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FREE PDF î BOOK Legion of the Undead Legion of the Undead #1 Ö JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY È [EPUB] ✶ Legion of the Undead Legion of the Undead #1 By Michael Whitehead – When Roman legions march over the borders of the Empire they meet an enemy greater than any tAnia than the legions have ever of the Undead Epub #181 been and an enemy army is gathering to meet them What neither side is prepared for is the of the Undead Legion of eBook #212 darker force that the A FINE ZOMBIE TALE IT ISHello this is a really great story Don't see many like this Set in the days of very old where monsters were fought with steel and strength Damn fine stuff Thanks

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When Roman legions the Undead Epub #222 march over the borders of the Empire they meet an enemy greater than any Legion of Epubthey have ever faced Emperor Vespasian has ordered a push further into Germ Legion of the Undead really hit the spot; I need a second helping First I love Roman Empire stories and I’ve come to love zombie fiction in the past few years Now we have the perfect mash up Hungry zombie horde meet the Roman legions Cue evil laughterOften with ancient Roman historical fiction I don’t see too many female characters and the few that are present are usually only there to act as someone’s lovelust interest Not so with this book Yay The ladies are true to accepted Roman Empire gender roles but they also get plot relevant stuff done Even the minor but evil Sevillia did something that affected the plot And I love Lucia who is a 16 year old thrown into the midst of this zombie uprising She’s not a cliched uber tough zombie stomping heroine but she is practical saves the day a time or two like the other heroes and doesn’t fall to pieces when she needs to be rescuedOf course Vitas Protus is my favorite He’s an archer that is catapulted up into the ranks as the zombie issue becomes a real problem He keeps his wits about him takes advice from those around him and gets stuff done I loved how he watched out for Regulus the 14 year old lad that was forced into the military Then there’s big Antonius too He’s also a practical sort giving the soldiers orders to aim for the heads if they want to take out the zombiesStarting out on the outskirts of Germania where the Roman legions were pushing back the German tribes Vitas has to get his little band to safety First it’s to the their encampment and then on to the estate of Governor Clemmons There Vitas gets his orders to head to Rome with a dire note and Lucia who can speak to her merchant father’s home being overrun with these Risen as the zombies are called in this book Not everyone makes it out unscathed In fact a character I had gotten a little attached to takes one for the team before the end There’s also a touch of intrigue and betrayalAnyway it’s just a really good book and since we’re in November I can safely say it’s one of my favorites of the year Legion of the Undead has set a new bar for zombie Roman Empire historical fiction 55 starsI received a free copy of this bookThe Narration Terry Self really out did himself with the narration Just a great performance all around He has distinct voices for all the characters and his female character voices are feminine There’s a few accents as well Spain Spanish Gaulish and Chinese which he pulls off uite well In fact Terry Self sounded like he was really into the story it never being a dull moment There were no technical issues with this audiobook 55 stars

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Legion of the Undead Legion of the Undead #1Y will both face Indiscriminate and incapable of mercy the new enemy will drive the Romans to the very brink of destruction The Gates of Hades have opened and the Roman Legions must face what has escape I prefer fantasy and historical fiction and this twist looked intriguing It also sat that long in my TBR pile books and audiobooks have came alongThe latter provide some entertainment in my day job and not just on who I’d feed first to the undeadThe premise is interesting with a cool origin so well done that kid It is also a little silly which I don’t mind in horror as the undead are one of the boogeymen to go for and while it seems an impossible task to survive Roman discipline and engineering are are potent counterbalance especially when thrown into the backbiting of empireI enjoyed it it is a uick book to rattle through and has a couple of abrupt left turns to tease expectations and leave you going with ‘aww’Book 4Audiobook 3For me the ending feels a tad too much episodic and is a little light Not a problem when binge readinglistening but you know worse and epic finales are to follow I’d like a bit of the backstory here but it will come as it was a corker of an openerIt is an easy audiobook to get through a uick listen but personally I feel it undersells the novel A couple of the voices I’m personally not sold on and if you don’t pay attention with a couple of characters it can trip you upIf you fancy a punt in something away from Supernatural or World War Z it is a good laugh and well worth the trip to the slave market