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FREE MOBI ↠ DOC The Sexiest Man Alive 9780263160703 õ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Ö ❦ The Sexiest Man Alive free download ➜ Author Sandra Marton – Valentine Male When Matt Romano proposed closing down Chic magazine Susannah was determined to stop him in his traValentine Male When Matt Romano proposed closing down Chic magazine Susannah was determined to stop him in his tracks He was a boardroom barracuda She came up with a brilliant plan to Re The Sexiest Man Alive Sandra Marton kicks off her Romanos Brothers duology with a battle of the sexes office romanceThe back blurb on the book actually tells the whole story The h is the newly appointed editor in chief of a failing women's magazine The H is the business conglomerate head who just bought the h's parent company outThe h sank her battleship even before the H met her by using the company email a first email exchange event for HPlandia ever to write some very acerbic comments about the womanizing and chauvinism of the H Plus she sent e hugs and kisses to the various males in her life when she was writing to her BFF and features editor who also works for the magazine while the h was on a mini vacation The H is all set to storm the office on Monday and close everything down then personally escort the h out of the editor in chief door But the h is running late due to a broken alarm clock and the Very Important Breakfast Menu Selection of Peter KatzPeter Katz is the best and most interesting part of this book He is a beautiful Persian kitty with lots of interesting things to say and I was very angry with the h's BFF who insisted that Peter Katz did not love the h The BFF deserved a skillet smack for taking the attitude that Peter Katz was only hanging out with the h because she had Shrimp and Lobster Ragout Tastee Deelites Foods So anyhows the H is ready to throw in the towel on the whole magazine but the h slips on a jelly donut right into the H's arms Roofie kisses follow and then arguments We will continue the bickerfest in between purple passion moments for the next eight chapters cause the H is willing to lose a few million in failing magazine loss write offs if it means he can get a lurve club swing thing going with the hThe h will use whatever advantage she can to save the magazine and make her editor in chief debut So she proposes a sexiest man alive article and pictorial to boost interest for the magazine The h soon finds herself surrounded by very handsome guys all vying to be number one The H is trying to make a few seduction moves of his own and his jealously runs rampant as we all go to Paris and the wanna be Mr Sexiest's all vie for the h's attentionThere is the inevitable work process battle that leads to a Lurve Club Event and unicorns had left this h to her own devices long before It is fantastic and the aftereffect is that the h and H both have a lot of jealousy over other potential partners in each of their lives The h is livid about all the females and models that surround the H and the H is livid over Peter Katz the H thinks he only has two legs the h's gay guy Other BFF and all the Mr Sexiest wanna be's After their single night of Purple Bliss the H backs off seeing the h and the h believes she was a pump and dump Then back home after the Paris experience and missing the H who is off on business she sees the H in a gossip column photo with one of the female French ModelsThe h is hurt and furious and uits her job with the H Then she and Peter Katz have an anchovy and ice cream mopey food moment Peter ate the anchovies while the h stuck with wine and ice creamThe H shows up in the middle of this declaring that the French Model was stalking him but they are not together he wants the h to throw those OM out of her life to be with only him Then the H figures out his main rival has better hair and meticulous grooming habits than he will ever have and the H knows he has lost The H agrees to be second best to Peter Katz in the h's life because he finally figured out he loves the h and she says she loves him back for the big HEA This one was a very standard SM HP day at the office romance bickerfest Some of it was funny a lot of it was very mean in general and the BFF never got a skillet smack for being so horrible about Peter being a gold digger cat opportunist I could only give this a two star because of the unfair treatment of Peter Katz who listened to the h purred on her when she cried and always made sure her bed was warmed up at night Peter also never tried to pimp the h out to the H unlike some other BFF's in the book Also I am not a fan of SM's battle of the sexes and chauvinism stories But I also have to admit that these are very specific personal biases and overall the book probably isn't that bad So if you run into it don't be afraid to take it out for an HP outing test drive

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Boost Chic's circulation find the sexiest man alive and feature him as the Valentine's Day centerfold But Matt insisted on supervising her search Suddenly Susannah was surrounded by This woman has worse luck than me but she gets the guy in the end Pretty good story for a Harleuin although it's based on business

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The Sexiest Man AliveHalf a dozen gorgeous guys all vying to get between the sheets of her The Sexiest Epubmagazine of course But she longed to be seduced by Matt who got her vote as the world's sexiest m A lot of humour in this book but I have to say that what I liked the most was that for once we had both thoughts and point of views Next on my TBR list the brother's story