺I was already in love with the Count and Countess Vorkosigan and I should have known that their progeny would not disappoint either After all Miles Vorkosigan is a combination of their genetic material complimented by the influence of their character and upbringing He should be perfect And he is in ways that truly matter but neither he nor others see it that way Miles is smart charming born to high nobility privileged and is even in line for the Imperial throne He is well taken care of had a happy childhood and parents who love and respect him But despite all of that Miles is pitied and excluded by most finding himself always on the outside looking in Because when Cordelia was several months pregnant with him a political enemy of her husband's poisoned her and the baby the poison destroying the newly forming bones Only a miracle of medical science and an experimental testing kept Miles alive and gave him a chance to grow The growth was extremely painful and despite the constant surgeries and top care Miles is deformed undergrown and his bones break all the time even by just a firm grip or a forceful step Despite the constant physical suffering Miles has a great personality and a bright outlook on life never giving up or falling under depression or outside negativity His sharp mind and photographic memory serve him well in all situations particularly at the times he decides to throw himself into adventure Being the son of a Count Miles is given a chance at trying out for the Imperial Military Academy but fails fast and decisively He returns home morally defeated and in order to give him something to do his parents send him his bodyguard's daughter Elena Bothari and the giant Sargent B to visit his grandmother in Beta Colony for a vacation Miles is secretly in love with Elena and wants to help her discover about her mother hoping this will make her love him too Things don't go as planned since at the moment they reach Beta Colony Miles finds himself the owner of a junk Freight spaceship and a liege Lord to its jump pilot In order to pay for the ship he takes on some dangerous cargo and gets himself and his friends involved in a war One thing leads to another and at one point Miles is feet deep in complex issues having to worry not only about his own life but being responsible for the lives and payroll of many many The boy has FORWARD MOMENTUM brains and balls The situations he falls into are so unlikely but Miles character is such that you can't help but accept and root for the cause There is some romance one very difficult scene with Bothari and his daughter's mother which just broke my ❤ for all involved and some romantic disappointment There was a ton of character development and still our protagonist is given plenty of space to grow The writing is delightful and the plot has the pacing of a fast developing adventure I was glued to it from beginning to end and was won over by the flowing storytelling and surprisingly touching details which made the tale relatable and enjoyable I would recommend it to everyone no matter of genre preference Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need between the pages of a good book

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Warrior's Kindle la moderna space opera Sus hazañas son un agradable retorno a los temas y el tono ameno de la ciencia ficción campbelliana y componen la más famosa creación de una de las mejores escritoras de ciencia ficción de aventuras ue. Are you bored Are you looking at your evergrowing pile of books to read and can’t decide what to read next Well let me help you with that start reading this book and kill two birds with one stoneIt doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of sci fi or space operas this book will give you an opportunity to meet your new favorite character or at least a new addition to your favorite characters list Miles Vorkosigan If I had to compare Miles to a contemporary fantasy character I would compare him to Locke Lamora; physically weak with combination of audacity wit cunning assertive nature and sharp intelligence enabling him to improvise his way out of any bad situation just to find himself neck deep in the next one Miles comes from a family of warriors and to continue the family tradition Miles applies himself into the Barrayaran Military Service Academy and aces the written portion of the entrance exams but unfortunately due to his weak bones he fails to pass an obstacle course resulting in breaking both of his legs and ending his military career before he even started itNot really knowing what to do with himself Miles decides to travel to Beta Colony and visit his grandmother taking with him his bodyguard Bothari and his daughter ElenaShorty after their arrival Miles manages completely by accident to meet a jump pilot about to have his ship scrapped and that sets in motion the series of events which will make him a leader of a mercenary company and for Miles an opportunity to make his father proud The story itself is very fast paced with a character driven and emotionally powerful narrative It offers a plenty of exciting action seuences and unpredictable and often very funny situations ensuring not one moment in this book to be classified as boringSide characters are giving depth to this seemingly simple storyline infusing it with energy which goes hand in hand with Miles's forward momentum making this book next to impossible to put down Simply said this book is pure fun it’s addictive it will make you grin the whole time reading it and when you’re done you’ll want PS No birds were harmed while reading this book

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The Warrior's ApprenticeHan aparecido en los últimos años Lois McMaster Bujold obtuvo el premio Nebula por En caída libre y también el Nebula de novela corta por Las montañas de la aflicción una nueva aventura del mismo Miles Vorkosigan ue aparece por primera vez e. “I've got forward momentum There's no virtue in it It's just a balancing act I don’t dare stopCarrying on with my reading of the Vorkosigan Saga by internal chronology could also be a good starting point to the series This fourth instalment changes the focus from Cordelia and Aral to their son Miles who is now seventeen and making do with the conseuences of the poisoning attempt on his parents when his mother was pregnant with him Having a boy with brittle bone disease and of a very short stature in a patriarchal and military society where physical prowess is prominent is uite an endeavour but a very interesting one It took me a little while to get used to this new narrator having loved Cordelia’s voice so much but uickly I was charmed Miles is an intriguing combination displaying characteristics from both his parents As a child of two societies he tries to make sense of both especially in light of his weak body However as difficult as his situation is being often seen as a freak on Barrayar he still has many huge ‘assets’ being male and heir of one of the highest Houses Throughout the novel we see him dealing with this making many mistakes but learning from them too I must admit it was so much fun to see him jumping from one problematic situation into a worse one and yet keeping the momentum I guess this book could be seen as a Young Adult one since the main character is a teenager trying to find his identity and place in the world Elena goes through the same journey with her own set of difficulties being female in a misogynist world that kept curtailing her freedom Following Miles she escapes this and with her horizon widening finds out she is much than her genderBujold also adds a much darker strand in this novel mainly revolving around Bothari He is a difficult character and yet so fascinating There is no denying that this is not a good man but he is also much than this The author makes us look at something many wouldn’t want to and thus make us consider that things are not just black and white There is a certain poetic justice but at the same time I could well understand Cordelia Aral and Miles connection to this man as well as both Elenas Looking at the title I’m still not sure who is the warrior and the apprentice since many combinations would work the author once making you think I am however getting and invested in this universe The first two books were good but felt very old fashioned and it was only with Barrayar that I overlooked this and finally connected Bujold wrote these in the mid 1980s which is probably why she set her narratives mostly on the planetsociety with the most prejudices Again I do wonder how contemporary readers reacted to this Right now I can’t wait to see where she is going to take Miles he has a lot to learn still O