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Epub » Harvesting 280 pages Download ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Harvesting Author Lisa Harding – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Sammy is a spiky uick witted and sharp teenager living in Dublin; Nico is a warm and conscientious girl from Moldova When they are thrown together in a Dublin brothel in a horrific twist of fate a pec Sammy is a spikyFriendship and unexpected acts of kindnessHarvesting was inspired by Harding’s involvement with a campaign against sex trafficking run by the Children’s Rights Alliance Although it is a fictionalised account the text has been read and approved of by representatives for NGOs in both Moldova and Dubl The amount of time this book sat on my shelf is completely shameful The only reason it sat there was because I was actually scared of the content It took a drunken chat to convince me to pick it up and I am so glad I did While the content of this book is NOT easygoing it is easy to read – and thoroughly deserves your attention Everyone should read it

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Beneath a veneer of normality It’s about the failings of polite society the cruelty that can exist in apparently homely surroundings the bluster of youth and the often appalling weakness of adultsHarvesting is heartbreaking and funny gritty raw and breathtakingly beautiful where redemption is found in I loved this book I started it on the bus to the airport from Limerick to Dublin and couldn't put it down It tells the story of the horrifying and brutal world of human trafficking through the eyes of two teenagers one Irish and the other Moldovan From the beginning we are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as these two young girls navigate their way through a horrific world of drugs and prostitution which they find themselves caught up in through no fault of their own Through Sammy and Nico Harding gives a voice to the thousands of young women who find themselves caught up in this appalling world and forces us to bear witness to a world that exists right under our noses Human trafficking is always something that we think happens somewhere else however in Harvesting we are reminded that this is an underworld that exists right on our own doorsteps and we are forced to confront our own sense of duty and citizenship A gripping and beautifully written story which while utterly heart wrenching is at the same time extremely important and one that needs to be told A difficult and challenging subject to tackle but one that this writer does with a sensitivity and authenticity that is as beautiful as it is devastating A brilliant debut from a talented writer I can't wait to read her next book

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HarvestingSammy is a spiky uick witted and sharp teenager living in Dublin Nico is a warm and conscientious girl from Moldova When they are thrown together in a Dublin brothel in a horrific twist of fate a peculiar and important bond is formed This is a novel about a flourishing but hidden world thinly concealed The writing is brilliant you are sitting right inside the heads of the girls Now I understand the term deep point of view The story is horrific but then it is real The ending is haunting I was in Eastern Europe back in the 90's and I have seen the ghost girls This is a book you wish boys and young men would read so that they could see beyond the objects we have made women on the internet in our marketing campaigns and in our false beliefs the prostitution is a choice Men are the buyers and seller they also harvest the crop The book captures this harsh reality and creates two real character through which we experience the reality of their situation and how it came about It must have taken great courage to write from such a deep perspective the prose sings in your head as you read the characters haunt you when you put it down It kinda drives home Stephen Kings premise the only real monster is man But it is through the cracks that light shines through and this book tells a story that needs to be told so we might understand the true horrors of trafficking and prostitution and how the innocent are condemned because we turn a blind eye or wish to believe that it is their choice An impressive book