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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Broken Curse The Horned Mage #1 Á ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Broken Curse The Horned Mage #1 By Hayden Harper ✪ – Caleb Marshal is horny No seriously he's under a curse and has grown up with a set of antlers growing from his head Now he's in his second semester of collegeRom using his magic Fortunately his beautiful best friend is a very skilled mage Unfortunately Caleb's professor would rather study his curse than Curse The Horned Kindle #207 help him break it It's up to Caleb to break it on his own Only he might have been better off before breaking it because now he's got a whol. Cool magic storyCaleb is cursed He also has a pair of horns growing out of his head All he wants is to be free from the curse and be able to use magic He also has the hots for his girl best friend Luckily he gains access to a possible cure He tries to break the curse himself but something else might have happened

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E host of complicated problems new problems most of them stemming from his new magical connection to his best friends stepsister She's in trouble with some meth dealers and now so is Caleb Will his new powers be enough to keep them safe Or has he only created even bigger problems for himself and those he cares abo. A short and sweet urban fantasy about a college freshman named Caleb who under a curse has grown up with antlers Now the curse is keeping him from using magic so he enlists his best friend a mage to help him


Broken Curse The Horned Mage #1Caleb Marshal is horny No The Horned PDFEPUB #230 seriously he's under a curse and has grown up with a set of antlers growing from his head Now he's in his second semester of college and hoping to find a way to Broken Curse Epubbreak his curse because not only does he have antlers but the curse is preventing him f. Rating 25 stars This was a pretty short book This series is in 5 parts and together it would probably be a normal length book The author made some really weird choices in this story and they really didn't work for me The story follows Caleb who is in school studying magic He has antlers on his head due to a curse which also has blocked his magic for most of his life He finds a way to break the curse He texts his best friend Jadeite a beautiful black woman who he loves but is afraid to make a move on to see if she wants to come over and help She texts back yes but Caleb can't wait view spoiler Caleb is able to break the curse and immediately becomes super horny He sees a woman in his house and sends out some sex magic vibes to make her horny as well He has sex with her in the middles of the hall when they are surrounded by people and claims her Some part of his magic clings to her and bonds them Turns out it isn't Jadeite but her step sister Lexus that he just had sex with and claimed That is a weird choice for the author to take this story First making Caleb have sex with the woman he loves sister Then there is the whole using magic to make her do it sounds a little too much like rape Another weird choice Lexus was with a couple of drug dealing assholes who tried to charge Caleb for having sex with their girl She tells Caleb that she is a virgin sort of She has had sex with those two guys a few times but only anal since they didn't want to wear a condom WTF That is such a weird story point Then later in the story when he finds that pixie she uses his dick like a pole dancer so she can absorb his essence and be restored None of those things worked for me hide spoiler