SUMMARY ´ The Rebellion

SUMMARY The Rebellion

SUMMARY ´ The Rebellion Ü ❮Reading❯ ➺ The Rebellion ➲ Author S.L. Scott – Sinfully sexy rock stars are the cornerstone of New York Times Bestselling Author SL Scott’s Bestselling Hard to Resist Series The Rebellion is the newest STAND ALONE that brings soul searing romanc Sinfully sexy rock starsIne Nope I barely recall the way she fit so perfectly in my arms when I held her at night The sweet way she would whisper she loved me has long faded from memory These are the lies I regularly tell myself in hopes of believing them one day Yeah I was told I’d get over my first love I didn’t Derrick Masters marked me the moment we met back in ninth grade He called me over all bravado and bad boy mystery wrapped in a James Dean esue package Dark hair and blue eyes with a rebel without a cause charisma He was everything I was warned about but I couldn’t resist I was his from that moment on His career took off almost as soon as he did I knew it w. DNF


Sinfully sexy rock stars are the cornerstone of New York Times Bestselling Author SL Scott’s Bestselling Hard to Resist Series The Rebellion is the newest STAND ALONE that brings soul searing romance mixed with heartfelt emotions to fans of this legendary rock bandI met my muse at fifteen I’d just gotten busted for smoking behind the school gymnasium She inspired me with her laugh and nonjudgmental attitude and before I knew it we were inseparable Then I left to pursue my rock star dreams dreams she encouraged I got over Jaymes Grenier no problem I never think about that little bow at the top of her pink lips or the way her green eyes admired m. So basically the heroine was left in their hometown to be raped by the hero's friend while the hero was in the big city banging groupies nightly But all is forgiven because the hero didn't know I can't stand when a character is brutalized in any book but the fact that the heroine was hurt because of a supposed debt owed by the hero that's when my hatred will win out The heroine was raped so it's understandable that she hasn't had sex since then but in all that time the hero has been with countless faceless women while she was suffering the conseuences for his mistakes Honestly I will never understand why these female authors put their heroines through so much shit while leaving the hero an unscathed manwhore It's like the authors hate their own female characters

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The RebellionOuld I just thought I would be beside him as his partner in crime best friend and lover That’s what we had always been before he left me behind to fend for myselfFend Fight is like it I’ve been fighting ever since Fighting for survival Fighting for a better life in a world determined to keep me down I don’t have the luxury of letting my head live in the lure of La La Land His dreams may have come true but mine were extinguished These days I fight for something bigger than me bigger than we were ever meant to beWhen his dreams come crashing back into my reality is this a second chance at that fairy tale ending or another heartbreak in the maki. Life can be pretty damn sweet if I look at the bright side The only problem with my bright side these days is that my head is overrun with memories of a girl I left with a broken heart and out of tune guitar Full of heart and heartbreak The Rebellion is a second chance romance between a sexy sweet rock star and the high school sweetheart he left behind Derrick Masters jetted off to Hollywood running away from one thing to run toward another The casualty of that war was the love of his life Jamie who was left to survive the dangerous neighborhood Derrick had no choice but to escape While Derrick rose to superstardom as the lead guitarist for The Resistance touring city to city with groupies to keep his bed warm he had no idea what his one true love was left to endure in his absence  Yes The Resistance is my life my future But in my heart of hearts I know it’s Jaymes I’ve been thinking about for all these years I was completely riveted by this storyline Completely Riveted The obvious second chance romance element would've absolutely been enough to hold me captive I was pulled in right away heartbroken for the young love that was cut short desperate to see these characters whose lives took them in such different directions find their way back to each other after years of longing and loneliness and emotional strife But I was completely taken by this unknown torment that had Jaymes ensnared This story evolves slowly the events of the past and the predicaments of the present revealing themselves to the reader at just the right moments to allow for a page turning story I couldn't put down SL Scott's writing is BREATHTAKING in this book I've loved her previous work but something about her writing in The Rebellion felt lush vivid just I hung on every word The emotion and the heartache and the sheer romanticism bled from these pages and I couldn't get enough This story is woven together seamlessly through alternating points of view and perfectly placed gut wrenching flashbacks I was brought through the wringer with this book but it was so beautifully done I truly have a new appreciation for this author after having read this storyThe Rebellion is layered with intrigue and heartache and steam on every page This is as much a sexy rock star romance as it is an emotional story of second chances and forgiveness I felt so much while reading this book Sadness Anger Frustration Joy I ached for the devastating course these lovers endure I felt high off the blissful romance that bleeds from each page  The Rebellion took me back in many ways reminding me of all the reasons I fell in love with Johnny Outlaw and The Resistance while sweeping me away all over again by Derrick and Jaymes' story  She’s always been my muse but now she’s the melody that plays in my heart the one that made it worthwhile to go back to the start