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FREE DOWNLOAD 7 Lessons from Heaven î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í [PDF] ✎ 7 Lessons from Heaven By Mary C. Neal – New York Times bestsellerNeal combines spiritual reflection with medical facts to create lessons that are profound and eminently practical an inspiring work any believExperience which includes encounters with angels a journey to a city of light and what it was like to meet Jesus face to face Even Neal shares how she was sent back with the absolute knowledge that the God we hope for the one who knows us loves each of us as though we are the only one and wants us to experience joy in our daily life is real and present She offers practical insights and inspiration for how each of us can experience this God every day and begin living without regret worry anxiety or fe. I did not read this book because I needed proof of heaven I was curious to see if the author's experience would contain a similarity to an other worldly encounter that I experienced on the day my mother died There was a similarity And I like the author find it difficult to find the right words I wanted to be with my mother when she took her last breath On the morning of her death I was awoken by a being I did not see it but I heard it It was not an audible voice yet just as real More real The voice was melodic pleasant and somehow sounded like flowing waters The voice said Wake up sweetheart your mommy is going to die today The being was not sad She was excited And I do believe that it was my mother because those are words she would say It also sounded like her only musical somehow I think that God allowed her to visit me shortly before she departed for good There was a lightness in my heart as I made the journey to the hospital She died within about 30 minutes of my arrival I was holding her hand I am grateful to God for that gift I did not need proof of heaven But I do appreciate the gift of that foretaste


New York Times bestsellerNeal combines spiritual reflection with medical facts to create lessons that are profound and eminently practical an inspiring work any believer can enjoy  Publishers WeeklyIn this inspired follow up to her million copy bestseller  To Heaven and Back Dr Mary Neal shares untold stories about her encounters with Jesus and powerful insights about how the reality of heaven can make each day magnificent     Dr Mary Neal's unforgettable account of a kayaking accident that took. I chose this book to read because I am interested in the after life Who isn't I find it interesting to read about what people have experienced 7 Lessons From Heaven turned out to be the kind of book that disturbs me It is a one size fits all experience based on meeting Jesus and other specifically Christian visions Why is this a problem Because we live in a world of many religions and many Gods and Goddesses Taking this narrow view and not taking other religions into consideration marginalizes others and that is never something good That said this is her experience This is how she views the world However this is not a perspective that should assume that it is THE experience for all

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7 Lessons from HeavenHer life and what happened next has riveted than a million readers But something happened as she 7 Lessons PDFEPUB or shared her story in the years since Not only did Neal realize she had to tell she discovered she had yet to answer the biggest uestion of all How does knowing heaven is real change our lives on Earth          I have never finished speaking at a venue including corporate settings without people wanting to know says Dr Neal In Lessons From Heaven Neal takes readers deeper into her. A very powerful book I loved it