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Read ePub ✓ Blackflame ç Ü johnscyclingdiary á ❴Reading❵ ➷ Blackflame Author Will Wight – Lindon has a year left When his time runs out he’ll have to fight an opponent that no one believes he can beat Unless he learns sacred arts the right way from scratch Ere they fight to master an ancient power Success means a chance at life but failure means death In the sacred arts only those who risk the most can travel far This was the best book of the series so far and I was happy to learn that what I assumed was a trilogy is actually longer and that a fourth book is to be released Which is great because I think there is a lot story to tell in this universe I'd highly recommend this entire series to anyone who would like an Asian influenced fantasy series heroes that use their brains not hidden over powered skill sets

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M scratch he won’t have a chance to winand even then the odds are against him In the course of their training he and Yerin travel to the Blackflame Empire wh Blackflame delivers on a whole new level and is a fantastic story fully deserving of my first five star rating for this exciting seriesAt the end of Soulsmith our main character is assigned a seemingly impossible task A duel with an opponent who is a lion to his mouse The inevitability of Lindon’s defeat and death is scheduled for a year later with Blackflame picking up almost immediately after Soulsmith and with Lindon training in the hope of survival Who doesn’t love a great training seuence Eithan has arranged for both Lindon and Yerin to hone their skills and hopefully “level up” on an ancient almost mythical training ground that was used by the BlackflamesThis is where it all starts coming together friends Lindon has come so far but in a world of numerous vastly powerful practitioners of the sacred arts he is an eternal underdog It only makes it that much exciting though to embrace his journey and root for him I hold out hope that through his sheer will fortitude and tenacity he will one day be able to level the playing fields The story took me to places I did not expect with surprising and delightful results whilst also expanding the world even further than what was revealed in Soulsmith and not only limited to the geography So much was revealed regarding the history and mythos of the world and the people in it whilst still barely giving us an impression of the entirety of this creation I get the feeling that I might be saying that same line with every book I read in this series so much is there to discover Every time I thought that I had glimpsed the limits of the author’s ambition he pulled the rug out from under me Or rather he pulled back the curtain to reveal a new layer of this detailed world all the while distracting from the fact that there was another curtain behind the part just revealed You thought this Nope it’s actually this If you asked me about the strengths of the story I would be at a loss which to choose because Will Wight seems to be great at everything I thought I was starting to get to grips with the magic system but I kept on being reminded that like Jon Snow I know nothing Characters are given the same treatment with the author really just starting to show off his skills Lindon and Yerin are steadily becoming full colour versions of the black and white characters we first met and don’t get me started on Eithan who could carry this series by himself and needs page time I am in fact tempted to talk about a particularly noteworthy fighting scene involving Eithan and Naah let me not spoil the fun “There’s an old saying about asking forgiveness rather than permission” Eithan said “but the essence of it is ‘I’m going to do what I want’” The writing once again delivers pacing that makes the story a breeze to read and the series almost impossible not to devour in one go Paired with fantastic fights and filled to the brim with complex characters detailed world building uniue magic and I cannot help but recommend this series to all fantasy fans If every book in the rest of the series matches this one’s uality I will be happy as a kitten with catnip “I would urge you to remember what happened when you took over the training of our family Coppers”“Oh that's nothing to worry about”Cassias turned to Lindon “I personally rescued a girl who ran from his training into a place called the Thousand Beast Forest She survived by hiding from two headed bears I found her crouched in a cave dirty and bleeding but she begged me to leave her rather than take her back to train”Lindon moved his gaze from the pill to Eithan and back “That does seemharsh Perhaps she may have been pushed a little too hard don’t you think”“Don’t worry I don’t train my students like that any” Eithan said holding up a bottle to the light “I was far too lenient before After weeks of my training that girl should have been fighting those bears With her fists”

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BlackflameLindon has a year left When his time runs out he’ll have to fight an opponent that no one believes he can beat Unless he learns sacred arts the right way fro Holy JK Rowling that was a Page turner I raced through that book and I want to know what's going to happen next I need the next book NOWThe 2nd book ended and we start off with Lindon being a fresh Iron He's slowly moving up the rankings but he sure pays the physical and emotional price to be moving that way Yerin is frustrated that she doesn't seem to be able to move She has the sash that is holding her back Eithan is one of my favorite characters He is written so well I love how airy he is I can't wait to see him show up on the page He collects his house and they take a ride over to his city It's built in a valley of dragon skeleton's and all the buildings are built into the skeleton's It's such a cool image Eithan puts the kids to training right away and we find out that there are politics going on in the city of course It's always pressure from every angle It never lets up I will say one of my critics to this series is no one anywhere really has any fun There isn't any dating or dancing or life going on It appears that everyone is only focused on advancing and getting ahead It seems to be a sad commentary on their society There is no where to have any real joy that we have seen It's all work work work There needs to be just a little bit of breathing room where life actually happens There might be too much pressure but then again I can't put these silly things down The weirdest creature I've seen in some time appears in the middle of this book I'm not sure it even makes a whole lot of sense but I enjoyed it all the same SpoilersThe Aurelius clan still has a dragon under the mountain but it is a cousin It's a giant turtle that is huge and shots fire out of its mouth like a dragon and is filled with fire and heat and its also going slowly crazy I love that it's used to help get Lindon to the Jade stage It's a great scene The most interesting thing is the celestial that we meet in the first book we see again at the end She sent Lindon on his trip to become powerful When she looks in on him she realizes that the future she saw for him has changed and she doesn't know what this meansWe also find out that Eithan is on the path of the twin spirits as well and I thought that was the case That did not surprise me but it was wonderful how it we found out as readers This was a great entry and I can't wait to get the next book If you haven't read this book and love fantasy you need to begin reading these books