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Christmas Amnesia Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é [PDF / Epub] ✍ Christmas Amnesia ☁ Laura Scott – MISTLETOE MEMORY LOSS Assaulted a week before a high profile drug trafficking trial assistant district attorney Madison Callahan narrowly escapes Ir unlikely alliance because once she remembers him Noah might be the last man she'll want to rely on As the trial looms and with the assailant dead set on ensuring that Madison doesn't survive to see Christmas it'll take everything Noah's got to keep Madison ali. This book's storyline was okay I really liked the action in this story I really liked the Christian theme in this story I really liked Maddy's character I really liked Noah's character I really liked the family 👪 scenes I really liked the ending

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Me policeman who saved her Officer Noah Sinclair will do anything to bring the mob connected drug trafficker to justice including providing personal protection to Madison the sister of the partner he nearly got killed But helping her regain her memory may end the. Title Christmas Amnesia Callahan ConfidentialAuthor Laura ScottPages 217Year October 2017Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating is 4 out of 5 starsMaddy Callahan is in the midst of preparing for the biggest trial of her life in ways than the one she knows about She is a lawyer prosecuting a drug lord and gun runner in Milwaukee It is a few weeks before Christmas but only a week before the trial begins She has been prepping her witnesses for their turn taking the stand to testify As she leaves the courthouse late one night she is attacked and her head is struck She awakens in the hospital with no memory of her past not even her name but she does feel safe with the policeman sent to interview her She doesn’t know who he is but for some reason she knows she can trust him She does remember instinctively her faith in God if nothing elseNoah Sinclair is a policeman with the Milwaukee Police Department He has been sent to the hospital to take Maddy’s statement of what happened in the attack He used to work with Maddy’s brother Matt who is also a policeman so he is familiar with her family He doesn’t like the look of one of the cleaning people at the hospital so he is suspicious of what is going on with Maddy He senses she is not safe He goes in to protective mode and soon another attack is made against Maddy then another They hide out at a local hotel hoping Maddy will soon regain her memory How is Maddy going to prosecute a drug lord when she can’t even remember her own name Noah promises to keep her safe but will he be able to keep that promise in the face of repeated attempts on their livesThe action in these stories begins from the get go and keeps this reader interested and entertained every time This one is no exception Themes of guilt shame betrayal love healing and forgiveness are included Maddy is a smart tough prosecutor but also one who relies on God to live her life I like the large family dynamics of the story too They can tease each other but always have each other’s backs Stay tuned for reviews of these adventurous storiesNote The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility

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Christmas AmnesiaMISTLETOE MEMORY LOSS Assaulted a week before a high profile drug trafficking trial assistant district attorney Madison Callahan narrowly escapes deathbut suffers amnesia Now when she can't recall the identity of her attacker everyone is suspect except the handso. Maddy Callahan has always been a tough person the youngest of 6 children the only girl surrounded by law enforcement her whole life Her job has now threatened her life and the lives of her family Her biggest battle is to regain her memory and start the trail of one of the biggest crime leaders Noah Sinclair is trying to protect Maddy’s life He feels guilt from not being able to protect her brother like he should have So many people in Noah’s life have been touch by life’s ugliness; he longs to see the drug runners brought to justice Maddy and Noah have been working together in the worst possible case bullets are flying memories are lost and partners are being deceiving Maddy and Noah have been linked together for some time and are now starting to have romantic interests in each other Ms Scott has built her characters around a plot that reuires the readers’ full attention The plot keep the story rolling along easily enough the romance doesn’t really bloom until the last chapter I did not really connect with any of the characters and had hoped for romance If a reader is looking for a novel with suspense and a little less romance and Christmas holiday Christmas Amnesia is for you