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Read & Download Odinsbarn Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Read] ➳ Odinsbarn By Siri Pettersen – Nella serie Raven Rings i classici elementi della letteratura fantasy vengono reinventati Non troverete profezie dragoni o spade magiche Certamente c’è la magia ma uesta parola non compare mai neiRi è proprio uesta mancanza di capacità soprannaturali che invece gli altri posseggonoImmagina di essere privo di ualcosa di cui tutti gli altri dispongono ualcosa che rappresenta la prova della tua appartenenza a uesto mondo ualcosa di talmente vitale che senza di esso sei una nullità Una piaga Una leggenda Un essere umanoHirka che ha uindici inverni all’improvviso apprend. Rating this book is hard I read it in czech and I am sure something got lost in the translation because I HATED really really hated the way this book was written I loved the world but not how needlessly detailed everything was I loved the concept I guess But not the characters Not a single oneor maybe Kuro and that was probably what made it so hard for me to read it The pacing as well was so slugish I was bored most of the time The book could be shorter From the page 500 up I liked the action a lot Ending not so much Sentences were too short clipped my head spinned I would prefer some of them merging into a longer one I hated how characters knew what other persons thought just by looking at them Theythe author didn't let me choose what to think of their actions It felt manipulative sometimesYeah so spoilers first I was thrown into this unknown world right away and I was annoyed for at least 50 pages because nothing was explained to me absolutely nothing Characters just went on but I was so confused I just really hate these types of books I don't want infodumps either but would a little help in this mess hurt anybody the cover is so ugly and revoltingHirka I just don't like her For one I am tired of ginger protagonists But I couldn't identify myself with her at all She is 15 and acts stupid a lot Yet sometimes she acts as if she knows everything so wise or she is staring people down her nose while being one of themof course she needs special treatment and she is not like others it was towards the end when the heigher ups showed up at that Kolkagga hideout She simply seems irrational to me Why freeing that puppet man She didn't know him at all yeah it's interesting how everybody loves her I mean her father that dude that listents to the stone Eirik Tein Rime of course the man that leads the Kolkagga that dude that sweared on his name that will protect and follow Rime the man who owns the tea shop Ramoja Vetle Basically every important man in an important possition huh yet Hirka is so jealous of every girl She is a tomboy and has no friends Oh wait she had one But her friend from the village turned out to be a slutof course throwing herself at Rime so that was that And everytime Rime is near some other girl Hirka goes like this oh he can't love me he can't have me because he would die and he will forget me in a few days and founds another like girl have some confidence in yourself She kept belittling herself everytime saying something like Rime Al blablabla the heir the blessed and feared he is so above me I can't reach him I can't dirt him with my hands oh my what do I do I just got tired of it uickly She thinks he is a god and just no they kissed not once acted so obvious yet how can Hirka even think Rime doesn't know she likes him And why can't she believe he likes her dammit For the angst her talk about plants and herbs was tiresome I got that she didn't have much of a personality besides I am a healer I never saw violence I will never let Rime win over me I want to touch Rime honeybread climbing and being without a tail oh yeah so they live in this medieval society right Yet Hirka is so stunned to see violence An actual fight with weapons and I am just like why are you so surprised Hirka thinks about Rime a lot I began to cringe everytime Rime showed up in her thoughts Her world is revolving around him she thinks he is holy or something she was willing to die for him not once and what was most hideous that moment when Rime told her she is good and not moldrotblight I don't know the translation for this one and every worry of hers just melted away NO just no A person doesn't need another person a boy to told them what they are to become confident It just didn't felt right so yeah Hirka is stupid and I don't like her She should have slept with Rime when she could instead of creepily watching him naked by the pond or always staring at him with dripping saliva from her open mouth and dreaming about touching him or him filling her with a ForceMight of course what the hell was that scene where she went almost hysteric about her backpack the hell also when you are in a cave at night with a thunderstorm raging outside and no firelight you will probably not be able to see paleness of someone's lips crescents under someone's eyes or their facial expressions no just sayin was that part with a tea shop necessary why was that man even important what a filler everything came to Hirka in Ravnhov in Manfalla I didn't get a feeling she had it that hard Rime always showed up in time to save her anywayRime this boy is so melodramatic and emo oh my he is always whinning how bad the life was to him by him being rich and from a respected family with a brilliant future awaiting him but he is moping around instead of doing something with it and then he rejects it all just to show them who is in control or something also Rime is beyong handsome beyond skilled in martial arts and his enemies are shaking in fear when he enters the room also he is just a young boy I don't know maybe wolfs in this world have silver eyes But it seems stupid to me to call his eyes wolf's when I imagine yellow or orange IDK it just felt wierd to me I found him too perfect yet too whinny to be likable why Rime and Hirka are supossed to love each other so much They obssess over each other yet they don't have any other friends IDK Everything is about these two and I DON'T FEEL IT RAPE in this book surprised me There was no warning at the jacket I was so repulsed to know Urd raped Ramoja why going this way dear author and ever repulsed by that scene in dungeons Was is necessary Like was it really Because how convinient that someone showed up seconds before the man raped Hirka Really a lucky girl Yet she doesn't suffer afterwards and not 24h after she wants to fuck Rime So why the hell was that in this book WhyUrd he could have been a better villian He was impulsive and abusive and used violence often Pfft I was scared when he was manipulating people when he used his mind as a weapon I liked Kuro a lot The rest of the characters nah They did nothing to me Too many names Everybody seems to always like Hirka because she always says what they need to hear How convenient I thought Tein will have a bigger role wtf was that bathing scene with him and Hirka Again what was the point I liked everything about the ForceMight it was so interesting But here I am having read entire book one and I know not much about it Nobody cared to explain how it works exactly nobody commented on Hirka and her strange powers etc the worldbulding on one hand the world is rich and interesting but there were times when the tiniest details were described without being relevant Rime could appear changed towards the end but he seems self centered and selfish as always Hirka didn't change at all No character development Overall I am hopeful for the next book

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Nella serie Raven Rings i classici elementi della letteratura fantasy vengono reinventati Non troverete profezie dragoni o spade magiche Certamente c’è la magia ma uesta parola non compare mai nei testi La protagonista è piena di risorse vive emarginata e come una selvaggia al nord Non è una “prescelta” e non ha poteri speciali In realtà ciò che la distingue dagli alt. Since this book is only in norwegian I'm going to write this in norwegian I really hope they will translate the book to english because it's so good I pity those who will not be able to read it because you don't understand the language It's one of the best fantasybooks I've read in a long time and it's a flavore of fantasy that's not easy to categorize So since I don't know how long you will have to wait for the english version you better start learning norwegian so that you won't miss itOdinsbarn er ingen lett bok å starte på forfatteren går ikke ut i fra at leseren er en idiot og må holdes i hånden hele veien Det er nok kanskje en elsk hat bok enten får man ikke nok eller så faller man tidlig av Jeg er i den første gruppen Du blir sluppet rett inn i en verden du ikke kjenner med uttrykk du ikke vet hva betyr Gradvis lærer du verdenen å kjenne og det er en fantastisk verden En verden inspirert av gammel norrøn mytologi men absolutt sin egen verdenHovedpersonen Hirka er ei tøff jente en som ikke passer inn noe sted men likevel ikke lar seg kue Persongalleriet er godt utviklet selv de man føler kan være litt flate til å begynne med utvikler seg godt gjennom bokenJeg vil anbefale denne boken for alle som liker tradisjonell fantasy med en twist Jeg sliter litt med å kategorisere den den passer ikke godt inn i noen av undersjangrene til fantasy Men du bør lese den

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OdinsbarnE di essere una figlia di Odino una creatura putrida e senza la coda proveniente da un altro mondo È disprezzata odiata e scacciata da tutti Non riesce più a trovare una propria identità e ualcuno la vuole eliminare affinché tutto ciò rimanga un segreto Ma ci sono cose ben peggiori degli esseri umani e Hirka non è l’unica creatura ad essersi introdotta attraverso i porta. HOLY CRAP I feel so sorry for all who can't read Norwegian because HOLY HELL this is a uality book which has everything