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Speak the OceanFor Mer handler Finn Jarvis the feral mermaid performers at Oceanica Marine Park are nothing than ruthless auatic predators violent and unpredictable That doesn’t stop the public from flocking to one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions To them the Mer are magical entertainment too beautiful to be dangerous They don’t see what happens to. The voice in this book jumps off the page Even before you know what's going on it hooks you and draws you into the story Just exceptionally well written And the story is great too The book is told from two points of view in alternating chapters Finn is a trainer at a marine park that resembles something like Sea World Erie is a mermaid who is captured in the open ocean and taken against her will to be an attraction in that park Finn becomes her trainer and he uickly realizes that she's not just a fish but is part human and she's NOT happy to be there That's not good for the humans since the mer are absolute predators Bottom line this is the summer beach read you didn't know you needed Though it may make you not want to go in the water

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Download ä Speak the Ocean ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » ❮EPUB❯ ✾ Speak the Ocean ✹ Author Rebecca Enzor – For Mer handler Finn Jarvis the feral mermaid performers at Oceanica Marine Park are nothing than ruthless auatic predators violent and unpredictable TAs something than simple entertainment starting with her captor FinnWhile Finn trains Erie in her routine she secretly teaches herself the air words he and the other trainers speak And when the language barrier falls Finn starts to realize that the gap between human and Mer is smaller than he thought and maybe it’s not the Mer who are monsters after al. Author's guest post at my blog

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The ones who dare swim out of lineNewly caught Erie doesn’t know what the evil landfolk want from her Alone and voiceless she watches the other merfolk from the confines Speak the Kindle of her tank Broken into submission they’ve become shells of the once vibrant creatures she knew But Erie refuses to be subjugated She’ll get the crowds to see her. If he ever jumps into my tank again I will steal his air because he stole my ocean Finn helped create Oceania with Aunt D who worked with his dad who sadly died trying to provide the evidence that the Mer people exist Finn is just waiting for his opportunity to become a trainer and now is his chance A really interesting and engaging story of love courage and bravery I really loved this story and I really loved the ending of this story too I did find the writing very cringe worthy at points I think the author is a Star Wars fan And I did feel that some parts maybe shouldn't have been included as is seemed to be conflicted between young adult and really adult Despite these issues I had with the book I enjoyed the story and the characters I read it very uickly too I would definitely read from this author Thank you to Netgally for my readers copy