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Book Ü A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2 ↠ 288 pages Ö [PDF] ✩ A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2 Author Harper St. George – A dangerous attraction in Montana Castillo Jameson has been hunting a murdAve a beautiful woman caught in the crossfire Caroline Hartford has her own troubles she wants to become a physician but her parents demand she marry first Then Castillo A Marriage PDFEPUB or arrives at the Tangled family relationships vengeance loyalty and passion collide in St George’s second Outlaws of the West installment Readers will revel in becoming reacuainted with the Jameson family as St George enlivens the Old West through her characters’ fast paced story which sizzles with sensuality and action 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Outlaws of the Wild West

Book è A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2 Å Harper St. George

A dangerous attraction in Deal with eBook #10003 Montana Castillo Jameson has been hunting a murderer for years The notorious outlaw never expected his search to lead to a standoff on a train or having to s Castillo Jameson is still on the trail of Buck Derringer who murdered Castillo’s grandfather three years before Castillo is on a train to the Montana Territory along with his friend Zane two of the outlawed Reyes Brothers Caroline Hartford is also on the same train to attend a family wedding Her Aunt Prudie has asked Caroline to fetch her some scones before the pastries are all gone and that is when Caroline is grabbed by a bad man Bennett Derringer Buck’s son Zane and Castillo had caught a glimpse of Bennett prior to the incident a scuffle ensues they rescue Caroline but Bennett escapes Caroline has been accepted to Boston University School of Medicine and she is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps However her parents agree on one condition Caroline must marry if she is to attend University and they will find her a suitable husband Caroline doesn’t like the idea but when circumstances throw her and Castillo together a plan starts to form in her brilliant mind neither she nor Castillo can deny the attraction they feel so why not go along with it She will keep to herself that he is a wanted man if he helps her realise her dreamAnd with what seems a simple premise Harper St George created a magnificent and unforgettable story A MARRIAGE DEAL WITH THE OUTLAW is a fantastic story of very complicated family relationships colliding values and a most fabulous romance Oh my and how the sparks fly There is so much genuine chemistry between Castillo and Caroline I nearly felt it through my reader Caroline is sensible proper passionate about what she wants and determined to have it and Castillo is pretty much the same I loved her and it was so easy to relate to her Castillo is one of the most charismatic heroes I have read in a good while I was completely under his spell especially with that smooth Antonio Banderas accent I could hear in my head Be still my heartOn top of this glorious romance there is the terrific hunt for Derringer with pulse pounding action and suspense and always wondering how it will turn out for Castillo and Caroline – separately andor together – because nothing seemed a sure thing until the very end Ms St George brings the Wild West to life with vivid descriptions of the colourful vistas and precious historical details that complete the grandiose tableaux of Montana but also of life in Boston I was completely entranced by the romance at how genuine it felt at how everything was just right on every page and worrying all the while at how it would end I am generally not a fan of epilogues but the one in A MARRIAGE DEAL WITH THE OUTLAW was exactly the ending the book needed As everything else in this book it was perfect The writing is flawless there are lovely humorous touches the pacing is impeccable the dialogues are witty and absolutely brilliant and the cherry on top the cover is just how I imagined Caroline and Castillo A MARRIAGE DEAL WITH THE OUTLAW is outstanding on all countsSee my review on voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

Ebook A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2

A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2Wedding she's attending and Caroline has the perfect solution She will keep the outlaw's true identity a secretif he'll pretend to be her fiancé Outlaws of the Wild West Pistols at dawn seduction at suns Loved this book Was excited for Castillo's story after the first book in the series and I am looking foward to Zane's story Really can't wait for that one Anyhow this was a great story Got to learn a little about Castillo and his personality as well as of his past Tiny bit of a spoiler here Grant Miller was a little too convient Not as a suitor but as an inside man for Derringer To me it almost read as an afterthought as if the author was like 'I need to add a bit suspense or create a dangerous situation for Caroline so Castillo will realize he loves her since jealousy won't be enough'Overall it was a great read and again I am looking forward to Zane's story