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summary The French Girl 108 Ê ⚣ [PDF] ✅ The French Girl By Lexie Elliott ✰ – They were six university students from Oxford friends and sometimes than friends spending an idyllic week together in a French farmhouse It was supposed to be the perfect summer getaway until they met They were six university students frE already simmering tensions And after a huge altercation on the last night of the holiday Kate knew nothing The French eBook #229 would ever be the same There are some things you can't forgive and there are some people you can't forget like Severine who was never seen again Now a decade later the case is reopened when Severine's body is found in the well. i’m in the minority with my unenthusiastic response to this one so feel free to dismiss my opinion outright because not only did i read it wrong apparently but i was so dismayed at not having the same happy fun time with it as all the other readers that i put off writing my review and now it is many months and many books later and i can’t make sense of my notes nor remember much about what wasn’t working for me here what i do remember is probably not helpful to someone reading the finished copy but there were a lot of typos in the arc that were distracting not the misspellingunclosed parentheses kinds but the “this is not the word you want” kinds where “discreet” was used in place of “discrete” and “prevaricate” instead of “procrastinate” etc which wouldn’t even be worth mentioning ordinarily since arcs always have a few errors and they’re usually caught and corrected during the editorial passes made before pub date but there were than usual this time and the nature of them strikes me as of a writing issue than a copyediting issue so it's worth bringing up because i had another problem with the writing that may or may not be related i’m not sure if it was an oversight now corrected or a deliberate writerly decision but there was a lot of repetition in this book; words or phrases that would recur in too close proximity either within a few sentences or in the following paragraph and it made for an unpleasant echo effect that also distracted me pulling me out of the story these are minor uibbles but if they affect the reader’s engagement in the story they matter a strong novel can recover from a reader’s attention lapses this one wasn’t giving me enough zazz to prevent me from noticing its missteps whether they were arc specific missteps or not maybe i’ve read too many books about groups of friends with seeeecrets but this one was a little too slow and a little to predictable for me i wasn’t interested in any of the romantic entanglements past or present so all of that anxious hand wringing was wasted on methe struggles of kate’s legal headhunting firm were even less interesting to me than who was kissing whom and do not get me started on that ghost there was just a lot of clutter weighing down what was already a slow paced book so yeah i read it wrong and it was a low three stars for me although i kind of dug the unexpected resolution not the whowhyhowdunnit because that was no shocker but the fallout for the guilty party an interesting choice thereso i'm grateful as always for the opportunity to read a book early and i am even grateful that i now have a pair of sunglasses that accurately informs curious passers by of my gender and ancestry a fancy book package don't mind if i docome to my blog

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They were six university students from Oxford friends and sometimes than friends spending an idyllic week together in a French farmhouse It was supposed to be the perfect summer getaway until they met Severine the girl next door For Kate Channing Severine was an unwelcome presence her inscrutable beauty undermining the close knit group's loyalties amid th. I'm consistently intrigued by books with a premise of wonderful experiences gone awry and that's exactly what  The French Girl promises We see this set up times than not in psychological thrillers today; a group of college friends plan some sort of vacation and something bad happens usually a murder or a sexual assault or perhaps a kidnapping In this case it's a disappearance where the body turns up a decade after the fact and the group begins to get antsy Obviously someone is hiding something but just how many someones are involved What do they know and what did they do  Lucky for us those pesky police continue to show up poke around and not let the past stay buriedI was rightly informed ahead of time to expect a slow burn type of pacing here This is 100% true and for some readers this will be a deal breaker It isn't the type of psychological thriller that's begins slowly and then gradually picks up steam;  The French Girl keeps an especially reluctant groove that loiters in some moments and almost stops full tilt in others I particularly enjoy a good character driven lackadaisical novel but this was a little slow even for my liking My main issues were tied to the lack of suspense this caused which led into a fairly predictable plot Readers who aren't as tied to the mysterysuspensethriller genre likely won't find that last portion an issue and if you are generally pleased with most mainstream commercial thrillers of the psychological variety you'll probably enjoy this one even than I didWhile I did experience the above issues it's also fair to note that as a debut piece of fiction the writing here was beautiful creative and of high uality I found myself getting lost in some of the memories and moments where Kate is feeling haunted by Severine These parts were the strongest and most fascinating and I found myself looking forward to these portions the most I'm highly intrigued by Elliott's writing and will certainly be awaiting her sopho novel; girl's got talent Recommended to readers who enjoy a fascinating slow burn with insightful charactersMany thanks to the publisher for providing my copy 

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The French GirlBehind the farmhouse uestioned along with her friends Kate stands to lose everything she's worked so hard to achieve as suspicion mounts around her Desperate to resolve her own shifting memories and fearful she will be forever bound to the woman whose presence still haunts her Kate finds herself buried under layers of deception with no one to set her fre. 25 They find her body in a well Severine the girl next door to the farmhouse where a group of college friends were staying Ten years after they were first uestioned by the police when it was just a missing persons case For Kate it was a difficult Remembrance because it is after that they she and Seb parted by his reuest Now a policeman from France is coming to uestion them once again What secrets are being hidden and who in the group knows the fate of the French girlWhat this book wasn't It was not very suspenseful for one Second these people showed very little growth of character acting like they were still back in their college days than the age they actually were now Although there is a ghost or spirit of the murdered French girl I could never uite figure out why she was even there it wasn't eerie at all It wasn't convincing I sussed out the killer and the reason uite earlyIt was however thankfully a rather uick read and it was another sisters read with our usual wonderful discussions though Jan and I were the outliers in the group who liked it much better than we two It happens and may happen for you Always best to form your own opinion on each and every bookARC from Edelweiss