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The Negotiator Harbor City #1Up Friday nights for reality tv Negotiator Harbor City PDFEPUB #190 his Saturdays for flea markets why buy junk still baffles him his Tuesdays and Thursdays for “date nights” aka panty losing opportunities if he plays his cards right And now she wants lavender bath salts and tulips delivered every Monday Yup she’s just screwing with him Good thing she’s got this non negotiatable six weeks and she’s gone rule or Sawyer may have just met this match. 'The Negotiator' by Avery Flynn This is the story of Jane Clover Lee and Sawyer Carlyle Clover has applied for the job of 'buffer' that Sawyer's brother put in the paper Clover likes to be independent and doesn't want a permanent job So with those two things she has ended up doing a lot of odd jobs like a 'snake milker' So Clover thinks this will be the next new experience for her Sawyer is the oldest son of a very large business that is family owned His father has died about three years ago and now his mother has come out of mourning with the tunnel thought of getting Sawyer married So Sawyer is now faced with a determine mother and beautiful but no personality women being thrown at him Sawyer just wants to run the family company and help make sure his family is okay After having a few drinks with his brother he happens to joke that he needs a 'buffer' to deal with his mother's marriage minded women But his brother surprised him by putting a ad in the paper and now Sawyer is having to let these people no there is no job When he goes to tell them Clover speaks up and shows him that he may need her after all This was funny yet very sweet romance that I couldn't put down I loved also the secondary characters which makes this book and extra joy to read My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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Download ´ The Negotiator Harbor City #1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º ❴Reading❵ ➹ The Negotiator Harbor City #1 Author Avery Flynn – Wanted Personal BufferOften snarly workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKAWanted Personal BufferOften Harbor City PDFEPUB #187 snarly workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKA people Free spirits with personal boundary issues excessive uirks or general sueamishness need not apply Salary negotiable Confidentiality reuiredWorkaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a “buffer” from their marriage obsessed mom but he didn’t need a waiting room filled with “candidates”. 4 You're you and I'm me StarsHang on to your knickers ladies the Carlyle brothers are in town and boy do they know how to endear themselves to you Although The Negotiator gives us Sawyer’s story I was just as intrigued by Hudson and will say straight off the bat that I hope the author has his story in the pipeline especially after the little tease she left us dangling with in the epilogue for this storyI never would have guessed you didn’t have any experience working with your handsThis was an easy going read once things got going I found the first half a little on the pedestrian side but the second half really grabbed and pulled me into the story that was playing out with uptight Sawyer and go with the flow Clover I was reminded a little of the films Sabrina Sawyer reminded me of Harrison Ford's character in that film sooo much and Pretty Woman with certain aspects of the story although Clover is 100% not a Hollywood Boulevard hookerThe next six weeks are going to last foreverAs you would expect with an opposites attract story it doesn’t take long for things to develop with our couple Clover pushes Sawyer to see that there is life outside of work and the office while Sawyer pushes her to realize that being settled and living your life in one place doesn’t eual failure or settling for second best I’m trying to compliment youThat’s not exactly your strong pointThe banter is great the sexy times diverse and the secondary characters really kept everything moving along and entertaining this is basically your faux mance that turns into a romance with a few predictable surprises thrown in along the way The author developed everything really well though and I hope against hope that Hudson gets a book soonAttraction isn’t logicalARC provided by the publisher via SocialButterfly PR and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review in exchange

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To further distract him Thanks bro But when a sexy job applicant shooes The Negotiator MOBI #233 his mom and the socialite in tow out of his office Sawyer sees the genius of the plan And the woman In fact Miss Clover Lee might just get the fastest promotion in history from buffer to fake fiancéThis “free spirit” might look like hot sunshine and lickable rainbows but she negotiates like a pitbull Before Sawyer knows what hit him he’s agreed to give. DNF 13%This is one of those superficial books that is all about the superficial Good looking rich powerful hero that looks good on paper whom is arrogant conceited self important and weak I mean he is a grown men who needs a female to run interference with his mumhand packed much Sorry a Mummy's boy gets all the disdain from me Flaky heroine whom is weak inconsistent and insecureI understand this is fiction but I find it annoying when the plots doesn't make logical sense and facts are wrong The hero mentioned he can use the heroine's ability to speak Malay during contract negotiations for a building development in Singapore with Mr Lim From my experience working with Developers from around the world I must agree that knowing the local language is a huge advantage in contract negotiation However from my numerous dealing with Singapore Developers for than 10 years I honestly can not recall a single incident that reuires the use of Malay language The official language in Singapore is English and that is the language that all the meetings that is conducted Mr Lim whom has a Chinese surname is assumed to be Chinese for contract negotiation purpose wouldn't ChineseMandarin be useful Call me a nerd but things like this gets on my nerve BIG time On top of the facts being wrong it also doesn't make any logical senseYeah Sorry I do not like this book It appears to be a light hearted fun read that many enjoys it is simply not for me I have read other books from this author that are enjoyable so I won't give up on Ms Flynn yet