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The Power of Communion Reader è 192 pages ↠ Johnscyclingdiary ☆ [KINDLE] ❤ The Power of Communion ➜ Beni Johnson – Miracles Wait at the Communion TableFor centuries the church has observed the Lord’s Supper as part of corporate worship instituted by Jesus HiCal keys forHealing release the healing testimony of Jesus’ blood and body over your sicknessDeliverance announce the eternal victory of Jesus over torment addiction and bondageWarfare shift spiritual atmospheres over you your family and even world eventsPresence experience new dimensions of God’s glory as you personally apply Jesus’ victory over your lifeThere are miracles just waiting to be released Discover The Power of Communion tod This book opened my eyes to the power of communionI am so thankful I read this book It challenged me and brought new insights into my understanding of communionPrayers people given to prayer need to read this book

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Miracles Wait at the Communion TableFor centuries the church has observed the Lord’s Supper as part of corporate worship instituted by Jesus Himself But for many Christians today this tradition can be a confusing and tedious routine Are we missing something in this ancient ritual?Beni Johnson renowned author and senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding CA had a miraculous revelation while celebrating communion She reveals to you how this s One of my favorite parts of this shelter in placeuarantine has been taking Communion with my family each Sunday with our online church At this same time I have had a few trusted friends say they take Communion every day I picked this book up hoping it would drill down on the simple bread and cup tradition churches do each month I'll be honest and say this book isn't the most well written there's a bit of Christianese even I wasn't sure of the definitions And it doesn't have any of the history of the Passover meal which is super interesting and adds such depth to CommunionWhat this book does is put Communion in front of you as a tool a weapon and a proclamation of how great God is It shows how the bread and wine are a memorial an object lesson and a further step in your Christian walk to recognize and align yourself to what Jesus did for us on the crossOver and over she talks about ALIGNING ourselves with Jesus through Communion And it's a stark and solid word choice holding the bread and cup in your hand does align your thoughts and emotions on the Truth of who Jesus is and what he did for usThis uote may wrap it up better than I canThat we would need reminding of this greater reality comes as no surprise to the Lord It's like He sat us all down at that table with the disciples in that upper room and said 'Listen I know I know some days are going to be hard I know there are going to be moments when it feels like the reality of Heaven is far away Your child is sick or you lost your job or your best friend died or you did that thing you swore you would stop doing I know I'm leaving you something My body and My blood to remind you who you are and where your future home is I'm leaving you this reminder of My salvation My healing the comfort of My presence and my victorious return Take it Remember me Be everything I created you to be so that My Kingdom can invade every single one of those situations and the world can know a good good Father'Taking Communion is than a reminder the way we look thru old vacation photos it's a loud physical reminder of what and Who we believe in I think this book is worth reading and acting on

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The Power of CommunionAcred practice is an often overlooked portal to releasing God’s power in your life The very elements the broken body and shed blood of Jesus eternally testify of Heaven’s victory and the enemy’s defeatSo don’t settle for simply going through the motions Encounter God’s supernatural presence in the sacrament of Communion and embrace the prophetic act of remembrance worship warfare and healing it was always meant to beDiscover practi Enlightening I really enjoyed this book It has really helped me get a deeper understanding of the impact of communion on my life and the life of my family The key to communion is identifying with Jesus and all he did for us on the cross Doing so opens us up to the benefits of the New Covenant in Him Great read