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Book » Hiddensee Å ↠ Gregory maguire ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➮ Hiddensee ➯ Author Gregory Maguire – In this imaginative novel rooted in the rich soil of early nineteenth century German Romanticism beloved New York Times bestselling author Gregory Maguire twins an origin legeClassic story Maguire discovers in the flowering of German Romanticism a migrating strain of a Hellenic mystery cult and ponders a profound uestion how a person who is abused by life short changed and challenged can access secrets that benefit the disadvantaged and powerless Ultimately Hiddensee offers a message of hope If the compromised Godfather Drosselmeier can bring an enchanted Nutcracker to a young girl in distress perhaps everyone however lonely or marginalized on the eve of a winter holiday has something precious to share CRAP CRAP CRAP Why did I trick myself into reading this utter nonsense Why After Alice his Alice in Wonderland adaptation was bad enough another 1 star review but I was lured in by the premise of a backstory to the nutcracker I'm an idiot I should have stayed clear My god this story hardly anything to do with the nutcracker and the first 200 pages was about a boy named Dirk wandering the countryside no mention of A nutcracker or THE nutcracker OR Christmas NOTHING ZILCH Literally dumb I hate this I'm never tricking myself into reading his stuff again Avoid if you know what's good for you

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Varia and Munich of the Brothers Grimm and E T A Hoffman Hiddensee recreates the backstory of the Nutcracker reimaging how this entrancing creature came to be carved and how it magically guided an ailing little girl named Klara through a dreamy paradise on a snowy Christmas Eve It also brings to life the mysterious godfather Drosselmeier the ominous canny one eyed toymaker made immortal by Petipa and Tchaikovsky’s ballet who presents the once and future Nutcracker to Klara his goddaughterBut Hiddensee is not just a retelling of a The walnut openedI was intrigued by the gentle telling of this story but the truth is I didn't realize I had loved it until the very end

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HiddenseeIn this imaginative novel rooted in the rich soil of early nineteenth century German Romanticism beloved New York Times bestselling author Gregory Maguire twins an origin legend of the famous Nutcracker with the life of Drosselmeier the toymaker who carves himGregory Maguire’s novels have been called bewitching remarkable extraordinary engrossing amazing and delicious Having brought his legions of devoted readers to Oz in Wicked Wonderland in After Alice and Dickensian London in Lost Maguire now takes us to the Black Forest of Ba Hiddensee by Gregory Maguire tells the story of Drosselmeier the man responsible for creating the Nutcracker as well as how he came to give it to young Klara Full of Maguire’s typical prose and poetic language Drosselmeier starts as a young boy living with Hansel and Gretel in the woods When a tragic accident leaves him without an eye and brings him to “the other side” and back Drosselmeier is then sent to live with various families until he is old enough to become a toymaker When his beloved friend Felix dies Drosselmeier assumes paternal responsibility for Felix’s children and develops a uick bond with Felix’s granddaughter Klara a sickly girl who lives in a world of fantasy that is very similar to Drosselmeier’s own “Hiddensee” is a short novel to read with uick chapter that flow together rather nicely Drosselmeier’s story as told by Maguire is an interesting one full of mystery fantasy and family Normally I find Maguire’s writing a little hard to take with his extravagant expanded vocabulary that has be scrambling for a dictionary at least once per page In this instance though “Hiddensee” was far digestible while still remaining beautifully written Drosselmeier is the ultimate misfit alone for most of his life due to his creative imaginings and strange behaviours he finds love in the wrong places and with the wrong people until finally finding an adopted family of his own He is a wonderful anti hero creating empathy and connection with the reader The story is well told with well developed characters and a smooth flow Creative and charming this novel is the perfect novel for the holiday season Set in “Bavaria” and its surrounding lands “Hiddensee” takes us through beautiful isolated settings with strange customs and characters from fairy tales This novel has a distinctive and sweet ending allowing for the satisfying finality I love in novels like this “Hiddensee” is a great re imagining of the Nutcracker told in the way only Maguire can A beautiful novel for the Christmas season and beyond