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The Shadows Between Us characters æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¿ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Shadows Between Us By Tricia Levenseller ✸ – Alessandra is tired of being overlooked but she has a plan to gain power1 Woo the Shadow King2 Marry him3 Kill him and take his kingdom for Ly one trying to kill the king As attempts on his life are made she finds herself trying to keep him alive long enough for him to make her his ueen all while struggling not to lose her heart After all who better for a Shadow King than a cunning villainous ue. 45 ★’s The poets can say whatever they damned like A woman’s worth is not decided by what’s between her legs but by what is in her mind First and foremost I would like to address the people who say “ this isn’t dark enough to be Slytherin” and if you’re one of them I want to tell you—uite politely of course—to shut up I’m not even sorry because that is the very point of this book being Slytherin does not mean being a pure evil mustache twirling doll Being Slytherin means being ambitious selfish arrogant vengeful remorseless power seeking and demanding of lifeyes to all that; but it does not mean being incapable of warmth caring and protectiveness towards your numbered friends; it does not mean being senselessly evil and unfamiliar with reason; and it certainly does not mean being unable of letting go of a path which no longer seems practical to walkAnd that’s the first of the three whys to me declaring this book as my new fave So thank you Tricia for showing so accurately and immaculately what it actually is to be a Slytherin “I know what I’m doing And I’m going to keep doing whatever I wish because I am the master of myself” The second remarkable achievement of The Shadows Between Us is its romance and friendships— specifically in how it shouts to the the world that no a person does not have to change their personality to be able to have healthy relationships; say a Slytherin doesn’t have to become a Hufflepuff to love and care and be loved and cared for only develope to better versions of themselves with better understanding and acceptance without throwing their defining traits into the trashSo thank you Tricia for weaving this truth within these pages with colours and designs bold enough to be unmistakable “I lose interest in everything sooner or later Everything save you Because in you I found my match In you I found my eual” The third and last of Tricia Levenseller’s attempts which make this book stand out to me is undoubtedly her desire to effectively set fire to the common trope of “antiheroes turning heroes” within YA fantasy I simply cannot not fall in love with books that refuse to make remorseless selfish characters into remorseful selfless people going out of their way to help the poor; that’s not the only path for development within characters and please understand that because I’m effing sick of itSo thank you Tricia for giving the big eff you to the popular theme of changing morally grey characters to white flags of peace and generosity “I want the power to change things” I utterly loved this book; picking up my very first work by Tricia Levenseller I was expecting a fun romance oriented young adult fantasy lite with morally grey characters and that’s precisely what I gotbut even better managed than I’d dared hope It did not try to be something and embraced its romantic YA fun and frivolities while adding elements of comfortably LGBT characters and diligently written feministic themes plus much appreciated sex positivism all the precious for its perfect banter and humourous writing making me roll in laughter and cackle in delight on too many occasions The Shadows Between Us is a refreshing fun and funny gem providing our usual light YA read with a breath of fresh air away from the perfect honourable goody two shoes who seem to have taken over literature for decades and centuries No wonder it spoke to me on so many impossible levels as I happen to be part of a triad of Houses Gryffinslytherclaw each House at about 30%Make sure to check out my playlist at the end of this review—it simply slayed me and my reading experience Storyline It’s been a fun game Learning their secrets Seducing them Getting them to shower me with giftsBut to be honestI’m bored with itI have a new game in mind Alessandra Stathos this cunning second daughter of a bankrupt noble who has had to be hidden from society waiting for her elder sister to marry so she too might be sold to noble for her bride price is tired of being overlooked Never fear she always has a plan and this time it has three simple steps to get her the power and attention she deserves1 Woo the king2 Marry him3 Kill him and rule his kingdom “To you Alessandra May your wit never be used against me” But not only is she not the sole person seeking to murder the king the Shadow King is also not so easy to kill the shadows that encompass him being a mystery to most of the six kingdoms So stuck between charming the charming uninterested king and keeping him alive to kill after he makes her a ueen she finds herself needing to remind herself of her path to the power she craves and delights in Storytelling Starting from strengths the flowing dialogue top notch banter and easy and hilarious writing that carries the occasional silliness and lightness of the tale as an advantage rather than a failing are all points I applaud the author on Plus the smart solutions plans and politics laid out throughout the plot which were simply delightful—Tricia Levenseller is all about showing and that’s what made the cleverness of the characters so tangible Not to forget the elaborate way in which the the feminism was handled fighting for women’s right to not be judged as based on what they do in their bedrooms as men aren’tHowever the book does have its weakness and that being the reveals and mystery—those are areas that need improvement in their manner of being tackled and I hope the author works on said aspect to excel in future books Characters “Alessandra Stathos that’s positively despicable” He says the words like they’re the highest compliment he can give me “You are an absolute gem do you know that” ► Alessandra disarmingly clever and conniving shamelessly confrontational unfaltering and no nonsense ruthlessly craving power arrogantly ambitious vengeful selfish independent and thorough she made me fall head over heels in love with her from the very first sentence of the book My ueen because she indeed is one in every sense of the word is always in control of situations as well as herself and doesn’t take anyone’s shit so as you might suspect the usual moments in books when the MC would be guilt ridden and reprimanded go uite differently with her not backing down Oh my rare treasure who unlike almost every female protagonist is not ashamed and confused by her sexuality I love her “When I see something I want I reach for it without hesitation” ► Kallias gem number two; selfish power hungry conueror ruthless ruler determined charming intelligent and accepting heartthrobwhat’s most note worthy about him is how he doesn’t turn into a benevolent generous and regretful king He’s far from “evil” and fights for rights that deserve to be cheered he’s charming and not a terrifying silent king but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he crushed his subjects for funds to conuer all lands and continues to be selfish and power hungry I appreciate this because it goes to say that a person isn't all good or all bad ► Other characters like daring Rhoda and sweet Hestia who’s simply afraid to be herself in fear of rejection and thus imitates successful individual in all aspects as well as Leandros who isLeandros 🤷🏻‍♀️ all make this an enjoyable unputdownable read that I devoured in less than a day Relationships “I don’t think it’s necessarily about finding the perfect man but finding the perfect man for you One person may rank a man far differently than another even if they are both using your ranking system” ► Romance Enchanting and addicting these two are smart and despite actually using one another for their own gains also communicate their feelings and that’s the most refreshing thing in YA They are understandingg and accepting of each other undeterred by what would usually break other YA couples dramatically and actually cheer one another on in their darkest deeds Their real and proper development and process of falling in love stands up and out of the page and is a bonus in Tricia Levenseller’s favour It was also refreshing to have something like a friends to lovers arc rather than an enemies to lovers romance Credit Melanie Bourgeois I also need to address the conclusion of the romance—I’ll put this into spoiler tags view spoilerthe route it took makes absolute sense Alessandra didn’t plan to kill the Shadow King out of vengeance or whatnot she wanted power and since ueens don’t get to rule kingdoms when a king is around the only logical solution was to kill him But when he gave her the power to rule beside him there just wasn’t any other reason for Alessandra to murder him—why would she when she’s finally found someone who understands her and is just like her God knows I need me someone like that hide spoiler

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Alessandra is tired of being overlooked but she has a plan to gain power Woo the Shadow King Marry him Kill him and take his kingdom for herselfNo one knows The Shadows eBook #193 the extent of the freshly crowned Shadow King’s power Some say he can comman. 34 SHADOWS has been out for just over a week now and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support If you're interested I'd love for you to add my next novel to your Goodreads TBR CLOSED The preorder incentive for this book is now live If you'd like a free signed bookplate and character art prints for preordering the book visit you can now read the first FIVE chapters here I'm so excited that ARCs have started to circulate for this book Just wanted to highlight again that I pitch this as my Slytherin romance My characters have unapologetically uestionable morals Don't expect them to change It's who they are And this book is romance heavy rather than action heavy like the rest of my books There's nothing disappointing than having unfulfilled expectations where an anticipated read is concerned so I hope this aids in helping readers decide if this is the kind of book for them If you want to read about bad people getting away with doing bad things while still being likable and maybe falling in love this might be the book for you There is still some action and lots of political intrigue Hope this helps516 At last we have a cover This Slytherin romance is hitting shelves on February 25th You can read the first chapter here I just finished edits on this new standalone fantasy romance Cannot wait for you all to read it We should have a cover soonish

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The Shadows Between UsD the shadows that swirl around him to do his bidding Others say they speak to him whispering the thoughts of his enemies Regardless Alessandra knows what she deserves and she’s going to do everything within her power to get itBut Alessandra’s not the on. What is it about mutually horrible morally uestionable murder prone people falling in love that is so utterly addicting This book so extremely entertaining It hooks you right from the first line and keeps you reading till the end The main character Alessandra is a vain and wicked girl with a villenous plan She is a murderer a schemer and a liar But you know what so is the Shadow King and that’s what makes them great togetherThey are two murderous peas in a pod and it's beautifulI loved the dynamic between the characters I loved how neither of them flinched away from the other’s darkest secrets accepting each other for the messed up people they are I only wish we could have gotten interactions of them being their murder prone selves because I loved the mutual schemingAnother thing I liked was the relationships with the background characters Alessandra actually had friends Hestia and Rhoda and they actually talked about things that mattered to them Too often we get books where the girls only talk about boys The male characters were also nice if a bit underdevelopedThis brings me to the bad parts of this imperfect novelThis book has no world building Everything happens and is explained only on a superficial level The world of the novel is only ever vaguely mentioned The Shadow King rules over 6 conuered kingdoms one of which is currently rebelling All mentions of those kingdoms and that rebellion could have been removed and it wouldn’t impact the plot whatsoever The world outside the castle is never described and it honestly did not matterThe Shadow King has the power of shadows This is vaguely explained and just sort of shrugged off at one point We never go in depth into his powers or their reason for being It could have made for really cool mythology but alasAnother thing is that there is electricity in this world but no other form of modern technology Everyone has swords but randomly there are guns When does this take place What fictional time period is this I couldn’t build a proper image of the world in my head probably because as I said THIS BOOK HAS NO WORLD BUILDING It could take place in a void for all that it cares to explainIn the end I really enjoyed this I didn’t want it to end I lowkey wanted it to have a seuel but alas it’s standalone I will have to find my murderous couple fix from elsewhereOverall this book has many many flaws There were times when I couldn’t overlook or ignore some things that I had an issue with That said I still greatly enjoyed this book If you like to see two morally uestionable people falling in love and don’t mind some vague worldbuilding this might be the book for youI now what to read of this author’s booksI received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr || Pinterest