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March Violets Read & download ¾ 102 ☆ ❴EPUB❵ ✴ March Violets Author Philip Kerr – Hailed by Salman Rushdie as a brilliantly innovative thriller writer Philip Kerr is the creator of taut gripping noir tinged mysteries that are nothing short of spellbinding The first book of the Berl Hailed by Hailed by Salman Rushdie as a brilliantly innovative thriller writer Philip Kerr is the creator of taut gripping noir tinged mysteries that are nothing short of spellbinding The first book of the Berlin Noir trilogy March Violets introduces readers to Bernie Gunther an ex policeman who thought he'd seen everything on the streets of 's Berlin until he turned freelance and each case he tackled sucked him further into the grisly excesses of Nazi subc. Berlin NoirMarch Violets Philip Kerr’s 1992 introduction to German detective Bernard Gunther is a deliciously dark journey through the 1936 Berlin underground We follow Gunther along an investigation that connects with the ‘36 Olympics with Jesse Owens midnight liaisons with Prime Minister Herman Goering and solving a crime with the Gestapo lurking in the shadowsGunther with a “mind like a comic book” is a WWI German veteran of the Turkish campaign and former Berlin police officer who is now doing Private Investigator work His clients include Jewish mothers looking for their missing person son and lost gypsies When a German steel magnate calls with a high paying job Gunther is dragged into than he bargained forAuthor Kerr has chosen as his setting 1936 Berlin amidst the corruption and decadence of the early Nazi regime His depiction of the German people essentially making the best out of a bad situation and trying to stay out of trouble is hypnotic and dark Kerr spares his reader none of the ugliness of the times while guiding his readers through a back alley view of a murder investigation that goes wrongKerr’s writing pays tribute to the Noir writers of the past while making allowances for modern insensitivities His similes and metaphors are especially good and made me smile throughout the narrativeThe title is taken from March violets who were opportunist late comers to the Nazi Party after the passage of Hitler's Enabling Act rendering him dictator on March 23 1933 An original and entertaining journey through a dark period

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I victims raucous nightclubs the Olympic games where Jesse Owens tramples the theory of Aryan racial superiority the boudoir of a famous actress and finally to the Dachau concentration camp Fights with Gestapo agents shoot outs with adulterers run ins with a variety of criminals and dead bodies in unexpected places keep readers guessing to the very endHard hitting fast paced and richly detailed March Violets is noir writing at its blackest and bes. March Violets Märzveilchen a term of derision used by the Old Fighters Alte Kämpfer to refer to those who opportunistically joined up with the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei aka the Nazi Party only after the Enabling Act Ermächtigungsgesetz was passed in March of 1933 which effectively gave Chancellor Adolph Hitler unprecedented power over the people of the Reich kind of the euivalent of johnny come latelyn00b but in Nazi Germany We meet our detective Bernard Bernie Gunther in a Berlin chock full of March Violets now well practiced in their party loyalty after three years of the world of the Third Reich if math isn't your strong suit that means it's 1936 This is all a backdrop however to what is in most ways a classic noir detective novel — one in which stakes are higher because a tussle with the wrong characters can easily land you among the faceless masses gone missing shipped off to a KZ Konzentrationslager aka concentration camp Gunther has managed to stay in the good graces of the powers that be as a former member of the Krippo Bernie bowed out in 1933 unable to bear the changes that came with total Nazi power and as a recipient of a Second Class Iron Cross for his service in WWI Nonetheless the case handed to him rich guys apparently love to kidnap PIs in limousines at odd hours regardless of place and time has Bernie testing his luck as he interferes with the rich famous and powerful which to no one's surprise involves high ranking Nazi officials Author Philip Kerr makes good use of his chosen setting — the 1936 Summer Olympics have officials rushing to remove Neues Volk from magazine stands and Jews not wanted signs taken down from popular tourist spots Bernie even gets to witness the triumph of Jesse Owens in a moment that leaves Berliners thinking only of one race the one taking place on the track below Kerr also makes a point of capturing some of the at times stranger than fiction uirks of the likes of Hermann Göring who dashes off to down a handful of pink pills Kerr doesn't take lightly the gravity of what is going on in Berlin It doesn't feel like a clever twist cast aside for the sake of the mystery Rather the environment becomes a character unto itself I've heard this isn't the strongest of the Bernard Gunther collection so I certainly plan to continue with the series Thanks Glossary of Nazi Germany which is apparently a thing on Wikipedia — you learn something new every day Göring showed up to Mondorf les BainsCamp Ashcan with over twenty thousand tablets of what after being sent to FBI labs for inspection turned out to be a synthetic drug that fills a gap between the codeine and morphine groups paracodeine a bit of info I learned about from Jack El Hai's The Nazi and the Psychiatrist pp 11 12

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March VioletsUltureBernhard Gunther a hard boiled Berlin detective who specializes in tracking down missing persons mostly Jews He is summoned by a wealthy industrialist to find the murderer of his daughter and son in law killed during the robbery of a priceless diamond necklaceGunther uickly is catapulted into a major political scandal involving Hitler's two main henchmen Goering and Himmler The search for clues takes Gunther to morgues overflowing with Naz. Having recently read the latest Bernie Gunther novel “Greeks Bearing Gifts” I was saddened to read of the death of Philip Kerr This made me go back to the very first Gunther novel “March Violets” the beginning of the Berlin Noir trilogy which I read in 1989 and have re visited a few times since This time I listened to the audio version Oddly at first Bernie has an American accent but then I suppose he is modelled on an old fashioned gumshoe – the original world weary wise cracking private detective Although this is set in 1936 Germany he would have been eually at home in Chicago and gradually I got used to the narrator and the strangeness of other characters having German accents while Bernie himself sounded rather like Sam SpadeWhen we first meet Bernie Gunther he is 38 years old and ex cop turned PI Hired by the rich industrialist Hermann Six to recover a diamond necklace; stolen from his daughter’s house when she and her husband were killed This first investigation sees Bernie seduced by an actress dealing with crime syndicates attending the Olympic games and spending time in Dauchau The fictional world that Kerr created with such care is also peopled by real historical characters such as Goering and Heydrich Without doubt Bernie Gunther is one of my favourite fictional characters I remember being delighted when after a long break Philip Kerr resurrected Gunther when I thought that the original trilogy were all that we would see from him I am very grateful for all the further adventures we did have to read – I never tired of reading the world that Kerr created and I enjoyed going back to the original and first adventure