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EPUB ð 舟を編む Fune O Amu í Shion Miura A charmingly warm and hopeful story of love friendship and the power of human connection Award winning Japanese author Shion Miura’s novel is a reminder that a life dedicated to passion is a life well livedInspired as a boy by the multiple meanings to be found for a single word in the dictionary Kohei Araki is devoted to the notion that a dictionary is a boat to ca Kohei Araki has worked on dictionaries for all of his life and has a deep love for words and their various meanings With his impending retirement Araki must find a replacement to work on the dictionary that he has helped to start an ambitious project undertaken by a department that is understaffed and underfunded He soon meets Mitsuya Majime discovered by another one of the staff members who's uirks and eccentricities make him ideal for the job I'm not sure if it's because this book is a translation but I had a hard time getting into it The characters were definitely amusing and I enjoyed the relationship between Masashi Nishioka and Majime the most It was actually really great to see Nishioka's growth and though he's kind of a douche his relationship did make me smile especially when he realizes he loves her and eventually seems to get past his previous emphasis on shallow things like looks Other than that though I did get bored while reading this book at a lot of parts I especially was annoyed at the jump in years that felt like it came out of no where and when the new character Midori Kishibe is introduced After that I had to force myself to keep reading even though the book was still not that bad I just had gotten into the characters and time line that was already established and felt irritated at this sudden jump The book itself had some interesting aspects especially those behind the meaning of language and the dynamics in many of the relationships Plot wise though it felt sluggish and I wasn't really all that interested in seeing what would happen Dictionary making is actually just as boring to read about as it sounds like it would be

EPUB 舟を編む Fune O Amu

PDF Ø BOOK 舟を編む Fune O Amu à ❴Reading❵ ➶ 舟を編む Fune O Amu Author Shion Miura – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A charmingly warm and hopeful story of love friendship and the power of human connection Award winning Japanese author Shion Miura’s novel is a reminder that a life dedicated to passion is a life we Rry us across the sea of words But after thirty seven years creating them at Gembu Books it’s time for him to retire and find his replacementHe discovers a kindred spirit in Mitsuya Majime a young disheveled suare peg with a penchant for collecting antiuarian books and a background in linguistics whom he swipes from his company’s sales departmentLed by his new me Warning While I don’t go into many plot details there are a few lines that hint at some developments So those wanting to know nothing about character development can consider this a slight spoiler warningA while back I started my review of The Nakano Thrift Shop with the following “This is the type of book that pretty much all my friends would expect me to hate but that I always love A slice of life novel on the humorous than serious side and with little to no plot Strange for someone who is usually found reading horror or fantasy”I begin again with that as I can pretty much copypaste the exact same reaction here I find that Japanese literature captures slice of life moments better than any other country I’ve read It’s the combination for me at least of mundane life but with the added twist in all the ways Japanese lifestyle is different from my own as someone from the US The little differences are fascinating and the major ones even so This novel from what I gather was a huge success in Japan After its release it had both a film adaptation and an eleven episode anime adaptation; both of which were received fairly positively around the globe though I confess I have not seen either yetThe plot follows the staff of a publishing house as they work on creating a new dictionary The Great Passage of the title It’s a multi year project and staff comes and goes as the dictionary takes shape Though the main story follows the progress of the dictionary we get many side stories along the way From newcomers to the project and their reaction to the rest of the office to people leaving and following their last days on the project Through these almost short story chapters we get to see the lives of our cast evolve Life goes in many directions for them and I’d be lying if I said some didn’t work better than others from a plot standpoint but all around it leads to some well developed characters The best of these characters in my opinion is Majime who starts off as a new editor in the department at the beginning of the novel He’s a character I related to a bit that I was probably supposed to He enjoys company but finds it difficult at first to associate with his co worker and can often than not be found with his nose in a book No matter how poor he was at communicating with people with books he could engage in deep uiet dialogue His plot is thoughtful and we see the most development from him though thankfully the book never tries to “fix” his personality and his flaws remain consistent One area of this book I must praise is how it treats its cast It’s a common cliché to have academics be humorous stuffy characters This book avoids that completely with one of the early scenes of the novel being a professor and an editor discussing their first dictionaries and joking about how the professor never looked up “dirty words” While the novel is not an outright comedy there are many of these humorous moments of dialogue that humanizes the characters and keeps them far from the classic academic cliché I find it hard to find many flaws in this novel as it does pretty much everything it sets out to do successfully The funny bits are genuinely amusing; the emotional bits succeed and feel earned If I had to come up with something I would say that the character of Kishibe changes a bit too fast It seemed almost as if her attitude towards the job flipped as I sat the book down for the night I get that there was a time skip but it seemed to happen a bit too fast But that is a very minor complaint All around this is one I greatly enjoyed and would highly suggest to fans of Japanese literature or those who enjoy a slice of life story A solid 45

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舟を編む Fune O AmuNtor and joined by an energetic if reluctant new recruit and an elder linguistics scholar Majime is tasked with a career defining accomplishment completing The Great Passage a comprehensive 2900 page tome of the Japanese language On his journey Majime discovers friendship romance and an incredible dedication to his work inspired by the bond that connects us all words A fascinating and entertaining story of a small group of dedicated people who worked over 15 years to produce a new Japanese dictionary I especially enjoyed the sections where there was a debate about a specific term or word which highlighted the nuances of the Japanese language are truly gobsmacking I now fear writing any word knowing how easily the meaning could be misunderstoodThe complexities of producing a Japanese dictionary including the five proofs type of paper editing to fit definitions on a page choosing which words to include or not maintaining currency of words all made the book a fascinating readThe book also was a feel good story as it delved in the editor his staff and their relationships to show that lexicographers may be oddballs but are people with immense skills uirky personalities and an attention to detail that is formidable