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read Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6 reader Ý Kindle Edition ò mercy celeste ä ❮EPUB❯ ❄ Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6 ✿ Author Mercy Celeste – Love and death and Levi BrodyBowSe of humor And Bo is left to choose between the love of his life and the one who saved his lifeThe story began in Six Ways from Sunday and continued in Sidelined This is the story that fills Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Kindle in the gapsReaders sensitive to the perceived cheating in the original two books should avo I'm not really good at writing reviews which is why I usually dont but this bookwell this whole series is to amazing to not make the effort There's just something about Mercy's writing that gets to me I love her men I love Levi especially and this book broke my heart for him for Bo and for poor beautiful Dylan I had no clue this book was even being released so it was an unexpected surprise when I saw it on BF this morningI'm glad she felt it was a story that needed telling because it definitely shed some light on Levi and Bo's relationship and I for one appreciate it Like all the other books in this series it's a journey that is difficult and painful and beautiful but it needs to happen for everyone to get their HEANow they wait is on for the next book so looking forward to it Mercy

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Love and death Sunday A eBook #180 and Levi BrodyBowen Murphy loves two things football and Dylan SundayDylan left football and Any Given PDFEPUBBo behind to walk a different pathLife goes on and six years is a long time to be Given Sunday A PDFEPUB #227 without the one you love The stress of war and the lure of fame changed I can't believe it's over After Levi accompanied me the last few days and nights He has found a way into my heart And I have welcomed him to linger Levi Brody is a very complex character He fascinated me from the beginning And although I love Bo and Dylan heartily it is something different with LeviThe whole series is about Levi Even if Levi isn't mentioned in the first book at all He was thereNow that I know so many details of his life I have the urgent need to read this series again from the beginning Is it different from the first time But I think even Mercy didn't know at first any of his secretsAnd Levi is full of secretsSo deeply hidden under the enchanting atmosphere of New OrleansNew Orleans is a fascinating place to discover these secrets It condenses the atmosphere mysterious dangerous seductive at night oppressive by day Threatening with all its thunderstorms which are unloaded in this sultryMercy Celeste is a fantastic storyteller I loved every sentence every word and I am unhappy to say goodbye now I will turn back And I hope Levi will eventually get his HEAIn retrospect I wonder if Tracy has any idea with whom he has fallen in love Dylan let out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding at the mention of his name Bo was standing right in front of him forcing him to look up into a pair of eyes he’d thought he’d never see again He wanted to grab him He wanted to kiss him He wanted to hang on and never let go Bo took another step forward and Dylan had his wish Big arms wrapped around him and he almost sobbed “I couldn’t tell you I didn’t know if I was going to make it until last night Oh my God you look so good You’re fucking huge”There is wild speculation and yeah it’s making the rounds that you’re gay So turning the media in your favor should be the order of the day Or you can hide here in the dark and let your career be buried along with Dylan Sunday What do you think he’d want son” “Not to be dead” Bo said rolling over onto his side Every morning Janine called him before his alarm was set to ring She was a bigger ballbuster than his own father but he’d suspected that all along She’d have to be to live with a Marine “Get off your sorry ass and get dressed Get up Bo Get up and go make my son proud to have loved you Get up” She cussed like a Marine too He’d never suspected that Dylan’s nice uiet mother could smack talk with the best of them“What about you What do you see yourself doing”Bo grabbed the pillow from the other side of the bed and screamed into it He didn’t see himself doing anything when this was all over He couldn’t see a future at all Not now Maybe not ever The soft voice and warm fingers did little to comfort him He tried so hard not to cry It wasn’t Brody’s fault he was a fucking basket case right now “It’s not okay It’s not ever going to be okay He’s gone Brody I loved him and he’s gone Burnt alive in an attack on— why are you doing this Leave me alone My gay might rub off on you” But Bo linked their fingers and held him captive even as he told him to go away He didn’t know what the hell he was doing He just couldn’t take it any“I know Bo I know I’m sorry” Levi continued to speak softly and hold him Which made Bo cry even harder “Don’t leave me Okay Just I won’t I don’t want to be alone any I feel like I’m dying I want to die” Bo rolled in his arms and tucked his face into Levi’s neck All he could do was hold on to Levi and try not to think things like jumping off the balcony at three in the morning Or walking out into traffic Or just taking his razor and ending it all“I won’t leave I’m here I’ve got you” Levi spoke to him as if he were a child And Bo cried harder because he’d never had that even when he was a child   “This is his room isn’t it” “Do you really want to know You can still turn back I can find you something sweet to send you home with You can keep your hero on the pedestal Because once you enter his parlor you’ll never see him the same again” “Like you care” Bo desperately didn’t want to hear any of this “About you Not at all But I’d kill to protect him And you’ve brought that world into this world He’ll never be able to separate them now And the you come here the greater the danger to him Think about that very carefully”Bo understood now He couldn’t have them both He wasn’t the kind to be with two men If Dylan came back he’d have to choose Levi knew who Bo would choose He skimmed the condom off and dropped it on the floor He looked around for his clothes “I should go” “If it’s any consolation I’ve never seen him like this He doesn’t love easily I think he loves you And I think you’ll be his first real heartbreak I hope I’m wrong When he loves it’s forever No matter how this ends he’ll always love you Don’t give him a reason to regret that”I think this is the second best series I've read I will read it again in any case And I hope that Blindsided will really come to us next year

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Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6Bo and Dylan Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Kindle They grew up They became different men Their love stayed strongWhen tragedy takes the man he loves Bowen Murphy is forced to carry on alone or risk losing football Without football Bo has nothingFate sends Bo a shoulder to lean on or maybe loveBut Fate has a wicked sen Mercy seriously The cardinal rule of romance novels is the couple gets a HEA Six Ways From Sunday the first book in the series had that ending You then subseuently angered readers who loved the book with an unfathomable and against character plot twist to connect the lovers Bo and Dylan to Levi in book two You should have listened to your inner Ghost voice when it said Mollyyou in danger girl when you opted for that story lineSubseuent volumes in the series after Sidelined including Any Given Sunday just have the appearance of a writer struggling to justify and attone to readers for butchering the heart out of the emotionally charged Six Ways From Sunday My personal opinion is as a writer you have shown complete disrespect to your audience with the overly cliched plotting of Bo and Dylan's relationship in an already cliched genre to somehow amend for the poorly received direction you took these charactersI'm giving you two stars for Any Given Sunday instead of one because I admire your persistence at flogging a dead horse I've stuck it out with this series now simply for the eye roll factor although I've reached the point I'm afraid they may stay in a permanent roll I look forward to the next volume because after love triangle affairs and blackmail we're pretty well down to alien abduction to wrap this up