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Read Digging In eBook Á Audio CD ↠ Loretta Nyhan ê [Read] ➫ Digging In By Loretta Nyhan – Listening Length 7 hours and 18 minutes In author Loretta Nyhan’s warm witty and wonderful novel a widow discovers an unexpected chance to start over—right in her own backyardPaige MorescListening Length 7 hours and 18 minutes In author Loretta Nyhan’s warm witty and wonderful novel a widow discovers an unexpected chance to start over right in her own backyardPaige Moresco found her true love in eighth grade and lost him two years ago Since his death she’s been sleepwalking through life barely holding on for the sake of her teen My mother God rest her soulCouldn't understand why the only manShe had ever loved had been takenLeaving her to startWith a heart so badly brokenDespite encouragement from meNo words were ever spoken—Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again Naturally45 stars for this oneI loved this What a great storyJesse was a part of Paige's life since eighth grade and he was her only love Often it was the two of them against the world and she always knew she could count on her husband and their marriage Then one day an accidental tap of a highway median and it was all over—he left her alone with their teenage son TreyForever Till death do us part The thing is no one tells you what to do when the parting happens And they forget to explain that when death is sudden the parting is actually a ragged tear not a clean separation It leaves all the ends unfinished and they just unravel and unravel andThat was two years ago yet she's still drifting through life The house is in disrepair the yard is a shambles—much to the chagrin of her uptight neighbor whose anger seems excessive despite the number of dandelions and other weeds that have popped up Trey now a high school senior is getting increasingly frustrated with his mother's antics preferring the stability of a friend's house And even though she used to be able to coast at her advertising job a new boss has changed the dynamic at work leaving Paige and her colleagues to compete for their jobsDeath was final but grief wasn't; it was a dirty street fighter who rose again and again even when I thought I had successfully knocked it to the ground King of the sucker punchesOne night staring at the condition of her lawn remembering Jesse's obsession with ensuring it was perfect and reeling from her neighbor's anger at her neglect she starts to dig Putting her hands in the dirt feels therapeutic but she makes a mess As the hole gets bigger she decides she's going to turn the entire backyard into a vegetable and herb garden which again runs her afoul of her neighbor and others in her perfectly ordered and manicured community Yet for the first time she doesn't really careShe's determined to make her garden work but she's barely holding it together otherwise Her son is hurting and angry her boss is disappointed and wondering if he should cut her loose and her homeowners' association is on her tail but little by little she realizes she's the only one who can rescue her life With the help of friends old and new and the interest of a kind policeman she starts to take root into her new reality no matter how difficult it may beEven though you've seen this story before in Loretta Nyhan's hands it's so engaging enjoyable and poignant Paige is a tremendously sympathetic character yet she has her flaws and it's fascinating as she realizes that some of the things that brought her so much comfort throughout her marriage might have left her at a disadvantage now But as much as she just wants to put her head in the sand and just mourn Jesse forever she knows she must pull herself and her life together for her sake as well as her son'sThe way each person deals with grief in this situation is very different but some of the emotions Paige experiences I've seen in my mother as she has navigated life since my father's death nearly four years ago Incredibly Nyhan was in the middle of writing this book when she lost her own husband which certainly increases the poignancy of this book and Paige's story There certainly are moments which might bring a tear to your eye but this isn't a maudlin book in any way—it's warm and immensely readable and I nearly read the entire book in a dayLake Union Publishing made this available through 's First Reads program Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at

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Munity are than a little alarmed Paige knows nothing about gardening and she’s boldly flouting neighborhood association bylaws But with the help of new friends a charming local cop and the transformative power of the soil Paige starts to see potential in the chaos of her life Something big is beginning to take root both in her garden and in hersel There’s something special in this book hidden between the pages yet shared with us at the same time Author Loretta Nyhan has shared a humorous yet realistic vision of one woman’s reborn hope and persistence even when faced with the collapse of everything that meant something to her This is the situation facing Paige Her husband is gone and the company she has worked at for years is heaving with new and somewhat off the wall changes Her teenage son is experiencing difficulties and like many parents she is not sure what words and actions will fix his issues Nor does she know how to fix her ownI began reading this book and didn’t realize how wrapped up I was in the story until I found myself at the final chapter This is a smart entertaining book that never gets sassy and deals with adult issues just as we would experience them with humor anger straight forward thinking and sometimes a touch of wonder that we did so well at something new Five stars

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Digging InAge son Her house is a wreck the grass is overrun with weeds and she’s at risk of losing her job As Paige stares at her neglected lawn she knows she’s hit rock bottom So she does something entirely unexpected she begins to digAs the hole gets bigger Paige decides to turn her entire yard into a vegetable garden The neighbors in her tidy gated com I’ve read some strong reviews for this one but I must admit that I found it ok but didn’t love itPayge is in her mid forties has been a widow for 2 years and she’ll still trying to find her footing Her relationship with her 17 year old son is shaky and her job with a small advertising agency seems to be hanging by a thread The story bumbles along somewhat predictably as Payge sinks to new lows and slowly makes her way uphill to a better place Along the way she digs up a crazy garden and makes new friendsDespite the starting point the tone of this novel is uite light Humorous and sentimental — it has a definite romcom feeling To me the best part of Digging In was the afterword in which the author describes losing her own husband at age 45 and how she and her two sons were helped and supported by family and friends With that context the book seems like the author’s own attempt to cope with her grief I have a lot of sympathy and can understand the need for a immersive project but I didn’t love the bookThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy