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Departure Read í eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ➣ [Epub] ➝ Departure By Karen Gordon ➭ – There’s never been a crisis that Vivienne Ramsey can’t figure her way out of—until Jack The reluctant future CEO still thinks his ambitious assistant is too much work and not enough play Its bea Ty chick lit novellas If you like inspiring stories filled with relatable sexy smart women then you’ll love this glass ceiling smashing worldwide journey by feminist fiction author Karen Gordon One click your copy now to continue your captivating high flying adventure and LiveLikeVi. Another great chapter in the life and times of Vivienne She has a great new job and a bigger challenge than she has ever had before Viv is pushed to her limit and she learns her own strength The funny heartbreaking and very real life of Viv continues in Departure Ms Gordon continues to evolve Viv and even her best friend Dom and Dom’s Husband Luis They are Viv’s support system but they also have their own lives and they will all have to learn how that new dynamic will work Viv will have to learn to stand on her own two feet even than before Come along on this continuing journey with Viv as she confronts life and love with humor and a few tearsDEFINITELY RECOMMENDED

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S into the leader their company needs or die trying Is a trip to Vegas just what they need to become a winning team or will too many delicious distractions in sin city pull them drastically off course Departure is the third book in The Vivienne Series seven hilariously fierce and flir. This is the third book in Vivienne Series I am really enjoying this series Now there isn't really any romance in this book but I am sure Ms Gordon has some in the works for the next book In this installment we see of Viv and her career and the mess she has to deal with called Jack I wanted to give Viv a hug and a pat on the back I think she is killer in her job Is there anything she can't do other than keeping Jack in line Now Jack is the epitome of the entitled child of the boss and all I wanted to do is reach inside my kindle and slap him I can't wait to see what Karen Gordon has planned next for this series You will want to read the books in order to understand all that has happened and what is going on I highly recommend this book and series

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DepartureThere’s never been a crisis that Vivienne Ramsey can’t figure her way out of until Jack The reluctant future CEO still thinks his ambitious assistant is too much work and not enough play Its beauty versus brains and super smart Vivienne is determined that she can help turn her bos. ​​​​​Vivienne Ramsey's journey through life continues with Departure the third novella from Karen Gordon's The Vivienne Series Vivienne dives headfirst into her new role of executive assistant to the young future CEO of JetStream Aerospace Jack Rockhurst Unfortunately Jack has no interest in managing his father's company and hardly ever shows up for work He spends most of his time drinking and partying When Jack is tasked with being the face of JetStream at a very important Las Vegas trade show he purposely disappears which completely frazzles the completely efficient Vivienne Due to Jack's intimidating father putting her in control of all things Jack on this trip Vivienne believes her job is in jeopardy as wellWith everything going on Vivienne ends up meeting a sexy porn star and some really terrific people from the aerospace industry They recognize Vivienne's skills and abilities almost immediately and make her an offer she cannot refuseI enjoyed this installment The first chapter is uite amusing and I laughed out loud many times Dom Vivienne's best friend is fun and able to keep Vivienne grounded during the most distressing of times Vivienne is a terrific character and her genuineness is uite refreshing Complimentary copy provided