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Omposed of her deepest nightmares Tosh begins to wonder if something bigger is at play and if the creature is the only one who can free her. A little torn with this one Had fun though Much better than the khyma But some parts felt like filler content Had a few laughs Sólo review

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The Incuabri Women of Dor Nye #5Captured Women of Dor Nye PDF Imprisoned Trapped Women of eBook #10003 When Tosh wakes to a strange room with pieces of the previous night. 35 StarsAt the end of The Khyma Willa receives a ransom demand for her best friend Tosh after she gets captured by a powerful and ruthless criminal The Incuabri starts with Tosh locked in a room with a very alien looking alien and no memories of how she got there She half remembers the party she gate crashed with Willa her reckless but beloved best friend so she could get her family heirloom back after thatnothing She isn't worried she's been in sticky situations before however she can't find a way out of the room and the Alzan the alien she is trapped with is hungryfor her I loved this book I have said before that I enjoy a sci fi romance where the aliens involved are alien and Alzan very much fits that bill He has greyblack skin red eyes wings and look generally like something you would find in a nightmare And his diet Life essence However although Alzan may look like a monster Tosh soon realises that his appearance is deceiving he would never feed off her without her permission and it doesn't seem so bad when his feedings feel oh so good So far in this series Alzan is my favourite hero I don't understand how someone so terrifying look could be so funny and cute but he was It could be that he made adorable happy chirping sounds and the fact he was trapped and uncertain as Tosh I also really liked Tosh she was a great heroine funny sensible but kick ass They made a great couple This series just keeps getting better Bring on the next book

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The Incuabri Women of Dor Nye #5 characters ☆ 107 ✓ ➳ The Incuabri Women of Dor Nye #5 Read ➻ Author Poppy Rhys – Captured Imprisoned Trapped When Tosh wakes to a strange room with pieces of the previous night missing from her memory she’s confused and disorientedBut she's not aloMissing from her memory she’s confused and disorientedBut she's not aloneCaged in an elegant prison with The Incuabri PDF or a creature c. The Incuabri picks up right where The Khyma left off though this is in Tosh’s point of view She finds herself in uite a bind — and she’s not alone She wakes up trapped in a room with a nightmarish creature something horribly terrifying but she finds that there is to him than what meets the eye He doesn’t act as one would expect and she finds herself growing closer to this kind sweet alienI loved Alzan Normally I’m all over the alpha males but sweet heroes make their way into my heart Though Alzan does turn uite beastly during the book which I absolutely loved He totally hulked out Sexy scary alien Tosh is also a fun character Her train of thought makes me inside chuckle and there are a few spots where I outright laughed out loud And then there were others where I cringed We also get some scenes with Willa and Kyran he’s grown so much since the previous book and is at times the voice of reason for Willa haha She’s desperately trying to find and rescue her best friendPoppy Rhys’ books are so much fun Her writing has so much personality and she doesn’t shy away from humor The Incuabri is a wonderful addition to her Dor Nye series Can’t wait to read what’s next